61 Chapters
My life is a complete mess capable of driving even the sanest person crazy. I have no family, no homeland, much less a herd with which to live because everything was once taken away from me. I am a simple lonely woman, who travels from city to city creating stories with which I try to remember my existence. Hello I introduce myself, my name is Kreiger better known as Emma Robinson by humans and I am a product of the abominable relationship between my father an alpha, and my mother a human named Monit who died after bringing me to this cruel world. My childhood was quite brutal because the other members of the pack treated me like a pinball which I simply obeyed, I had no dignity, no right to speak and above all, I lacked my own identity, more of a doll without will simulate. I came to think that my tragic life would come to an end on the night of the twenty-seventh of January of two thousand and six when I was barely eight years old. Everything took
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I. Welcom to Belcier
About two weeks ago I arrived in Belcier after traveling around the world for some years, time after grandparents Linsey and Eliot disappeared without leaving any clear reason, guided mostly by my recklessness. I came to Belcier a Friday in full beginning of the month of may, around two in the afternoon, I came alone because they knew no one and even worse they don't know anything so I had to learn how to use the sense of the orientation as a wolf I have but that usually doesn't do much in my quality of omega. The city in my full arrival was extremely hectic after the weekend being in its full start so all the establishments around were kept crowded. Everywhere you looked the accumulation of people was impressive, hotels, squares, parks, shopping centers, bars and restaurants, all completely full to their maximum capacity were maintained, fuss that worsened after the night arrived, so the truth I was very lucky to get a place to stay. The last permanent available
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II. The reunion with Uncle Martin
Uncle Martín had known the grandparents for a long time already, so I knew that his words were full of doubts and saturated with messages that were not entirely understandable to me at that moment. However, in my case, knowing him as well as I do despite the years we had already separated, first of all, I knew that in Lombardi his words carried a reason, just as his presence in our lives supposes. Although the truth thinking well the story of how the grandparents and he met is a bit like an action movie, it is even impossible for me not to tell it as it was made known to me by their people. One day the grandparents were prowling on the outskirts of the city in their animal form hiding in the fog and the low light that the craft provided, when in the distance while moving through the forest they came to observe how a pack of wolves chased a human boy who was fighting for his life in fear. Those after seeing such a disastrous event rushed to his aid thus managing to save
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III. Dominieck Bastrii
Today is a day like any other where loneliness at times torments me by noticing the absence of those I love since I don't have them close. There I have been standing for a while now next to the large sliding window of my office from which I am carefully observing how the courtyard of the Bastrii mansion my house is surrounded by loneliness and hopelessness. The large Bastrii residence is located in Belcier, close to the city center on a side where nature and the artificial coexist in close harmony. In a few words, it is nothing more and nothing less than a small strait of the forest that goes into the city and which provides an obvious feeling of privacy for the same in the middle of such a portion hidden from the view of curious passers-by that eccentric home is located. Some years have already passed since this house was taken over by the gloomy figure of death who seemed to dance with joy against its residents causing it to be abandoned. Both my life
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IV. Who are you?
As if from what sudden movement it was Bazili inferred what dry braking by the great fright that it had given him, which caused the interior of the vehicle to be abruptly shaken. What a fright that had hit us, so much was that resounding fright that Bazili did not take long to get out of the car thinking that perhaps it would have caused him some damage. Her static body in front lay perplexed letting the fear show in her eyes; with those blue eyes as vivid as the sky that were capable of reflecting the heavenly beauty in the narrowness of its dimensions. I was still locked up there watching from my seat as everything was developing. This is how I perceived how that strange conversation between the two was flowing because he was looking for a way to find out if nothing had happened to such a girl, perhaps due to fear and worry itself. From where I was, I could see how Bazili, wanting to confirm by her own means if she was really well, tried to approach her, b
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V. The weight of our doubts
Life is sometimes curious and inopportune because it listens to us at the most inappropriate moments to give us sometimes somewhat blatant lessons. I know I am aware that I had been complaining for a short time because I was not able to perceive even a single one of my kind in this city, which was strange. More than anything he seemed to find himself completely free of our existence situation that was impossible because we are like a living plague since where you least expect it we are, but with a simple ace of fate everything was changed easily and drastically. Due to a simple oversight, sometimes partly due to my clumsiness and my unparalleled recklessness product of that feeling of fear that overwhelmed me after seeing that name reflected on the wall, that my life was almost hanging by a thread after that car almost hit me. Such a provoking reaction that in such a dramatic and, to put it another way, overwhelming situation will end up wrapped up and will finally f
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VI. Wolf on the Prowl (The Sound of Death) - I
The viewpoint which is nothing more than the top of an ancient waterfall that descends in free fall flowing from the center of the mountain in the periods where there is the highest concentration of rain is the right and perfect place to go to enjoy on a night like this. In the same way and eye also, it is a place where the human and the natural get along in secret equally, making Belcier even more surprising. The nature around, rises with a special air of grandeur dominating most of the space. While on one side on the rocky surface glistens a long road that runs from the source to the top of the viewpoint somewhat narrow, although two vehicles can perfectly pass without concern in the surrounding lanes. At the end, once you are at the top, such a road is linked to a parking lot that limits for a few meters the warehouse simulation where you enter the bar that, although its tiny appearance is singularly huge inside. The bar, as that underground structure is called,
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VII. Wolf on the Prowl (The Sound of Death) - II
There was no way out, we were completely doomed was what I presumed, everything after that turned out to feel so uncertain and so far from one's own life that one could even come to feel that it was almost certain that we would have no future. By fate, despite the obvious fear, I still remained strong and with a cold head because looking at Lina trembling the way she did forced me to fight against whatever I wanted to hurt her, because I simply could not allow her to be hurt. What moved me even more was to notice that just like me Lyall had the same thought preserving that girl's life was fundamental. The tension was increasing more and more and next to it an unusual heaviness could be perceived in the environment. The air around felt extremely saturated, charging as if death had settled on us and kept covering us with its veil, approaching perhaps like an old friend running to meet us and… Pof! Lina could no longer stand so much accumulated information that the experie
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VIII. Who is this Bastrii?
A mocking laugh broke out from between his lips without a doubt my words turned out to be nothing before his person and as if nothing was worth the redundancy, he continued his march in a fixed direction to where he was definitely walking. A few more seconds were more than enough until we reached its destination which was nothing more than a clearing in the middle of the bed that gives access to the viewpoint who is away from the bar for a few meters was where he led me. Once there, after arriving at the edge of a vehicle that in any case was on, he finally stopped his walk. "We have arrived little list" that incredulous while he looked at my face maintaining above all an obvious air of pedantry that could easily be confused with chivalry. For my part, I kept silent and just dedicated myself to keeping calm, especially attentive to what he was doing. That was then how I ended up fixing my eyes completely on his person before his seductive gaze and who with great delicacy once
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IX. The Bewilderment of Dominieck
I left the viewpoint completely mowed down without knowing how long later I should return, dominated by anger as if a strange thread of blood dominated me from within controlling my every move. Even when I increased my gait I could feel Kira's screams snorting non-stop to the side in my ear so the little journey that remained before reaching where Bazili was I did it at a double pace increasing the demand in my gait. Without paying attention to anything or anyone else, I approached the car, opened the door and dived into it, dropping my body with all its weight on that seat. "It's okay sir" with an expression of uneasiness and fear Bazili releases that question full of concern. " No. " "You need me to do something for you doesn't look good at all. " "Just start, let's go home. " As a direct order that man did not take long to obey and turning his head he placed the key in the starter cylinder instantly giving way to that vehicle finally ignited so that car b
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