68 Chapters
Chapter 10 "Day Off"
Chapter 10After Skyr, Duncan, and a few Atlantean vanished yesterday for some sort of emergency, the cafeteria seemed empty - half empty. Rachel and I sat together on one table because Jack, Emily, and Watson were nowhere to be found. We could only assume that they were part of the people that were called for the situation. I was already dressed in my red newbie uniform and was headed for the cafeteria. I kept on rubbing on my arms to massage it and try to ease up the muscles. They were still sore, but it felt better than they did yesterday.I guess I could thank my enhanced genes for that."Hey." I greeted Rachel the moment that I saw her. She was walking sluggishly, like all she wanted to do at that moment is to drop on the floor and sleep. She turned her head when she heard my voice. She nodded and gave me a weak wave of her hand. "Hey." She said and squinted her eyes as I approached her. "You monster. How can you look
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Chapter 11 Meeting Fifi
  Seeing the reincarnated demi god again - after knowing his identity that is - I couldn't seem to find my own voice. I was nervous and when I looked at Rachel, she was gaping like a fish. She must have been as flustered as I am. I tried to recall what Duncan and Skyr did when they faced him. I gulped and lowered my head as I remembered Duncan and Skyr. "I serve t-" "No no no. Please." Byron immediately said making me look up at him worriedly. Did I do something wrong? Did I say the wrong words? Byron must have read my expression. "Please. I really am uncomfortable when people treat me like a god. So, unless it's for some official purpose, please just greet me normally." He said. Rachel and I exchanged glances before looking back at him with a nod. Byron grinned in satisfaction. "So, mind telling me why you two are here? Are you guys skipping with your training?" He whispered. "O-of course not, sir!" Rachel quickly denied. "We have permission to be here.
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Chapter 12 Voices
What the actual f*ck!?I knew it. I should have known all along that when a guy gives a kraken and three megalodons a name, then never trust his judgement. Especially when he calls a gigantic pre-historic alligator cute - and names it Fifi. I chuckled silently but without humor. A kraken named Max. Three megs names Momo, Kiki, and Dodo. And now a very 'cute' piliosaur named Fifi. All I want to do right now is to punch a nearby wall and hit my head on it for good measure until I bleed to death.The piliosaur's head was as tall as Byron and I could not see it's lower half to figure out how big it was. But judging from the size of it's head, I could only imagine. Fifi let out an animalistic growl that shocked us all. Byron stepped back while Rachel was now hugging the wall. I, on the other hand, have my back pressed against the wall as my eyes met with Fifi. I might be imagining it but the piliosaur seemed to be studying me. Suddenly it let out a small sound
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Chapter 13 Familiar Face
"Miss Nathalia, I have to say that I am impressed." Byron says as we exited the elevator. "Fifi is never that friendly to anyone besides me.""Maybe Fifi just thought that I was better looking than her." I pointed at Rachel, who slapped my hand away. "Sorry if I can't relate to people who have this weird fetish over sea monsters.""Hey!" Byron seemed offended. "Fifi may be a sea monster but she is a very gentle creature!"I have to admit that I somehow admire how relaxed Rachel was when she's talking to Byron. She even dismissed his argument with a wave of her hand. "Well I do have another theory. Fifi likes people with the same features as lord Byron." Rachel said making me give her a pointed look."Really?" Bryon stopped walking just so he could turn to face me. He inched his face closer to my face. The moment that he did, I saw my familiar purple eyes in Byron's eyes. "Wow. We do share the same features." Byron mumbled as he continued to obser
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Chapter 14 Chaos
Is really Trei?I blinked and examined the man's features more closely. The eyes belongs to Trei but he is clearly Asian while Trei is not. His dimples also resembles Trei's and the way that he was looking at me is somehow convincing me that he is.But he isn't. This guy is not Trei."What are you doing here?" Skyr stood beside me and placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and finally saw his face closely. He has a bruised lips and a cut on his forehead. "Shouldn't you and miss Rachel be at the training center?""We were excused for the day. They wanted to prioritize the others." I answered and saw his face furrow with displeasure. "Are you alright?"Skyr nodded. "I have been through much worse situations." He answered. "And besides, I have a strong Atlantean gene. It will heal without leaving much of a scar.""Are you trying to boast?""Are you trying to escape the topic about skipping training?""I said that I did not skip
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Chapter 15 Divided
"Miss Nathalia Trace, you may go." The door to the white cell that I was in opened and in came a man with a white bob cut hair. After the fight broke out, everyone was brought to a cell to supposedly calm us down. The cell has 4 walls - one was made out of thick acrylic while the 3 remaining ones were made of white metal along with the floor and ceiling. I winced and clutched my bandaged head. We were all treated and questioned during our stay in the cubes. I guess they were still looking for the traitor within the ranks.Read more
Chapter 16 Safe Zone
 “You’re looking good.” Jack commented as she eyed me in our new uniform. Instead of the usual red suit that we were wearing the past few days, we were wearing white - Just like the others.The last time I saw Jack, he had this huge open wound from his shoulder and to h
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Chapter 17 Squadron C
 My chest rose as I tried to catch my breath. Lights started to slowly turn on again and I had to squint as my eyes adjusted to the new setup. Shadows loomed over me and it took me a while to  finally recognize that it was Jack. His blonde hair sticking to his face from the sweat on his face.“Well look who it is. It is the incredible she-hulk Natha
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Chapter 18 Marketplace
Rachel hollered with laughter as I sat at a corner with a huge ice bag on my head - the spot where the robot dummy hit me. “I can’t believe you got knocked out by a bot!” She continued to laugh at my state of predicament.The ice in the bag rat
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Chapter 19 Metahuman
I feel like my eyes were playing tricks on me because the marketplace looks like something out of a fairy tale - well in a very futuristic way. The setting and atmosphere reminds me of a medieval period, save for the bots and drones that are currently doing their rounds in cleaning and organizing. Buildings stood out and through its glass I could see clothes. Surface style clothings! I even saw a few people here wearing shirts and pants. Read more Protection Status