91 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Haunting Dreams
{Basic details - Alpha male and female - They are the leaders of the pack. They are the pack’s most vital wolves and take all the crucial decisions. Alpha females are also called luna. Beta male and female (second in command) - They are second in command. In case alphas are unavailable, betas are given the responsibility of the pack. They are responsible for the border’s safety along with alphas. Gamma male and female (third in command)- They are responsible for training pack warriors and pups. Delta male and female (fourth in command) - They are responsible for sorting the internal conflicts of the pack. If the matter becomes complicated, alphas have to look into them. Omega - They are the lowest-ranking wolves responsible for cooking, cleaning, and other activities. Generally, omegas also study medicine or become pack’s warriors after proper studying and training. Packhouse - It is a place where those wolves live, who are not living with their parents or are orphans. Few of the
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Chapter 2 - Attack
When we completed our training, it was already 8 am, and my body was aching everywhere. “Aadhya, put the weapons in the arsenal,” gamma Alexander ordered me. I bowed and started doing the said. Layla and Matt joined me when I was collecting the weapons and helped me gather the rest. “So, any plans for tomorrow,” Matt asked me curiously, and Layla rolled her eyes. “I just wanted to sleep the whole day,” I said to him, and he rolled his eyes while Layla gave me a proud look. “And eat lots of delicious food...” I spoke with a dreamy look. After a few minutes, Matt snapped his fingers in front of my face and shook his head in disappointment. “Don’t give us these looks, matty. Food and sleep are the first love of our lives” Layla supported me, and we walked inside the arsenal and put different weapons in their respective places. “Come on, addy, tell me what the plan is. It’s your twentieth birthday, and I wanted it to be mind-blasting” I rolled my eyes at Matt’s enthusiasm on my birthd
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Chapter 3 - Mate
Our safe house is built underground, and its entrance is hidden in the pack house's backyard. We were helping pups when suddenly Mrs. Black came panicking towards us "aadhya, Layla, go inside the safe house. I will take care of others." "We want to help mom," Layla said, and I nodded in her support. "Don't argue with me, Layla," she shouted, pushing us towards the pack house. "Take care of others inside," she told us, and Layla nodded timidly. We were about to go inside when I realized that Beth was not with us. "Wait, where is Beth?" I looked around frantically. "Shit, where did she go? Damn," Layla cursed, "addy, go to the safe house and check if Beth is there or not. I will search for her outside" I nodded and ran inside the safe house. All the wolves who cannot fight are in the safe house, the pups are scared, and those who are wounded are trying their best to help in any way, while I can also spot a few warriors in case someone enters the safe house. I looked all over the saf
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Chapter 4 - Rejection
When I woke up from the dream, I found myself in my room at the pack house, which made me realize that it was not a fucking dream... {fuck, I got a mate} ... I was trying to digest this news when suddenly, the door of my room opened, and Ethan entered. "You are joking," he said in complete horror while I was still trying to digest the happiness of finally having a mate "you can't be my mate," he said in disgust, and I flinched. "How can moon goddess be so cruel?" he said while pacing... {that's not how I imagined it to be.} "Listen, Ethan," I tried to make him understand. "It's alpha for you," he growled, and his eyes flicked between brown and black. His wolf is trying to take control from him. "Sorry, alpha" I was trying to control myself, but his behavior was hurting me... {but why?} "Pathetic," he sneered... "I, Ethan Smith, son of Alpha Aiden and Luna Olivia of the blue moon pack, reject you, Aadhya as my mate and future luna of this pack." As soon as these words left his mout
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Chapter 5 - Scent
Times like these make me rethink whether I like Layla's rebellious nature or not. Ethan's hands transformed into claws, and he raised his hand to strike Layla. I wanted to stop him, but I didn't know how. I am scared, but Layla and Matt are still standing without even flinching... {why do these stupids have to show courage in the most problematic situation?} ... He was about to hit her when he stopped suddenly. He raised his head and sniffed the air. Suddenly his whole demeanor changed, his elongated canines went back to normal, and the same happened with his claws. His all focus turned to something else, which I couldn't point out. His breaths became rapid, and I looked at Matt and Layla, who was looking at me with wild looks. "What?" I asked them, and Matt took a step toward me, but Ethan growled as soon as he did that. "Holy fuck, we can smell your scent, addy," Layla said, and at first, I got confused... {I just took a bath, dude}... but then my brain registered her statement. Th
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Chapter 6 - Acceptance
Stella snarled at me, and I took a defensive stance. No matter training or what, Stella will never leave the opportunity to kill me or injure me seriously... {I don't think I am also letting this opportunity go like that} "Aadhya," suddenly Ethan came between us, looking directly at me. He is just wearing his shorts, and his perfectly sculpted naked torso is on full display. He is dripping with sweat, and his ash blonde hairs are sticking to his forehead... {can a human eat a wolf alive?} ... I don't know where these thoughts came from, but I shook my head to remove these thoughts. I looked at him and found him smirking at me... {it seemed like he caught me staring at him} ... "in dad's office now," he said and looked at Stella's wolf, who was not looking happy. Ethan let a sexy chuckle out and walked towards Stella and hugged her tight while her fur made contact with his naked form... {half naked...} "Dad has assigned me an important work, baby girl, and I have to interrogate this w
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Chapter 7 - Royals
The wolves that were standing with Alpha and Luna a few minutes ago are now walking toward us. I already knew that werewolves are naturally beautiful creatures, but believe me, these two weres who are coming toward us are the most beautiful weres I have seen till today. I don't know who they are, but I can feel the power radiating from their bodies, which means they must be rank holders in their packs. They came and stood in front of Layla and Matt. The she-wolf standing in front of Matt is the same height as me and has shoulder-length auburn hair and green eyes. She checked out Matt openly and whistled, "didn't I tell you, Ellon, my mate, will be the most dashing male on this planet," she told the male who was staring at Layla without blinking. Layla scoffed at her statement "have you not heard about mate bond and mate pull?" she told her while her eyes were glued to the man in front of her. He has a good height of 6'0 and has perfectly styled chestnut brown hair with blue eyes. Fin
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Chapter 8 - Future plans
He groaned in pain while I stood there like a puppet. I am too scared and shocked to do something. "How in this hell can you be so powerful?" he asked with gritted teeth. "I don't know, I was just angry," I told him, and he glared at me, but his expression changed in seconds, and he sniffed the air. He closed his eyes and started taking deep breaths. "I can smell you," he said in a hoarse voice... {now I want him to get out of my room} "You should go to the infirmary," I told him and opened the door for him, I looked at his wrist, which was swollen, but I knew that his werewolf genes would repair his wrist in a few hours or max to max till tomorrow... but he has to bear the pain till then "I can come with you if you need help" I added guiltily. "I don't want anything to do with you," he said harshly, and I shrugged... "keep this mate thing secret, and you will be able to live your life in peace," he threatened me, and I looked at another side to hide my smirk. He exited the room,
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Chapter 9 - Command??
When I woke up, I was covered in sweat and shaking in fear and pain. Obviously, the pain is only my imagination, but this dream felt so real that I think I actually felt that pain in reality for a few minutes. I wanted to stop myself from thinking about this shitty nightmare but was unable to do so. Suddenly my mobile rang, and I got startled but finally answered the call with shaking hands. "Be on the training ground in five minutes," I heard gamma's voice from the other end, and then he cut the call. I took a deep breath and went to the bathroom. I splashed some water on my face to wake me up from the nightmare. I would have taken a little more time to overcome the feeling, but I don't have much time. So, I wore my glasses, tied my hair into a bun, and walked toward the training ground. Few males and females were already present there and were standing in a perfect line facing gamma. I went towards him and bowed a little. "Are you sure aadhya you want to do this?" he asked me, and
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Chapter 10- The better me
Three months later - Do you know the feeling when you are angry, frustrated, irritated, and lonely at the same time but still can't endure someone's presence? The last three months were hell for me. Layla and Matt(with his mother) went to the crescent moon after a week they found their mates. They tried to convince me to shift with them, but I declined their offer till mate ball. Ellon and Mia told me that they would talk to the alpha king about me joining their pack, but I declined their offer also....{I don't like the idea of being bullied by the royals}.. they tried to find something about the vampire attack, but they got nothing. Ellon promised Alpha Aiden, on behalf of the alpha king, that if something like that happened again, then the alpha king would himself come and look into this matter. Being a royal wolf, Ellon knew about many things about rejection and mates. I told him about the secret of my scent. He told us that if someone rejects their mate moon goddess blesses the r
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