144 Chapters
11: Hints or Miss
Working with Sir Mitchel after my phone debacle is just simply awkward, and that is putting it lightly. I don't even want to be left in the same room with him. Most of the time, in our meetings, I just try and distract myself and refrain from looking at him. "Miss Aragon? Are you okay?" I was snapped back to reality after hearing his deep voice beside me.I looked around the conference room and saw over a dozen pairs of eyes looking at me like I had completely lost my mind. My gaze fall on my best friend and she looked at me twitching her lips, signaling for me to get my head out of the clouds."Ah, yes. Sorry, Sir Mitchel. My head just started throbbing for some reason, but I'm fine. Please go on." I answered, looking right at him, trying not to stumble through my words. He looked back at me raising his eyebrow with a cocky expression on his face, clearly trying his best not to laugh. He then cleared his throat and brought his focus back on the others.Read more
12: Unexpectedly Trapped
"Is anyone seating here?" I looked up and saw Yohan who was about to take the seat across from me in the cafeteria."Ahh." but before I could answer someone answered for me."We're actually having lunch with her, sorry about that." Janice said with Charles and Axel in tow."Ahh. Okay. Maybe some other time. I guess I'll see you around Cath." He said smiling at me before walking away from our table."You guys are lifesavers." I said sighing in relief, just thinking about having lunch, alone, with Yohan is already giving me indigestion."We kinda sensed that you didn't want to be with him." Charles confessed as they sat down with me."Why are you eating alone anyway?" Janice asked again."Where's Andrea?" Axel asked."She's still in a meeting. She said she'll have lunch later. And that's how I'm left by myself on this faithful day." I said with a bit of dramatic flair."You don't look too lonely from a by passer's point of
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My body froze up as the elevator doors opened. We were faced with a crowd of people with bags in their hands as they waiting outside the elevator and Andrea was one of the. My hands started sweating again, scared that they caught a glimpse of what just happened inside the elevator. Luckily, all of them seem unaware of what I experienced moments ago. Sir Mitchel was the first who got his composure back and finally got off the elevator. The crowd parted for him while I follow immediately and got back to my desk. I hardly noticed anything around the office as I walk to my desk. I didn't even know that Andrea followed me back. "What took you so long?" Andrea asked snapping me out of my trance, I quickly packed up my things and handed her the paper bag. "Here." I crooked out. I swallowed trying to get some moisture back to my dry throat.  "Why is your face so red? Are you okay?" She continue to ask and I just nodded and took my bag before dragging her
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14: Not What I Thought
My eyes almost bulged out of my eyes as soon as I heard that question. She was smiling the whole time so, I don't know what to make of her. Her being his wife, she shouldn't be smiling like this if she knows that I shared a kiss with her husband."Excuse me?" I coughed out, and to my and Andrea's surprise, she laughed at my reaction."Come on, Cath. Gavin already told me everything. You don't have to feel weird talking to me about it." she said, the smile not leaving her face. My throat suddenly felt so dry, making me take a swig of water. Andrea was so speechless that she just sat there staring at the woman in front of us."Sorry. It was an accident, really. I didn't mean to step my boundaries. I am very sorry. We both didn't want anything to happen. I would never want to offend you or anything." I explained, her expression then turning sour, almost confused. Then she cut me off, as I continued to apologize."What do you mean by stepping your boundaries?
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15: Dinner With the Boss
"Seriously, Belle. I can't believe how powerful Catherine's manipulating ability is." I heard Margareth say as they entered the restroom of the office. "I know right. If only Miss Gabriela knows that she's after her man, I'm sure that she'd wipe the floor with her." Belle answered with a slight giggle. I remained quiet inside the cubicle. I don't want any more drama, especially coming from these two. I waited for them to finish and go out before I opened the cubicle door. "Hi! Miss Gabriela. Can I help you with something?" I heard Belle ask from outside. "It's none of your business." I heard Gabriela say before she entered the restroom. "Finally! Found you!" She exclaimed as soon as she saw me washing my hand in the sink. "Why were you looking for me Miss Gabriela?" I asked as we left the restroom. To my surprise, Belle and Margareth are still lingering outside the restroom. "I told you, just call me Gabby. Let's have lunch?" S
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16: Suspicions and Decisions
"Let's get some beef too." Zab exclaimed as we got into the meat section of the grocery. "Hey, don't go overboard okay? We have a budget." I said to her and she just nodded at me and skipped off like a little girl through the aisles. I can't help but find her adorable. This is the first time she's doing groceries and I know how exciting it can be, I've been there. "She looks pretty happy." I heard Gavin say as we tried and follow Zab around. "My sister rarely gets out of the house so, as you can see that's what happens." I said to him as I start getting stuff from the shelves. "Looks like you came from a pampered life." He said also getting some groceries done. "You can say that." I quietly answered him, not wanting to get into the family topic. It seems that Gavin understood this, he never mentioned anything about my family after that. We finished doing our groceries in a flash, Gavin insisted that he drive us home and with Zab with u
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17: The Aragons
"What do you think about this storyline for the next volume, Cath?" I was snapped out of my dazed state by Janice's sudden question. "Ah. Yes. Uhm. Sorry. I mean. I like the storyline but I would like to have a rough draft of the dialogue first, so I can iron out any inconsistencies in the flow of the story." I barely answered, trying to get my head back in the game. I looked across the table at Gavin and he immediately mouthed 'Are you okay?' as soon as our eyes met. I nodded to him and tried focusing back on the meeting. I looked at my phone as soon as the meeting finished. It has been vibrating non-stop throughout the week. They came from different numbers, but after answering a few of them, I know exactly who was calling. Our parents. I can't change my number easily because all of my accounts are connected to this number, so it has been a nuisance to block and drop their phone calls multiple times a day. "You okay?" Gavin suddenly asked, and that'
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18: The Start of the End
"Stop making a fuzz, honey. It's getting a bit annoying and my ears are starting to hurt." She said to me while massaging her ears. Her bodyguards also got inside the car and before I could protest, we were already speeding out of the parking lot. "Stop the car!" I demanded but they just continued driving off. "They only follow orders from me, remember honey?" My mom, Zenaida Aragon, said with amusement in her voice. "What are you even doing here, mom? What do you want?" I just asked her to get this unwanted reunion over with. "Can't I talk to my own daughter? Does a mother need to have a reason to see her child? I've been waiting for hours here in the parking lot. You know I don't really get why you're stressing and troubling yourself with working for another company that makes you work for long hours when you can be the boss in any of our businesses." She said cracking her neck. "I don't need you to judge my decisions, mom. Just tell me what
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19: Z and C
"I'm sorry that we met this way, but I've heard a lot about you, Zoe. Your sister can't stop talking about you." Charlie said, raising his head up and then looking straight at me."Yeah, I would have preferred meeting you in a different situation but, let's just make do with what we have. I'm Zoe, Zab's older sister and you are?" I asked him. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Charlie, Zab's boyfriend." He introduced himself, confirming my hunch about him."It's nice to meet you too. By the way, have you guys had dinner yet?" I asked, trying to lift the tension from the room."Now that I think about it. I think we skipped dinner and just fell asleep through the movie." Zab admitted, all her nervousness, now disappeared."Okay, I'll get change. You order some food and let's have late dinner together." I said to Zab and she began dialing on her phone."Sit down, Charlie. Make yourself at home. Don't worry, I don't bite." I jokingly said t
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20: Meeting X
We finished our lunch with Axel and decided to get back to the office. We headed to the elevators and got in immediately. The elevator doors were about to close shut when Gabby rushed inside. "Glad I caught up!" She exclaimed catching her breath.  "Going to annoy your brother again?" Andrea asked. "Nope, I came here to drag you away from the office to help me with something." Gabby said before I and Andrea could even stop her. "Andrea already has plans with her family tonight, Miss Gabriela." Axel interjected in the conversation. "No, she doesn't. She just told me earlier today that she'd just be in her PJs with a tub of ice cream tonight." Gabby said making Andrea almost bite her tongue. "I was going to tell you that my parents actually canceled. I just forgot." Andrea tried explaining to Axel. Axel smiled at him with hope in his eyes. "So, you're free tonight?" Axel asked Andrea as soon as he can. The doors of the elevat
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