Chapter Seven

That weekend went by slower than a snail. I wasn't talking to my dad at all and Katherine never called, which I assume is why my weekend felt so long.

I wanted to call her, I tried calling the office but hang up before it could ring. I mean I was a bit scared, we had a moment which we almost kissed and she didn't look at me after that and now she was not talking to me at all. That stung a bit coz I thought we were fine when she apologized.

But then again maybe we had a moment coz she was emotional that she lost a patient, maybe she wasn't thinking straight and she needed comfort and I then happened to be the only thing next to her.. maybe it's why she was distant, coz she came to her senses.... So I should just forget about it.

A knock on my door startled me also removing me from my thoughts.  My sister walked in, "can I come in?"

"Aren't you already in kid?"

She smiled, "yah well I got a problem..."

I patted the corner of my bed instructing

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