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Intro into Date Night
Everyone has dreams and aspirations. Everyone also has their own set of problems, too. For some, the balance works for them, sometimes against them. All I can say is I must have been a major screw-up in my former life, or whatever, because there is NO balance in my life. The problems always seem to outweigh the dreams and achievements. Every time I was able to take a step forward, I was pushed back at least five steps. My childhood was challenging, to put it mildly. But I survived... somehow. My older brother, Matt, hated my existence, and he made damn sure I knew how he felt. In the average family of multiple kids, there is a typical "sibling rivalry" between the children. With Matt and I, there was nothing but pure hatred and disdain. There were times where I wished Matt would have the audacity to "finish me off". He even came close a few times. At any cost, it seemed like he did everything in his power to keep me in a state of constant fea
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