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Chapter 11 - Stranger, Chocolates and rogues??
I was sitting on the tree and watching over the borders carefully when I received Layla's call. "Hey bitch" he told me as soon I received the call... {I still don't understand why she calls me bitch when in reality she is really a bitch} "Are you coming for the mate ball?" I asked her in hope, and when she didn't reply to me for a few seconds, I knew that she was not coming. "The alpha king is attending the mate ball, so Ellon and I have to stay here" I took a deep breath "we will come to meet you soon, addy," she told me, and I nodded. "It's alright, Layla, I just wanted to share something with you" I have not told them about my nightmares or my senses. "Is there something wrong, addy?" she asked me in concern, and I heard Ellon's muffled voice from behind asking her whom is she talking with. "Everything alright, Layla, not something significant. How's Ellon?" I asked her. "He is awesome, addy," she said, and I already knew where her dirty mind was going... "Oh, he is so good..
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Chapter 12 - Memories
Eight-year-old me was sitting silently in the back seat of our car while Mumma was driving, and daddy was sitting in the passenger seat, looking a little stressed. "Mumma, daddy," I said, and she hummed while daddy looked at me. "Why are we going into the woods?" I asked them, and daddy smiled a little... {daddy never ignored my any question, no matter how annoying it was} "We have to show you something," he told me and ruffled my hair. "In the jungle?" I asked in confusion. "Yes, sweetheart, a few more minutes, and we will reach there," he said, and I nodded. After a few minutes, Mumma parked the car on the side, and they exited the vehicle. Daddy opened the door and looked at me. "How about a piggyback ride?" he said, and I giggled while nodding. "You are spoiling her, Daniel," Mumma said to daddy, and he rolled his eyes. "No, I am not Rose. You are just jealous that she loves me more," daddy told her and bent in front of me while I hopped on his back. We started walking into t
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Chapter 13 - A bad-ass shit
"The attacks that we faced are not the only vampire attack on the blue moon pack. The attack in which my parents died was also a vampire's attack". As soon as I said this, Luna looked at Alpha in concern, and he tried to stay calm. "Are you sure?" Alpha asked me, and I nodded positively. "If I was not sure, then I don't think I would have killed them," I told him, and he became stiff and nodded. "I have to talk about this to the alpha king," he said to Luna, and she stood from her place. "Do you want us to take him to the orphanage for you?" Alpha asked while looking at Diego. I shook my head and encircled my arm around his sleeping figure. "No, he will stay with me," I said, and both of them exited the room. I carefully adjusted myself to the lying position, so I didn't wake dee. Nightmares are very common for me, but today I dreamt of my real-life memory. For once, I felt that they were with me in real and, no matter if it was in a dream, I wanted to meet them. I tried to sleep,
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Chapter 14 - Alpha training for dee?
As soon as I saw the person, my jaw nearly hit the floor. I have already accepted that werewolves are naturally beautiful creatures, but the man standing before me can fail every werewolf on this planet in looks. I can't call him handsome because this single word is not sufficient to justify his beauty. If the moon goddess were not a lady, then I would have believed that he was the moon god himself. He has pitch black eyes and long black hair, which is tied in a bun. His perfectly styled beard is unable to hide his sharp jawline and a pair of very kissable lips. His height must be 6'2" or 6'3". He is wearing a plain T-shirt, but still, I can point to his abs with even his clothes on, and let's not focus on those hard biceps. I have been with high-ranking wolves many times, but I never felt the urge to bow to anyone till today. I tried to turn my gaze from him, but I felt like I was in a trance. He is looking at me without blinking, his facial expressions are blank, but I can see a li
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Chapter 15 - Alpha king
Suddenly the same black wolf came out of the bushes, and I took a deep breath. Dee was still behind me, and I could still feel his fear. I turned towards him and hugged him. "It's alright," I told him, and he looked behind me at the wolf... {this wolf seriously needed to stop appearing like that} I let Dee go and looked at the wolf "you don't have to come like that every time," I told him, and he smirked. "No need to be scared, dee, he is just..." I stopped and thought hard... {I don't even know who he is?} ... "Can you please change in your human form?" He ignored me and sat on the ground a few steps away from us. I sighed in irritation "come on, dee, let's sit somewhere else. I already had my share of adventures in the last two days," I told him, and the wolf scoffed while dee nodded. We went a little away from him and were about to sit when we heard the howling of several wolves, and this instantly made me smile while Dee looked confused. "What was that addy?" he asked me, and I r
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Chapter 16 - Pudding
I don't have to be told twice when it is about dee. I got up from my place and ran out of the orphanage to the pups' training ground, where Beth was waiting for me. "Alpha called him in his office, but he got up and ran towards woods in between." I turned towards the woods and was about to walk away when she added, "Ethan went behind him" I didn't have time even to curse the situation, so I walked to the first place that came to my mind and seemed like my luck is with me today because I found him on the very first place..{he ran at the lake}... but as soon I saw his condition all the other thoughts fled from my mind. He is standing there glaring at Ethan, but what worried me most was that he was not looking normal at all. He is breathing heavily, his fists are clenched, and his little body is trembling. When I noticed his eyes, I gasped as I finally realized what was happening. His eyes have turned hazel in color and are glowing, which means his wolf is taking control for the first t
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Chapter 17 - Good bye
"Are you sure this happened?" he asked, and I nodded. He stood from his place, and his eyes became unfocused for a second "pack your things fast. We are leaving for the crescent moon in an hour," he commanded. "What about vampi--" he didn't even let me complete my sentence and took the bag from the cupboard and started putting everything he found in the bag. "I will send someone here. Ellon and Mia, along with their mates or anyone, will handle the situation here... I am packing Diego's stuff, go and pack yours," he said, but I couldn't help getting excited when he talked about matt and Layla. "Matt and Layla were coming here?" I asked him in excitement while he was packing everything at lightning speed, and Dee was running behind him while putting all his toys in the bag that was in alpha king's hand. "Can I meet them, please? I have not seen them in three months," I again asked him, but he ignored me and continued his work. Within fifteen minutes, everything in Dee's room is stuff
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Chapter 18 - Meet my questioning self
I don't know how to react, what to say and how to even face this situation. I don't even know which is the trickier situation right now. On the one hand, this stupid Ethan claimed in front of everyone that he is my mate, and on the other hand, I am feeling the mate tingles from the alpha king's touch, and in all this drama, my eyes have decided that they wanted to be on alpha king only. I could see many emotions swirling in his eyes: shock, confusion, doubt, adoration, and many more, but before I observed him more, he coughed and steadied me on my feet. Slowly he removed his hands and took a step away from me. I felt sudden coldness because of it, but I hardened myself and looked at others... {let's end all this first... after this, I will think about this another mate stuff} Shock, that was the only thing written on everyone's face. "What the fuck was that, Ethan?" Alpha Aiden shouted suddenly, and I flinched. "She can't leave me, dad. She is my mate," Ethan said while looking at m
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Chapter 19 - Alpha king for a reason
He took a deep long breath and nodded "if you came to the blue moon pack in your wolf form then from where did you get this car?" I asked him and he stretched his hands behind his back which made his muscles flex, I instantly removed my gaze from him and gulped. He took a long deep breath and nodded. "If you came to the blue moon pack in your wolf form, then from where did you get this car?" I asked him, and he stretched his hands behind his back, making his muscles flex. I instantly removed my gaze from him and gulped... {damn, he should stop distracting me} He chuckled and again shook his head. "It is Alpha Aiden's. When we reach the crescent moon, others have to leave for the blue moon, so they will deliver his car back to him," he explained, and I nodded. "Are you hungry?" I asked him, and he groaned. "You said that was the last question," he said and practically whined. "I am hungry," I said to him and looked at the map. "We are only fifteen minutes away from McDonald's," I t
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Chapter 20 - Sacrifice
I expected her to have tears of delight in her eyes or to see the familiar smile that has the power to light up my whole world, or she would crush me into a bone-crushing hug, but nothing like that happened. She kept looking at me for a few minutes in confusion, and suddenly, a knowing look crossed her face. "You must be Aadhya" as soon as she said this, I knew she was not my gramma. She never used my name as she had many names for me according to her mood. "But you are not my gramma," I said to her, and she nodded. "But you look like her." I pointed out, and she nodded "Because I am her twin."... {I didn't know gramma had a twin} "Where is she? Do you have her contact number?" I asked her eagerly, and she kept looking at me for a few seconds but then turned and went inside the room. Alpha looked at us in confusion, but I didn't have time to explain anything to him. I walked behind her and found her sitting on a rocking chair near the window. "Why did you take her here, Ryan? Did
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