All Chapters of Mommy! Daddy is Missing.: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Made to sleep with Him
Chapter 1 Blinded by a black cloth, she's led into a big spacious room where she's left behind. Inside the warm room, with the sunlight nearing it's setting time, laid a woman on the luxurious, well laid and soft big bed.The woman was entangled in a nearly transparent black veil, and a beautiful white bow was tied at the end of the black veil which fell on the woman's lower abdomen and touched her laps.From the side view, you can tell she is a very beautiful woman with milky white skin and a sharp high bridged nose. Her skin is smooth and her figure is beautiful.Her small and shapely face was blindfolded by black gauze and her nervousness could be seen from the tight silk quilt hands which kept shaking in her laps.With a "click", the door opened leading in and out of the room opens.The silence suddenly seems so loud as someone enters into the room bringing a soft fragrance in.The visitor was silent, and the sound of footsteps was muffled on the carpet.Hearing the slight sound
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Fake Identities
Chapter 2 When she was thrown on the bed again, she just laid there like a dead fish, unable to move because she was tired, too tired and even more tired than her running 1,500 metres in a race.The initiator, however, was standing beside the bed and dressing slowly.The sunlight seemed to be on his side as sun rays shone on him, making him glow. The man was tall and handsome, and the figure was even more impeccable. Every muscle line was just right. The abs seemed to have been carved into his soft skin.It's just such a common thing as dressing, Sue seems to be watching the scene of the male protagonist of an idol drama.No, he is many times more handsome than those contrived men.She is not a nympho girl, but the temperament and natural elegance of this strange man is really attractive!The man glanced at the woman who was staring straight at him from the same bed, like someone who is lost looking at the sunrise.But with a casual glance, the skin on her shoulders that she inadvert
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Leaving the Greenes.
Chapter 3 Greene family.When Sue returned home, Sharon Greene greeted her as soon as she entered the door."Sue, how's it going? Did you fulfill it?"Sue pursed her lips and raised her head to look at the so-called mother in front of her, who would force her to do such a thing last night.She said coldly, "I call you mom, even though you're not my biological mother, I've always respected you, but can you really... no. Why do you want this title so much?""Sue, why will you talk to your mother in that manner? If the family hadn't adopted you, you would have starved to death on a back alley street long ago. After all, you are now the daughter of our family.You want all the benefits, but you don't want to suffer a little loss? Being able to be touched by someone from the Mason family is a blessing you cultivated in your previous life. " says Alexa who trembles with rage as she talks to Sue"Alexa, you are engaged to the eldest son of the Masons. But you are not clean, and you are afra
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Ashley Greene
Packing her bags upstairs, Sue hears a knock on her door. She hesitates before answering."Come in." She says almost inaudiblySharon comes in with a glass of some green liquid. Distrusting, she doesn't take the glass from her. "What do you want? For me to cover for your daughter again?""Drink this. It'll rejuvenate your strength from all the hard work."Sue eyes the glass suspiciously and takes it from her finally. She raises the cup to her lips and take a sip. It tastes funny. She returns the glass cup to Sharon.Sharon smiles slyly. "You know, I was willing to keep you being my daughter until I had to. You've gone ahead and forced me to show my true colours to you."Confused, Sue raises one eyebrow."Oh. You don't understand? Anyway, by the time you wake up, you'll be married to Harry Mason. It only takes very little of that drink to make you pass out."Sue looks angry and betrayed.Suddenly, Sue spits out the green liquid from her mouth. She spits it out completely, grabs a bottl
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Fashion Emergencies.
After a while, Sue exits the office with a long piece of clothing draped over her hands. She calls Tara from the other working room from opposite the main room where she stood with Raya working on some documents not far from her."Ma'am. I already dropped the mini clothes on your desk in your office.""Yeah, I saw them. This is why I called you." Sue unfolds the cloth in her arms.Tara and Raya look at the cloth, positively surprised. "Is this...?" Raya trails off, apparently recognizing the cloth as what she started but gave up on a few days ago.The flowery pattern of the gown remained very beautiful and yet the flay had lace attached at the bottom. Giving it a classical yet trendy look."This is extremely beautiful boss." Tara comments gleefully."Thanks dear. And Raya..." Sue turns to face Raya who couldn't take her eyes off the gown still held out in Sue's hands."Yes?""Don't ever give up on any piece of clothing. Little adjustments here and there just might a mighty difference
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Ash, the mature baby
Many hours later, Sue stands up from her chair and stretches her back. Still not done with that one cloth she's currently working on, she indulgently smiles and lifts Ash from her sea of toys.She was slightly surprised that the little girl didn't disturb her much through the course of her work and neither did she ask for food. Sue cradles her in her hands as she takes her to a proper bed in the corner of her workstation. "Such a mature baby you are." Sue whispers as she pats Ash's cheeks tenderly. The cute girl smiles in her sleep and adjusts her sleeping position.As Sue makes to leave, she feels a small pull on her smallest finger. Ash was holding on to it. Sue melts down beside her daughter and kisses her finger.After sometime, Sue sleeps off at the feet of her child's small bed.Hours later, but what seems like just minutes to Sue, Ash wakes her up, crying.Sue fully wakes up and grabs her. "What is it bear?"Ash quiets down and reduces her tears to sniffles. Ash makes a face a
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Stolen Sketches.
Sue arrives at her workplace and parks her car, grabs the cloth from the backseat and goes inside. Raya and Tara are engaged in a conversation."Hi boss." Tara greets, extra friendly.Sue raises an eyebrow. "What are you both up to?""Oh us? We were just in the middle of a simple bet.""I'm interested. What are you getting on and how much?" Sue asks, genuinely interested since there's still more than enough time before Wendy arrives."Well, we bet on the cloth. Whether it'll be completed or not.""Oh. Who bet for completed and who bet on it being incomplete?"Tara hurriedly raises her hands. "I believe in you. I know you'd have completed it so I bet on the cloth being completed. I can't wait to see it." Tara chips fast and happily.Raya just chuckles. "Well, I bet on the opposite of what she laid her bet on. You have a child to take care of. And your own health too, there's a limit to what you could have done in less than fifteen hours.""Hm. How thoughtful. Well, Tara, she's right. I
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Summer and Sunsets.
"Welcome. Hope the ride down here wasn't a tedious one?" Sue asks Wendy as she welcomes her into the small but airy room where the mannequin stood, though draped over with a large piece of clothing."Not at all. There's a lot of beautiful scenery around here that made it enjoyable even."Sue is quite relived that Wendy seems to be in a good mood."Alright then. I know you're a busy person so I'll make this short. On that mannequin over there is the dress I want you to model on my behalf." Sue explains after Wendy takes her seat."Hm hm. Let's see it then."Outside the door stoop Raya and Tara who are eavesdropping, wanting to know what the outcome of the meeting will be.Back inside. "I have to let you know first. The dress is still in the stages of being made so it might not look it's best for now but I assure you it'll be much better when it's done.""Alright. You're keeping me very curious or is that part of it?" Wendy jokes lightly and Sue laughs."Not at all. Well, here it is the
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Atlanta, Here She Comes.
The show has started and from the back, Sue can hear the murmurs of the audience.She finds Wendy who's fully dressed and just getting finishing touches to her makeup."What's up Sue? You look elated.""I figured what the missing piece is. Tara, get me a handheld needle and cream thread. Hurry."Wendy only looks on, puzzled and curious as to what the missing piece is.Tara soon appears with the asked for materials in her hands. "Here it is boss.""Wendy, could you please stand up for a second? I need to make just a tiny adjustment to the hem of the dress."Wendy obeys without question and stands up. Sue bends down and sows the hem of the gown up three joints. She joins three layers of gown and holds them together loosely.She does it in two parts. As soon as she's done, Wendy looks down at the gown she's wearing a big smile appears on her face."I knew it... You were certainly worth the time and energy.""There's just one thing I need you to do on the stage. You see this thread, pull
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The next day, all is packed and ready for travel. Sue is leaving for Atlanta with Ashley.Sue is somewhat apprehensive and really hopes that she goes and comes back without meeting anybody from her past. The flight is set for two pm in the afternoon so by 1pm, Sue, Ashley and her two assistants are already at the airport, sitting at the waiting area. "Don't slack while I'm gone. Make as many pieces you can and keep me updated about what's happening here."They both nod."Is there any way we can convince you to not go? Its not safe. I read a deleted article yesterday about a company that was squashed a year ago for complaining about being plagiarized." Raya tries to convince Sue to not go"I understand your fears. Ash's Glam is all I have. I won't let it go down like this. And I hope not, but if it does, at least I'll put up a fight. And I have positive support on my side, everyone knows in the fashion industry that it's something they do regularly so I'll be fine." Sue reassures them
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