3 Chapters
As Destiny Must Have It
Chapter 1 It was an awfully warm day which sort of surprises me since it’s already mid-October but then again I’m not complaining since I’m not a huge fan of the cold especially when I work eight hour shifts at the local diner that has no air conditioning nor a working heater, a girl’s got to count her blessings right?  “Lili!” I hear all of a sudden, causing me to shake my head and snap myself back to reality, quickly looking over to my side where my boss, Charles was standing already looking at me with a frown placed on his face, an expression that’s placed on his face an awful lot. Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible for an expression to be permanently imprinted on somebody’s face if they use it for too long. “Lili! Get your ass back to work” I hear him say as he walks past me. I ro
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Unexpected Night
Chapter 2 At the tender age of sixteen I made the decision to run away from home. Was it difficult? Of course it was but not for the reasons many may think. Growing up, my life wasn’t a fairytale despite what it may have looked like, my parents were wealthy and I needed or wanted nothing but their attention, their love, and their gentleness unfortunately though those words were not in my parents vocabulary instead they used violence and had both me and my brother growing up around petty thieves and criminals which is why when I decided to leave my childhood home I promised myself that i would never get involved with anything like that ever again.  “Cole Jones?” I suddenly ask in a low whisper as my eyes continue to look down at him, his smirk still present on his lips but his eyes were following my co-worker who apparently ran out w
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As Luck Must Have it
Chapter 3 The brightness of the sun quickly began to shed light through my blinds, letting me know that it was probably time for me to wake up but reality is that I never really went to sleep when I got home last night. After I finished cleaning the booth where Cole and I had sat, I tidied up the diner and restocked everything for the morning shift before I bravely called up my boss, Charles and told him what had happened. At first, he was being a complete asshole as always and simply continued to give me a hard time and even accused me of lying but when I cut him off and said the name ‘Cole Jones’ the other side of the line went silent for a few moments and as soon as he was able to speak again, his tone was completely different almost as if he were replaced with someone else.  To say that I was shocked when I heard him say that “I
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