Dragon fire

Dragon fire

By:  Venom01  Ongoing
Language: English
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Long ago Legends made flesh collided with the underworld as Dragons and werewolves went to war. In a battle that still rages today, the land was split and dragons took over the business world while werewolves controlled the underbelly and, as the years blended together two names emerged at the top of the shifter foodchain. Ragnar Dalgaard is the last of the pureblood dragonlords. In the business world, his company reigns supreme as it gobbles up the struggling businesses of lesser dragons. Hiding in plain sight amongst the humans, learning from their technology, and adapting their own, Dalgaard Industries is on the cusp of something big. Meanwhile deep in the crime world, Giovanni Lupo is the boogeyman amongst his peers. Sexy and ruthless, Gio and his cutthroat pack rule their world with an iron fist, but the werewolf wants more than slums and backstreets, he wants it all, and no one, neither beast nor human will stop him from getting it. When Charlotte Ren, a beautiful and highly intelligent scientist finds herself lost in the City, a chance encounter with the boogeyman and a job offer from a handsome stranger sets her on a path where old friends and sworn enemies come together in a supernatural clash of the titans, for the chance to win the heart of a human. But is Charlotte willing to let herself be the prize, and who says she has to choose just one of the men fighting for her favor?

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Livia Spitfire Flanary
so so great
2021-05-13 09:28:16
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Cc Lopez
I recommend any book from this author truly talented!! I cant wait to read all of your books!!
2021-01-22 22:34:54
user avatar
I love your book, I'm writing for the contest too, good luck and may the most creative mind win
2021-01-15 04:42:13
user avatar
Dragon fire is my entry for the Tame the dragon contest, it's full of twists and turns, not your typical shifter romance, I hope you give it a chance :)
2021-01-14 02:46:02
user avatar
Tanya Hackney
Well written story that draws you in
2021-06-15 06:50:19
12 Chapters
"Frederico, the kingdom has fallen. We haven't much time!" Lady Lisbeth Delgaard rushed to where the babies lay, sleeping in their crib. Knowing she wasted precious moments-nevertheless, the Dragonlady gazed upon her children. The twins looked so different, yet she loved them equally as fierce. Ragnar took after her with his fiery temper and the telltale bulk that spoke of his dragon heritage. Whereas  Gio was smaller, with dark eyes that changed color according to his mood, and there was no doubt that he held his father's wolf genes. Mixed species couples were killed on sight in Desdayos, and as the war reached the inner sanctum, a difficult decision needed to be made.The sound of the door being rammed downstairs caused Lisbeth to grab Ragnar and Gio, holding onto them protectively as Frederico burst into the nursery, "The guards are here, my love. There is no more time." Lisbeth handed Gio over with a gentle kiss, and her eyes filled with tears as she looked at the ma
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Charlotte Ren
A CENTURY LATER "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!" Charlotte hid in the deep recesses of the school library. She wanted to do well in school-particularly because of who her father is, but her friends didn't understand. This was the end result. At fifteen, most young women obsessed over boys and hair and makeup; Charlotte Ren felt the same way about algorithms, biology, and physics. The Rens were an upper-middle-class Asian blended family. Her mum was Filipino, and her Dad was french, so Charlotte was already fluent in three languages. Now that her Mum had remarried an American, the Executive Director of the local university, Charlotte traveled between both houses, so it wasn't easy to get extra study. But she was determined. Her biological father, Griffith Ren was the lead scientist for Greenway, Low, and Fitzgerald; he graduated from university two years before his peers and went straight into the firm while it was s
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Muscles rippled as the fighters tore into each other. Gio watched from his private box as the underground wolves placed bets on their favorites, his lips set in a hard line as he surveyed his empire. He had long ago lost count of the years, knowing only that due to some freak genetics that his father wouldn't explain, Gio hadn't aged like the other wolves. Con was in his seventies now, and although that was still considered young in shifter terms, the wrinkles were slowly making themselves known. Gio didn't look a day over twenty. It was as though someone took a snapshot of him in his prime and built an alternate reality around it—a reality where the Alpha never grew old. Frederico Lupo had succumbed to the rigors of age a year ago. Leaving the underground empire and all it's interests to Gio-and that was the day his young adulthood officially ended. He had to be more ruthless than his father ever was, dominating the fight ring and becoming a boogeyman to his peers. Gio need
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The first day.
Ragnar looked at his watch, impatience written all over his face as he waited for the new employee. She was reputed to be the best in her field- yet tardiness in science was rarely tolerated, and she had kept him waiting for almost forty minutes. This was the problem with hiring humans. If it weren't for her father's name and where he worked, Ragnar wouldn't bother with her. But he desperately needed that formula. Dr.Ren was the first to invent a serum that reversed the effects of lethal bites. After a few modifications, he was able to tailor the serum to any poison he chose, and Ragnar needed it to keep him ahead of his competitors and save his mother. In this century, humans were at the forefront of medical breakthroughs. Thanks to the neverending war between dragons and werewolves, their test supplies kept getting stolen en route. Wolves had resorted to crime to fund their underground research, while dragons dipped into their private treasure to help fund theirs. Humans had found
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Once bitten.
Charlotte was on fire, burning from the inside out. How they got to Gio's quarters was a blur, as the sexual haze she was in blinded her to anything that wasn't him-and Charlotte couldn't care less. For the first time in her life, she felt like a sexual being and not just a brain. It was addictive. Gio's clothes littered the floor as he stripped in a rush, unable to keep his hands off of her for long, and with confidence she didn't know she had, Charlotte lay on the bed and spread her legs wide in invitation. The growl that came from Gio's throat was animalistic, and his eyes were drowning in lust as he crawled up the bed, pushing her legs wider before burying his head in her pussy. Charlotte moaned in ecstasy as his talented tongue parted her wet folds and began to lick her like ice cream, pausing at the top every now and then to suck on her clit."Oh my God," She panted as he slowly inserted a finger into her, pulsing it in and out as she shamelessly fucked his hand. He lau
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Meeting the boss
Ragnar wasn't used to feeling impatient. He resisted the urge to look at his watch, turning instead to gaze out the window of his high-rise office. The scientist had sent her apologies explaining how she found herself lost amongst the underground hubbub yesterday; it was a perfectly reasonable explanation, and yet he felt himself grinding his teeth. There was something about the breathless quality of her voice on the phone... "Maybe I need to spread my wings," He told himself, shrugging off the nagging feeling that something big was about to change for him, and then he smelled her. With undertones of freshly fallen rain, the light honey-sweet aroma of dragonfruit filled his nostrils, pulling Ragnar's dragon to the surface...Mate... The door swung open in slow motion as his secretary announced the scientist's arrival, and in the span of a deeply drawn breath, Ragnar's world turned on its axis. Even in a lab coat with glasses perched on her button nose
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The Mafia Don and his runaway.
Con was still laughing as Gio downed his third shot of tequila. Being interrupted before he could fully claim his mate had called forth all the fury of hell as the Alpha wolf barrelled out of his apartment, running straight into his best friend. No other wolf would have been able to calm him down, but years of dealing with Gio's legendary temper had prepared Con well. It didn't take much to guess the cause for the boss's foul temper either. So, after a few wrecked pylons and some walls that would need further reinforcement, the two found themselves at the bar. Con was nursing a suspected broken rib, but he'd have to see the medic later; right now, he couldn't risk letting Gio out of his sight."...Fuck! Why would she just up and leave like that?"Con almost swallowed his tongue in his effort not to answer that with a smart retort, knowing he would probably be signing his death warrant in doing so. But his features shook with suppressed mirth as Gio eyed him warily, pou
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Down the rabbit hole
Lazareth gently lay the Queen on the plush cushions as the Demaggio twins set themselves against the dragon-proof doors. It was a frightening sight to see Ragnar barrelling after him like a bat out of hell and the first guard fully intended to throw back a few shots of whisky as soon as the opportunity presented itself. From under impossibly long lashes, Lazareth gazed upon Demelza as she fussed with her potions. She was an enigma, and he was intrigued by the soft-spoken witch. Though they had only a handful of conversations, Lazareth found himself thinking of Demelza in the wee morning hours when he should have been fast asleep, her gentle smile pulling him wordlessly towards her."Lazareth, are you okay?"Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Lazareth walked over to the women, noting that one of them must have muted the caterwauling happening beyond the door as only dull thuds were coming through."I'm fine; it's Ragnar I'm worried about. He's going to do hi
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Gio felt the skin across his shoulderblades undulate and knew his wolf was close. Con looked unharmed at the woman's feet, but who knew for sure? If she could sneak up on two wolves in alert mode, who knew what else she was capable of. "You must be looking for Charlotte?" The stranger remarked, tilting her head to the side, and Gio had the sensation of being knocked off balance. Here was one of the very few people who were still able to take him by surprise, and it wasn't a good feeling. The feral sensation began to recede as they slowly regarded each other. " Well, I'm Matilda, one of Charlotte's friends, and you must be the Alpha? Oh right, where're my manners? It's hazardous for you out here in the open, so I suggest we catch up at my apartment with your permission. Sound good?" Gio nodded, and the world spun briefly, releasing a panicked growl from his throat. When he opened them again, they were standing in a home. The woman-Matilda busie
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Oh my...
Have you ever felt like the world you occupied was just a mirage? One that you are forced to live in until you've learned all the lessons you need to begin living? As Charlotte fell, time rewound, and the sensation of flying saturated her senses. Being caught by strong arms that made her skin sizzle put her in exactly that place.A guttural roar burst from Ragnar's chest as his skin made contact with hers, and Charlotte could only describe the sensation as being akin to coming home. Without thinking, she curled into his muscular frame as if she'd done it countless times before and Ragnar breathed deeply, tightening his hold on her."What is this?" Charlotte murmured, feeling starstruck, and a deep chuckle was her only answer.The door opened, and Demelza bustled through, looking flustered, "What are you doing here?" Charlotte asked in surprise, subtly trying to leave her boss's embrace, and Ragnar growled, letting her know it was futile."Well, um, that i
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