12 Chapters
The change
It was a strange sensation, halfway between dizziness and being shocked by something with a lot of voltage. All Charlotte could do was lie there, and wonder how she came to be in this state. The scientist in her didn't want to rest with so many unanswered questions, but her body needed to take it easy. There was a change taking place in her chemical makeup, a transformation she didn't even remember asking for. And it was a huge one. Sighing internally, Charlotte gave herself over to it once more and floated off into the darkness. "Make sure she stays safe," Ragnar ordered wearily, and Lazareth nodded, having just returned from walking Demelza home. After being summoned by the King, the last thing he expected was to find Charlotte in the throes of dragon change, and he realized bleakly that Demelza might never forgive him for this. Titan stood by the young lady's head, her hands glowing a deep purple as the skilled healer tried her best to help navigate Charlotte's transition
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Transforming a Queen
Ragnar filled the doorway with his mighty size, making the apartment so much smaller as Lazareth and the twins greeted him. He was so worried he failed to notice their strange looks at each other, instead turning directly to Demelza."I'm sorry I've disturbed your home, but I've done something rash, and our healer isn't sure she has the strength to help Charlotte transition.""Wait, what?" Matilda spluttered, "Oh no, please tell me I'm misunderstanding right now?"Demelza looked to Lazareth, who in turn glanced at his King before confirming, "Ragnar has claimed Charlotte and marked her with our royal crest. She belongs with him now."Both twins glared at the mammoth-sized man, who had the grace to flush under their accusing gazes, "Did she consent, Mr. Delgaard?"The silence told Demelza and Matilda all they needed to know."We will have words, you and I," Matilda warned, waving a finger at the King before the witches grabbed what they neede
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