Chapter 10: You're selfish

Summer’s Point of View

As we stepped into the Senior’s room, I could sense an unmistakable apprehension in the mood. Earlier when I greeted him, he tried to contain his temper, but now his loathing was evident in me because of the turmoil I created at his birthday celebration. Even though I couldn't stand Steven, I still feel the need to use him as a shield.

“Summer Ramey! From then until now, you have been hindering my family from living in peace! Don't you find it exhausting to feel the shame of your past actions, and now bothering about offending one of our business partners?” The loud and distinct voice of the Senior reverberated off the walls of the room.

“No, grandpa. That is not—”

“What could my family have possibly done to make you act this way?!” He rumbled again. “You—ack… ack... ack!”

As the Senior was in the middle of expressing himself, he suddenly touched his chest, and started coughing one after the other, and the intensity of his anger had left him gasping for air and
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Nardia Robinson
i still think haley is the one who made her like this
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Isatou Danjoe
A very interesting book.
goodnovel comment avatar
confusing since in the beginning she just seemed like a sad house wife

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