62 Chapters
Chapter 10
Slash“Wow… that… was my first”Smiling in amazement, Migo is not scared of how he kill a living creature. There was a satisfaction in his face. As if he got an achievement.“Yes, just like that kid. Aim on their heart”“Weird but… There was a glowing light in their body”“Then stab those places. To be honest, I believe that Bow and arrow would be much better in you”“Bow and arrow…”“Yeah, but get use of that daggers. Isn't it cool to be an archer who is also good in combat?”He is lecturing Migo, even so, Saypher didn't sweat any when he faces three of those monster at once. It hasn't been a day but his skills already accomplished those criteria to be called as strong.“Woah, something pop up”Migo shouted as he level up in every kill that he does. “Now I seem to understand how this things work”If the situation above is good, that is the opposite of what is happening on the ground below....“Wai…”I mumbled his name, as I remember, I only have 45 harto with me… what can I do.
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Chapter 11
“Brother Ethan, what is with that long sour face? Don't you feel happy with this abilities we acquire?”Playing with fire in his hand, he seems to enjoy his company with that thing that he can manipulate. “Migo, stop playing with the fire”“But, isn't it cool? It's like a magic. Look, a firebal— Saypher!!”Hissing as his small fire that is as big as the light of a match stick dissolve in the water that Saypher splash, I even wonder how the two of them are acting as if it was something so normal. “This is just a dream, yeah this is just a dream—”“Brother Ethan, have you gone mad?”That kid, why did I not notice it in the first place?? He is the sidekick of Saypher. He is one of the main ally that Saypher have every time he go in different timeline.So… why is he in bad terms with Saypher?Brushing my hair, I was so frustrated at the fact that I have no idea what to do. What should I do? I just want to live and survive. But… is it that hard for this damn world to give it to me?[Y
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Chapter 12
Looking at the place where that collapsing sound was heard, we saw how Migo was sitting on the ground while a girl around his age pick up a big sword, or should I say claymore, that sinked in the corner part of the wall.“Who was that?”I asked looking at Saypher but what welcomes me was an empty air with no hint of Saypher being there. What the….Another loud thud was heard and there I saw Saypher getting in the place where the two kids was. I am amazed by the fact that this place was now clearly dry and there was no hint of it being in 'that' state yesterday. Closing my eyes, I was slapped by the realization of how Saypher was that strong. I know that he is strong and he is someone who would become stronger as time passes by, but… the fact that he was this strong even if he haven't even reach the pinnacle nor half of his level, it was worrisome how there are much more enemies that is stronger than him“Alright… it seems like before I can even jog around this building, I would firs
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Chapter 13
The moment I get back from where they are, I was welcomed with a loud thud coming from something that fall on the ground. To my surprise, I almost lost my grip on the tumbler that I am holding. Luckily, my leg move on it's own making me squat and have a hold on my footings.“And what is the meaning of this again for the second time?”I asked my self in annoyance. The moment I give this to that brat, I will surely bid farewell to the three of them. If my memories serves me right, after Saypher save Migo, he would then meet Kheina. Being with that two kids together would just start a world war. I shouldn't let myself be affiliated with those kids. Surviving on my own would be much better. So there would be no responsibility other than saving myself and avoiding punishments. That is what I thought, that is what I planned to do… but…“Why are you two following me?”“Ah, Saypher was here too”And when did she even call Saypher with just his name? Didn't she know how to respect those wh
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Chapter 14
Looking around, I manage to get away from those three. Staying with them would make me be filled with jealousy. Even if I have the knowledge about the IKINOBIRU, it is still hard to accept how the life of those who was originally part of the game was as easy as that. Every stores was now dry. It was weird on how it feels like it didn't drift in the water last night. It was really a big mystery but the fact that this kind of thing is happening, that this game suddenly becomes reality, isn't it already a big mystery?“Woah, this sushi looks nice”I grab the sushi in a container. How funny, before, I wouldn't have the chance to buy these since my pocket money was already shared by those who I treated as friend. But now… I can get anything for free. Smiling, even if I am broke in harto, I can say that I am thankful for this Storage space that helps me bring many things. I already arrange them in those shelves. Foods that are in the same likes are all packed together in a big bag. I
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Chapter 15
“Didn't I clearly stated how we are supposed to go on our separate ways?”Closing my eyes, my hand was resting on my head. I would totally go insane if this thing continues!“I am not following you. Brother Ethan, it just so happens that the path you choose is the same path I planned to choose”What is with this three? Didn't they know that I am not needed in this journey? They can go on their ways now, after all, the three of them would have no much struggles until they reach their main goals. So while this game was still on it's first phase, they have no worries to take…“You can be all good with Saypher alone. Being with me would just bring you troubles”Even if the truth is, it was you three who would give me troubles. I don't want to join you squad and put my life in danger! Knowing how the three of you will rise on level for a pace that I can't even comprehend, it would do me no good to stick around with he three of you. It is not as if I can fight high ranking monsters with t
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Chapter 16
There are various of people ahead us. But I am not quite sure if it would be alright for me to call them as people. To think that this would really happen… I didn't close my mind in it tho. But for me to see it in front of my eyes, I can't help but be slapped by the truth of how this world change completely. Not leaving any hint of it being back in the way it used to be.Charging at those undead, or should I call them zombies just like what we think of, Saypher did not show any hint of him surrendering. That is one of the thing that one can expect to the protagonists of this game. He is powerful indeed. He also have those characteristics of the famous game protagonist. Even his fast pace of leveling up, how envious…“graaaa”Migo on the other hand let his arrow fly in different directions. Did he already acquire the eye of the truth? It was a skill that he would get when he reach level 15. It it possible when he was just level six last time we met?I gulp, if he is already in level
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Chapter 17
“For the mean time, let's stay here”“That is a good suggestion. It's been a long day and I want to rest”“Let's eat first, I'm hungry”With that being said, just like what they did this morning, they bought their own meal using harto. How envious. I am the one with a lowest rank and I am also the one with the least harto. It really isn't good for my mind to keep this things up.The place was dark but still, we can see the things using the faint light coming from those ruined lampost outside. The floor was a bit dirty and the only thing that you can see inside this place was pile of boxes. Enjoying our meal, it was quiet outside. No sense of undead coming can be notice. Even for just a small while, it isn't bad to be relax at some point. After all, we almost annihilate the zombies.“Did you hear that?“With his hand rising, Migo make the four of us stay silent. He was acting as if he heard something strange. Still, no matter what I think about it, I can't hear anything at all.”W
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Chapter 18
We continued to stay in this place. Just then we concluded that unlike the information given by the movies about the abilities and weaknesses of a zombies or the undead, it wasn't true that they are blind in the dark. “The reason why they attacked us is due to the fact that they have a greater aptitude when the darkness is covering their eyes”“Huh? Wouldn't it be more simpler to say that they are a night eyed creature?“”Kheina, are you alright?“”No… I feel like… I have done something bad?“It was something that noticed much earlier. Since the moment we arrive inside this room, as well as the fact that none of us dared to drink this juice that the woman created… ”We just have no choice, that's all“”Keep your voice low, she was heading in the door“Just what kind of situation did we fall into?...”Are you not going to sleep?“”It is not as if I can sleep knowing this circumstance. If not for the fact that those pest are live and active during the night, I would already keep mov
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Chapter 19
Before she can even charge toward Kheina, Migo's arrow pass through her head. She was left stunned and eventually fall. I can say that this kind of situation isn't something I expected to happen.None among us shouts. No one even dares to scold Migo. Is it because this is what we all wanted? Is it because it was the only correct outcome that comes to our mind?I can't even tell. The only thing I know is that right after we heard the thud sound coming from her body as it landed on the cold floor… silence is the only thing that embraces us. ...“Is it really fine to just let her be there?”“It is not as if there would still be cops in this time. If there is, maybe they are already zombies or undead just like the others”“But Saypher don—”“I don't, at any bit, feel that what we did is wrong”“That is not what I meant”“Then what?”“I just think that she really loves her sister”“…”“To love and protect someone… I do think that she is not that bad”No one answered me. Is it just me or
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