Marry Me: Blackmailing The Gay Billionaire

Marry Me: Blackmailing The Gay Billionaire

By:  Racarina  Ongoing
Language: English
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Summer Shrap is an ambitious, cunning, manipulative reporter, slim and skinny, the second daughter and the last child of the Shrap. Desperate, could be tricky sometimes, manipulative, just the definition of a dangerous beauty. Her only dream is becoming the next owner of her father business, that is her only desire but an obstacle seems to be standing in her way. And that is her sister Dora, who has always disliked way because of their father love for Summer. In order to win the war started between her and her sister, she decided to walk on an ice. She found out a secret about one of the most powerful man in the country, the gay billionaire. She approached him and placed down a deal, in exchange of his secret. Which is to Marry her and support her with his shares.

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29 chapters
Chapter 1: The Gay Billionaire
Summer~~"Miss, you can't enter. Your dad is in a meeting with someone" My dad's secretary Elina said trying to stop me from entering his office."I also have something important to inform him, and it is very necessary that I see him now "  I opposed and pushed her away forcefully. Afterwards, I made my way to dad office.I got into his office without his permission and noticed the person she was a meeting with was my sister. They seems to be in a conversation."Summer, were you not told am in a meeting, this is something important you should not just barge in like that." Dad cautioned with a stern look."I was in a rush, since it is my sister you won't mind me having a seat" I said and sat before she could talk.She hissed instantly while I chuckled."Father, I will come back later" Dora said which totally annoys me."Ok, go ahead. My regards to your husband and also make sure to tell him that he shouldn't forget what we disc
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Chapter 2: Here to make a deal.
Summer~~My thoughts keeps getting deeper as I walked towards Mr Dale's room -- 365.This isn't our first meeting here, I knocked on the room door and was permitted to enter. And, as usual I met Mr Dale in his usual sh*t.What I meant by usual sh*t is his habit of drinking alcohol and also working on his laptop. He is always like that when we meet, he is what people called a workalcholic at the same time a drunker."Miss Shrap, you are here" He said and stopped working on his computer."Yes" I answered and sat on a chair beside the bed he was seated."You said you have a huge information for me?" I asked impatiently."Come on, Miss Shrap. Exercise patience" "Look Mr Dale, am not here for to play. I left something important to be here so you tell me what it is about or I leave" "Ok" he picked a file placed beside him on the bed and gave it to me."What is it?" I asked collecting the file from him."Just
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Chapter 3: Marry Me
Summer~"A deal with me" He asked chuckling."Yes, Mr Eden""Am sorry, but I don't think there is something to talk about with you. If you will excuse me..." He gave his secretary a sign to show me the way out."We are quite busy" He completed his statement.Quite annoying I must say.He seems not to know who he's dealing with."I see, then you won't mind seeing on the news tomorrow that Charles Eden isn't a gay" I smiled devilishly and he looked at me shocked and devastated.The same look was on his secretary."What did you just say?" "You heard me right, you won't mind seeing it on the news tomorrow that you aren't a gay. Oh this headline will be good, Charles Eden the gay billionaire is not who he claims to BE" I spurt stressing the BE."What was your name again?" He asked scratching his hair."Summer Shrap" I answered."Would you like a cup of tea?" ***********"So, what
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Chapter 4: The pain, hurt, guilt, regrets.
Summer~~~"Marry me" I spurted out standing in front of the window with my hands in my pocket acting like I was looking outside but the truth is am just as nervous and confused as them but at the same time desperate."What? Is this some kind of proposal or something" Charles asked totally confused by my request.I moved away from the window back to the seat with my leg crossed."Am serious, Mr Eden. In exchange to keep your secret you must marry me and support me with your shares in Shrap broadcasting corporation.""That is my offer, it is up to you whether you it take or not""Mmmh if what you said is true, then that means I hide that am straight and not a gay but then you are asking me to reveal to the public that am not gay by marrying you?" "That is where you are wrong, we could do a silent wedding. People doesn't have to know about it, you just marry me, I will go living in your house silently" "Wait, live in my ho
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Chapter 5: Sisters at war
The Shrap's Mansion Summer~~I kept looking at my phone for Charles call, this has been my attitude recently since we've met.Waiting for him to call, to accept my deal. It probably sounds crazy to him, but am desperate for it. With his shares supporting mine, it will be equal to Dora's shares too.All that matters now is who my dad gives his shares?Why is he not calling? Does he counts my threats useless or did I went too far.Maybe I should never have proposed a marriage."Should I call him?" I speak out loud."Call who?" My dad asked and I looked at him. That was when my attention was brought back, that I was in the presence of my parents having breakfast."What?" "Who you are calling? You haven't touch your food since the maids served you" he said concerned."Is there something wrong?" "Ah, I don't really have an appetite" I lied and picked the fork."Is that really the
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Chapter 6: Be My Bride
"No, don't touch me. You disgust me. No, bella don't. Don't die, am sorry. Bella, no, no, no......" Charles screamed out from his nightmare."Ah, ah" He panted after waking up from a terrible nightmare or rather his terrible nightmare.His loud screams also woke Vivian who was on the bed with him naked."What happened?" She asked trying to touch Charles, plunge in confusions and worries."No, don't" He said and move away from her with his hands on his ear like he is trying to stop the voice from his head.*YOU MONSTER, YOU KILLED ME* He keep hearing voices in his head.Vivian stood up from the bed, wrapped the bed sheet on her body, and approached him not caring it might be dangerous in the way he is."It is alright" She said trying to calm him down."She said I killed her, she said am a monster. Am not a monster right? I didn't kill her right?" Charles asked pacing around the space as if he was a mad man no he is close to becoming
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Chapter 7: The fight for power
"Be my bride" Charles smirked while Summer blinked repeatedly in awe.Shocked by his response, she never expected him to agree that easily.It was more easy than she thought."What?" Charles said seeing that she kept shut. He took a step away from her, he put his hands inside his pocket."You don't want to?" He asked. "If you don't want to, then forget it..." "No, of course I want to" Summer replied before he could finish his statement."I will marry you" She said and Charles smile but quickly wave it off."Ok Miss Shrap, my secretary will get back to you" he said while Summer scoffed in displeasure."Don't worry, I will contact you this time" He said as if he knows what she was thinking about."I hope so, Mr Eden. Till I see you" She faked a smile and left his sitting room.As soon as she got outside, she jumped in excitement.She is sure he will keep his promise this time, both the marriage and he will contact
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Chapter 8: The body and mind against each other.
"You must think you have won but dear big sis, the game have just start. Be careful, you might not win this battle" Summer words kept ringing inside Dora head.It kept disturbing her. What does she mean? Does she has an hidden card?"No, that can't be. She has no card, even her supporter aren't as much as her especially with her husband Edwin McCain" Dora lamented to herself.Could she be just bluffing? That is it she has to be bluffing?She has already won the fight, her father is going to give her his shares soon.So Summer has nothing to do but yet her words kept disturbing her.She knows her sister doesn't talk without a proof or something to back her up.If she has a supporter, who will that be? Who? She rack her brain trying to think of something but nothing came into mind."Love" Her husband said joining her on the bed and kissed her neck.She smiled in approach, "What is wrong?" He asked and she turned to him."
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Chapter 9: A new enemy.
Charles opened his eyes and take Vivian's hands off him, "Get out" He tried not to raise his voice."Charles!!!" She called surprised by his actions."If it isn't me, then let me call you a girl" She suggested but he refused."Get out Vivian, please" She gritted her teeth and stood up, she went to where her shirt and bra was. She picked it and put it on, she saw as he took the drug.Why is he doing this? He is hurting himself for what? She picked the file on the floor and dropped it on his table, she turned to leave but he stopped her."Vivian" he called and she quickly turned to him hoping he has changed his mind."Call Miss Shrap, bring her to my penthouse" He ordered."Ok" "And also when she is with me, I will like you to address me as Sir not Charles. If possible don't call me by my name even when we are alone" He ordered and she bit her lips annoyed by his words."Yes sir" She complied with
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Chapter 10:The Gay Billionaire Wife
SummerWe arrived at Charles penthouse, I won't lie everything about him screams wealth. Is he trying to show off his wealth to me by asking me to come here" I scoffed at my thought.But I still find it somehow cute. I giggled and Vivian looked at me, I clearly scrum that smile off my face and put on my serious face."Please wait here, he will be here soon" She said and left me.'What the hell is wrong with her?' I thought and took a seat. Whenever she is with me she's always acting like she is in a battle. My thoughts was short-lived when Charles entered.I quickly stood up and adjusted myself. "Mr Eden" I called and stretch my hand for an handshake but he refused it.I clenched my fist together and faked a smile. "Follow me" He demanded and I did. I followed him to a small flower house in his penthouse."Have a seat" he said and I took my seat.Sec later, Vivian also entered. "Here is it, Mr Eden" Vivian said an
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