144 Chapters
1: Catherine Zoe Aragon
I was stopped in my tracks when I spotted a very fashionable woman cause a scene at the cafe on the ground floor of our building. All I can do is watch the woman walks passed me, after finally getting what she wanted and going into the building oozing with so much confidence that I can't help but be overawed by her presence. She reminds me of all the spoiled brats that I encountered in my life. It has been almost three years since I stopped living that kind of life. It’s been almost three years since I left the life that I grew up with behind. "Good morning pretty lady." I almost jumped out of my skin as an equally beautiful girl appeared in front of me with two coffee cups at hand. It was Andrea, my best friend. The two of us walked together to the elevators as we took sips from our vanilla latte.We go way back from high school before I left my seemingly perfect life behind. When I had a perfect image to uphold. When I can get everything that I wanted and
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2: The Woman in Red
"Hey! Miss! Calm down. It's just me." I suddenly heard a deep voice say, stopping me from screaming and thrashing around. I slowly opened my eyes and was in total shock to see a handsome face in front of me. His features are very defined like they were sculpted by one of the most talented sculptors in the world. His eyes were slender but very expressive, I could see the genuine worry in his eyes as he looks down on me. His nose is pointed with just the right height to them. And finally, his lips! Oh, his lips! They look thin, delicate, and soft with a slight pinkish tinge in them."Are you okay?" I was snapped out of my daydream and realized how close my new boss and I were. I scooted away from him a bit as I tried to get back to my feet, trying not to embarrass myself even more. A hand then, extended in front of me, I looked up at him and he just smiled at me urging me to take his hand. Although a bit reluctant, I took his hand and he immediately pulled me back to my feet.Read more
3: Dream Team
I was bombarded with questions from my female co-workers, the moment I sat back down on my cubicle. At first, they were very discreet and hushed with their interrogation, but as soon as Mr. Mitchel and the woman in red left the office, they began crowding at my desk like moths to a flame. "Who is she?" Belle asked pushing her chair from her desk to mine, acting like we were close. "I don't know." I quickly answered her without taking my eyes off the sketches I was working on. "Is she Mr. Mitchel's girlfriend?" asked another one who just popped out of nowhere in front of my cubicle. "I don't know!" I answered again as I saved the files and started taking out my wallet from my bag. "Can you guys quit bothering Cath? Clearly, like us, she also doesn't have a clue on who she is." Andrea said then she started pulling me away from the crowd to have our lunch out of the office. "Thanks, Dre. I needed the help." I said to her as I was munching
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4: Overtime Nightmare
I turned my attention to the entrance of the office and saw a dark looming figure enter the doorway. I squinted and tried my best to get a clearer view of the man but he already spotted me before I even realized who he was. A creepy and unsettling smile appeared on his face when his eyes landed on me and that's when it hit me. The two of us are alone, not only on my floor but probably the whole building. "You're still here, Cathy." his deep raspy yet chilling voice said, making all the hairs at the back of my neck stood up. A sudden nervousness washed over me, my heart started ringing in my ears, my legs began to wobble and my palms became all sweaty. I swallowed a bit, trying to muster up enough courage to reply to him, but my throat and my mouth has become as dry as a desert. "Ah. Lu-Luigi. What are you doing here? I'm about to head down myself." I said stuttering a bit, trying my best to hide the fact that I am creeped out. Instead of answering me, he slowly walked towards me and
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5: Unexpected Vacation
I hesitantly followed Sir Mitchel to his car after I got discharged. I kept telling him that I can go home by myself but he still insisted on taking me home himself so I let him.  "Where to Catherine?" he asked as he got inside the driver's seat. "Just to the nearest terminal, Sir. I can find my way home from there." I said to him and he turned to look at me with a vague expression on his face. "I insist Ms. Aragon. I'll drive you home. It's already the early hours of the morning, we don't want a repeat of what happened earlier, right?" He reasoned out, so I reluctantly told him my address. We drove through the city quietly, but something keeps bugging me and I just can't control my curiosity anymore. "Sir? Thank you for lending me your shirt and for... Uhm... saving me earlier." I shyly said with my head down, not knowing how to start the conversation with him. I couldn't remember anything after I passed out but I woke up wearing his polo shirt.
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6: Still Being Watched
I really couldn't get used to having all this free time to myself. I couldn't do anything strenuous because of my hand so I just spend the rest of the weekend cuddled up in bed under my favorite blanket, watching one of my favorite series.   Monday rolled in faster than I expected or wanted to. What Andrea said the other night really messed up my head. I can't help but feel nervous at the thought of seeing Sir Mitchel, I didn't want to feel awkward around him, and because of my overthinking brain, I hardly had enough sleep. I got in the office quite early, and as my co-workers started to arrive I feel relieved that none of them gave me unwanted attention.  "So it was really serious." Axel said to me as soon as he saw my hand. He was followed by the rest of the team, and I immediately saw the worry in their faces. "This is nothing. I'm just sorry that I wasn't able to do the final revisions." I said to them apologetically. "No wo
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7: Past and Present
I was so shocked by Axel's sudden character change that all I could do was stare at him. His small eyes screamed desperation, his thin lips pouted as he pleaded for me to grant a favor that he want so badly. I took a deep breath to regulate my breathing and finally asked him a question that I might regret asking."Help with what exactly?" I finally asked, still a bit suspicious. His whole face lit up as soon as he heard what I just said.He then leaned in and told me his request. My eyes widened as he finished everything he has to say. It took some time for my brain to process what I just heard, and when it finally dawned on me, I can't help but smile at him. We then left the fire exit together and as soon as we went through that door, I realize that I'm in so much trouble. Andrea just peeked out of the door leading to our office, in time to spot me and Axel, exit the fire exit.I watched as her face turned sour at the sight of me and Axel together. She's been m
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8: Mishap with Date Night
"Catherine. Are you okay?" I heard Sir Mitchel's voice ask me suddenly. I looked around and saw the rest of the team, including Belle, looking at me curiously and with displeasure."Ah. Yes, sir. I'm completely fine." I answered Sir Mitchel, not wanting to cause any more delay in the meeting."Are you sure? You look so out of it, today." he asked again, and this time, I heard an annoyed snort from the person in front of me, none other than Belle. I turned to look at her and she just shrugged at me with that despicable smile of hers. I brushed it off and focused my attention back on Sir Mitchel."Don't worry about me, Sir. Just a slight headache, other than that I'm fine. Let's just proceed." I answered and the meeting started again."Can she be more unprofessional?" I overheard Belle say as soon as Sir Mitchel's door closed behind us."I know right. She just had to space out in the middle of a brainstorming meeting. You know Belle, I've been notici
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9: Fallen
"Zab!" Andrea screamed as soon as the door of my apartment opened. She grabbed my sister into a tight hug which my sister gladly returned."Dre! I missed you!" She screamed while the two of them twirled around the living room. I can't help but laugh at the sight of my best friend and my sister acting like they're the ones who are related. It's been so long since I had the two by my side at the same time.The three of us ended up having dinner together just like old times. I miss being surrounded by these two, specially Zabrina. I miss sharing a room with her, waking up, and going to sleep together. I love being with her again, but I still can't shake off the feeling that she's still hiding the truth of her unexpected visit. I want to say something about it, but she looks so happy that I can't bring myself to ask her again and ruin the mood."I'll be staying here for the night." Andrea suddenly declared and by the looks of it, I don't think I have any say in this
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10: Never Leave Your Things Unattended
My face heated up every time I remember what just happened inside Gavin's office. And it doesn't help that I actually left my phone inside. I feel so embarrassed that I don't even know how to face him next time. I've been avoiding him for the rest of the day, but I can't avoid him forever. He's my boss for Pete's sake, but every time I see even just a glimpse of him, my face would turn tomato red and I just want to hit myself in the head with a rock to make me forget what just happened.I felt his breath closer to my face, the air between us seems to go thinner by the second. I closed my eyes unconsciously, and I still can't move of my own accord. I can't help but swallow my saliva due to nervousness and honestly, excitement."Sir, your next meeting..." Kyla's voice rang through Sir Mitchel's office, but she was stopped mid-sentence by something. Then I was reminded of what our position might look like from someone else's point of view. My eyes sprang open
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