133 Chapters
1. Kate
Our meagre belongings packed into battered leather suitcases, we said goodbye to our so-called home. For the last time we stood together in the run-down town square. The desolate orphanage that had housed us for the past eighteen years was soon to be a distant memory. Grey, remorseless granite, swirling with red dust everywhere. Orphanage 8 had always looked like a gateway to somewhere evil even when they tried to smarten it up. “You going to miss the place?” Roxie asked, her red-lipped face set in a sour grimace, kicking at a pebble with her kitten heel. “No, because I’m taking the best bit with me,” slipping my arm into hers with a smile. Both our parents had died fighting for the Fyrestone Pack, leaving us stranded in this backward town. A childhood constantly coughing on red dust and swatting away flies. The ancient bus finally spluttered through the compound gates. Enclosed within a white-walled paradise the scent of lemons and citrus fruits was overwhelming. Green olive trees
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2. Kate
Trapped by the downpour, the small white porch meant he was just inches away from me, the smoky, bonfire scent of his wolf lingering. I hugged my waist, keeping my face forward. Pretend I didn't look like a desperate wet tshirt contestant. I wondered if I could just sprint across the path but the wet cobbles looked tricky. “Don’t run, you might fall," he grinned.“I think it’s more dangerous for me to stay here,” my voice a dropping to a whisper as I studied his side-profile. “Take your chance, see what happens," his voice husky and tempting as I tried to work out exactly what he meant. His voice, his manner, the way his eyes were blatantly looking me made a dark desire curl in my stomach. How easy would it be to just lose myself in this tango? Raya, my wolf gave me an idea instead. I turned around, connecting once more with those devastatingly dark eyes, the darkest espresso and mahogany combined, and smiled. “Could I borrow your jacket?” though I wasn’t able to help my eyes fli
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3. Alpha Dex
Today has been a good day. Dozens of perky, tanned, long-limbed and eager new students arriving. They’re always so eager and ready to start their Assessment. They’re always so keen to get to know me too. Like her this evening, the one tucked under the archway, she played a good game. Soaked to the skin I could see her pink bra clearly through her top. A very nice introduction, certainly memorable. Making her blush gave me a little thrill of victory, but then she went and stole my leather jacket. She even rolled her eyes at me but when I got close enough I heard her breath catch. So I'll give round one to the wet girl, the phrase making me grin all over again. I head back upstairs to my top floor penthouse chuckling at how she tricked me. Perhaps I'll see her again, perhaps someone else will. Since turning eighteen five years ago, I have done as I please, the privilege of being the Alpha Prince. The Compound, where our best and brightest reside and learn, remains my playground. Per
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4. Kate
The next morning came with blinding sunshine and the realisation I needed to return the leather jacket. Return it without willingly falling into his bed to be more precise. . Yet here I am, dreaming of smoky bonfires and what grabbing a fistful of that curly black hair towards my face would feel like. What was that black edged tattoo an image of? "You ready to go?" Roxie called over from the bathroom, wearing neon cut-out sportswear. Shorts and sneakers sufficed for me. It wasn't a fashion show; the first day was going to be our first exam followed by a midday hike through somewhere hellish. “How are you feeling about the exam?” I called out. “It’s about your morals not intelligence isn’t it? I’m worried they’re going to find out I’m a massive bitch!” she joked, making me howl. “Can you imagine if the scores came back and we are like just awful, appalling people,” I giggled, then groaned “and then there’s the team hike to survive. I’d rather do exams.” "You know the hike is a tea
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5. Roxie
I don’t know how she does it. Every time! Even in a rainstorm I am the one who falls over, nearly breaking an ankle, whilst Kate gets the hottest man on earth drooling over her. She’s playing it down, but Cherry and I could see enough from the window. Huddled together on the window seat we squinted through the curtain of rain as he approached. When he got closer, clearly whispering into her ear I was deafened by Cherry squealing “Oh my god I think he’s going to kiss her!” I didn’t squeal. I watched silently, knowing exactly what I would have done. Kate merely played it cute, taking his jacket. I’d have suggested heading inside to take my wet clothes off. The way she insisted she had no interest in him was infuriating. Of course she does! I know I’m attractive, my eyes are a stunning blue-grey paired with luscious long black hair. We’re a similar shape, both having curves in the right places and wide friendly smiles so why not me? When I finally got a proper look at him in the b
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6. Kate
I felt awful about Roxie getting stuck in that cave. Felix carried her all the way home on his shoulders like a trooper. Her arms and thighs were cut to ribbons from the sharp rocks, and she was so disorientated she clung onto him like a limpet. I spent all the following evening anxiously bathing her wounds, making her as comfortable as possible. “I’m so sorry we didn’t know you were stuck,” I kept saying as she gave me soft smiles and whispered, “don’t worry about it. It’s fine.” In the panic of Roxie’s injuries I totally forgot about the jacket and Alpha Dex. I know she has shifter healing and will be fine, but she is the only family I have in the world. We share a bond as close as sisters, growing up together in that miserable, red dust covered orphanage. Cherry came to see her, fetching fudge and gossip, joking that she was going to head to that cave and scream for Alpha Dex to save her.. Even Matt and Felix visited. Felix seemed to bask in being a hero and brought Roxie some
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7. Alpha Dex
I’m shaking that girl off. I swear it. I don’t know what the stand-off was in the corridor, but I was completely stuck. Just for a couple of seconds. Nothing serious obviously. She just looked good, I guess. If you like that innocent vibe anyway. Soft honey coloured hair up high with wisps trailing down, so…delicate yet tempting. Anyway, it’s more likely I stared because she was sat cross legged in those tiny denim shorts and I wanted to slide down that corridor and stick my face in there. What would she have done if I had tried that move? /Kicked you in the cock I hope/ Alba snapped grumpily. Normally the women I go for are more brash. The super confident, know-what they want type of girl. Ones who like it rough, dirty with no consequence after. They know sex can just be sex. It’s meant to be fun, it’s not there to tie you to someone for the rest of your life. You can tell just by looking at jacket-thief that she’s going to want to snuggle up close after, whisper sweet nothings.
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8. Kate
When I came out of the exam room I didn’t wait for my friends, I just sprinted back to my room trying to delay the tears. I almost knocked poor Matt into the wall as I shoved my way through, not wanting to hear how everyone else found it easy.All I know is that I have never performed so badly in my life. I knew my notes! The examples, the studying it was all there in my mind. Until it wasn’t. Sitting down and opening the test papers in the musty dark room I could barely make out the questions. There were words for sure, but I couldn’t even work out the meaning of the question let alone come up with intelligent answers.My heart raced, in the silent exam room my eyes searched around, the other twenty students in my class all furiously scribbling. I had nothing. What were they writing? I squinted, rubbed my eyes, inhaled, and kept trying but nothing came together. Perhaps I was having some form of panic attack?With twenty minutes to go I just wrote as much as I could in general terms
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9. Kate
“Rhett,” Dex said steadily, his eyes fixed on his shaggy-blonde Beta. It was only under his unimpressed gaze that I realised the pair of us probably looked rather too cosy. Hidden away, leaning together on the little bit of space between the speaker boxes chatting and laughing./Not that it was any of his business/ Raya huffily pointed out.“Alpha Dex, enjoying the band?” Rhett said happily, ignoring his Alpha’s tense demeanour as he hauled himself back up to standing, remaining close to me. “Have you met Kate?” offering me a hand to stand upright. As I took his sandpaper hand the sensation felt insignificant when compared to the heat of Dex’s gaze burning through me.Why am I so flustered? Alpha Dex, who has done little more than whisper at me, who didn't even know my name before now. Why is he looking at me like I’ve done something wrong?“We’ve met already,” he replied, his dark eyes not leaving my face as he answered. There was a steeliness to him, not a relaxed party mood. He was
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10. Roxie
It worked, it totally worked. I don’t know how that gooey puddle Berlarot managed to work his magic but my request came true. That exam was a piece of cake. As simple as reciting the alphabet answers just flew into my mind, my pen was unable to keep up with the ideas that raced through me. Whereas the few glances I managed to steal at Kate told me everything I needed to know. I always looked at her in exams, normally to beat myself up for not being as focused as her, but today she's unravelled. Her long wavy hair was scrunched in her hands, her cheeks pink and flushed and her answer book still opened on the first page. Was it so bad to feel a little bit happy? Shocked and guilty, but a little curling green shoot of happiness was there too. During schooling at the orphanage we were always in the top three or four, but Kate was always just ahead. Every time. When she ran away afterwards I felt a pang of guilt. She didn’t tell me the truth about it when I got back either, which s
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