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Trigger Warning: The story includes scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. It is not suitable for younger readers. Act of suicide is present in this chapter that some viewers might find upsetting. Holding a bottle of a muriatic acid, I stare at it in a daze. Hah, just as I thought… I am afraid to die. Guess I am a big fat coward after all. Damn this life! Being shrun by the world, I even wonder how I am still living by now. 'Hey, how long will you stay there? Mother was worried you know? The photoshoot for my graduation picture is tomorrow. Cheer me up okay?' It was from my little sister. She sent it yesterday. Maybe... she was now at the pictorial. Even if I am older than her… she is much loved since she is a good daughter. She is the favorite child. Unlike me.. who is the trash of the family. The black sheep. Someone who is at the age of having a family yet, here I am, living my life like a heavy weight in this house. Sometimes… I wonder if I really belong in this plac
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Chapter 1
I’ve been wishing to see the world end… but why do I felt this way now I see it for myself? Running as if my life depends on it, every alley and corner I turned into, I tried my best not to slip and get caught. Hah, it seems like I would pass out due to exhaustion any time soon! Never once in my life did I run away like this! Damn it! With this fat body of mine, surely there is no hope! How can a shut in person like me can even do running in laps. I thought that I was strong a while ago but it seems like I was just over reacting. Dang 'No no no noooo they will catch up on me shit!' Why did I even come in this situation in the first place!? What the fuckin hell!! ... A sudden stuck of horror suddenly run up to my skin as I jolt sitting on my bed from my deep slumber. I can never deny how worried I felt after seeing such sight. “What was that for?” I mumbled slightly ruining the style of my hair. Surely, there was a bed hair on it. But even so, It didn’t let me be bothered
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Chapter 2
Looking around, I saw no sight of any human being that can be on this place. It was quiet. Not unlike those times I would be forced to get out. There was no people talking to each other or even vehicles that are creating noises. I know that this is the house of where I have lived since I was just a small brat but then it was as if some things crashed it whole. It is wrecked to the state that I can no longer say if it is a house or not. Why did this kind of thing even happen in the first place? I was left with no answer as I walked pass through those ruin glasses and bricks that was beneath my feet. Looking at how wrecked our house had become, there was a slight horror in me thinking whether my parents are doing well. Are they doing alright? Are they safe somewhere? We may not be that close just like what they are towards my sister, but still they are my parents... Leaving that thoughts behind, I then saw the ruined picture frame of us four that was taken years ago. So they also s
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Chapter 3
[Ding: Notification (3)][Day 1 Quest: Would you like to see it?] What was that sound? I arched my forehead as I feel how my head seems to hit some hard thing. Where am I? Asking myself as I see nothing but darkness, as soon as I open my eyes, my vision seems to be blurry. Sniff sniff Wait… And what was that smell? I winced after thinking how nasty is smells. Dude, it smells like a rotten flesh— Wait, now that I realized it… my whole body feel strange. It is as if… I am soaked in some slimy thingy object. Opening my eyes as wipe my face using the corner of my finger, luckily, it wasn't soaked in whatever it may be. And there, I saw a sight that makes me feel unrealistic. It was all… green and blue. I am soaked in a slimy thing that seems to be a snot or saliva… Ahh, gross The only light that makes me see was the strange blue like object that was sinked in the pink flesh wall. “Where the hell am I?“ I asked but to my surprise, my leg seems to be missing. Why did I
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Chapter 4
I never thought that it would be this easy. With a sweat falling on my forehead, I brushes my hair. There, I forgot how slimy my hand is as I accidentally touch the ground for who knows how many times it has been. Day 1 Quest: A list of to do task that must be done before the day ends. Not finishing it would lead to a punishment. »Do 100 push ups (100/100)«Do 100 sit ups (100/100) [Wai: Day 1 Quest Completed. Here are your rewards] [Would you like to open it?] Just as I thought, this body that I have is just the same with that body of mine when I was on my teens. Looking at my arms, it may not have that kind of muscle before but, strangely… my body changed. “I wonder why my body turned to this... Still, I would wish if I can get this sticky thing off my body. It really is irritating at some point” I slightly chuckle for a bit. It was a lucky occurrence for me to saw a part where the liquid slimy object wasn't reaching that platform. It was enough to give me time to dry it
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Chapter 5
[You: are going to purchase the poison king's dagger. It cost 150 harto. Would you like to buy it?] It makes me wanna cry. I only have 170 harto but it was needed! If I won't use it then who knows who would use it when I died inside this great whale Piranha's stomach! “Y— yes!“ [Purchase complete…] I want to cry… I want to cry… In an instant, the dagger was now on my hands. There is no use of crying tho. Running around as I tried to find where his heart was located. It was hiding behind layers of the thick fleshes. “Tch, now how am I going to kill that thing?!“ If it was the game on my computer and if my level is still that high, maybe it would be an easy peasy for me. But… I was furious. Having no idea how this thing would end up, I almost lost on my thoughts. It makes my whole body be swayed. With this whole place moving, I then remembered. “It says I must get out, not that I should kill this…” Smirking I jumped in the very close stomach wall of this creature. Smiling
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Chapter 6
To escape death and face another death just like this… aren't I some extra who doesn't really have any importance in this game?So why am I facing this thing?!?! And of all people to run into? Why is it Saypher of all?!Closing my eyes as I tried to remain calm despite of this things that happened, I wonder if my neck would be cut in piece if I make any wrong move…Saypher Marcus. The protagonist in this world. Having the ability and luck, he is the one that is trying to fine the end of this game. A place where answers would be given for all of his questions. He is some that that is not just handsome, but also powerful. He would easily get his power in swift. Above all, everyone whom he fights with would eventually die. That is the power of protagonist. To sum it all, me being his enemy would surely make me fall in my death door in an instance.“H-hello, a nice day it is… right?“Despite of what I said, it was already past afternoon if I may say. The sky is reddish in fact. So how
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Chapter 7
A number of three children that was years younger than me are now facing me with different weapons on their hands. “What? Are you scared? We can let you go if you would punch this bastard to death”They laugh so hard as if they are certain that they would get a entertainment any time soon. Aren't they being a real bastard in what they are doing? Looking at my feet, I just remembered how I was walking on my bare feet. Now, it makes me be reminded of that time when I was on the same age as them. Some people would also act that way towards me. Picking up on me as if I am their toys… what happened to them in the end? They won and bullied more people from then. Why did I even let that happen? Is it because I am afraid? Or is it because I just let them be?“What? Why are you not saying any words? Don't you know that there are three of us against you? What? Do you dare go against us? You maggot?“Just a while ago they called me old man, now, a maggot?”Your offer is quite good. I don't
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Chapter 8
What? A recovery potion won't heal him?'But how come? In game it was usually like that. If you are injured and is in need of hp and stamina, you would need that to recover'[You currently have 220 harto. Each question would cost 20 harto. Do you still want to ask it?]'Is it worth the prize to know? It was hard to earn harto. I shall take good use of it'But judging by how things are happening, maybe… the reason why is because that was in game. It doesn't have the same effect when it comes to real life. Closing my eyes, I guess I can do nothing about it. It would be nice if there is a saint or mage who is respective when it comes to healing magic.Looking at the state of the kid, I wonder how long will he last.Is there really nothing else that I can do?Checking on my notification bar, I slightly smirk as I know there is one last hope. “The lucky draw“”You say something?“”Migo…“The kid seems to hear my words. I must be careful next time..Luckily, his friend called him which
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Chapter 9
“It seems like we meet again”Judging by his words, it doesn't feel like this was just a coincidence. With my body completely soaked wet, I might look like a complete fool by how I look but who cares. Looking at the place where that big tides came from, I know for sure that staying in this place would do us no good. “I think we must go—”Before I can even complete my words, I can see them going upstairs leaving me behind. “Did you just left without saying any words?”Shocked on how they leave without saying any notice to me, I make my feet moving. The floor is wet which is why we must be careful —ThudAnd just as I said… I slip falling due to this floor being slippery. Getting up quick, I somehow manage to take a few steps on the stairs before another wave of tide clashes from my back. Luckily, I am holding unto this stairs handle. With that, we manage to reach the top of the floor. There was no roof. Only the. Water from the outside can be seen. No land, no roofs, nothing else
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