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Rashid Zadir, a billionaire CEO and the heir to the throne of Al Zayed, the ever ruthless and possessive Prince. He knows what belongs to him, and yes... Janelle Parker belongs to him. Rashid would make sure he doesn't only take her as his, but break religion to make sure, she sticks to him forever. Rashid suffers untold loathe from his mother and younger brother, they detest him so much, with reasons best known to them Will their marriage be their doom, with both families standing in between their hallway of happy ever after? How mentally and physically strong is he to make sure his marriage and his birthright, doesn't go down the lane? ~~~~~~~~ Khalid always had eyes on Fiona, Rashids' stripper and sex slave, after his bestfriend, Rashid left for Jamaica, he officially claims Fiona as his new sex toy. There had been love between them from the first day she had been auctioned until when an email was sent to Fiona. The outcome has to break her in so many ways, since Khalid has to deny sending it to her. How would their love turn out to be?, Is Khalid ever ready to outgrow his monsters and face the woman he feels for?. Does the secret he has been trying so hard to keep, will it affect the relationship between him and Fiona in a positive way?, Or would she just leave him to dally away in his misery?.

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92 chapters
"HIS NIGHTMARES""He parted her thighs, ohhh that fragrance, she smelt too nice of lavender and honey.He never thought a woman would smell as nice as this, he thought if she could smell like this her taste will be heavenly.He couldn't wait no longer as he dipped down his head, searching for her warmth his nose nuzzled her warmth.He parted his lips as he stuck out his tongue searching for her innermost warmth, he loved this woman, he loved how responsive she is under him.This woman under him feels so innocence under him as she bucked her hips up to meet his tongue out thrust.She gyrated her hips and her legs wounded involuntarily over his neck"**************He woke up and muttered a curse. Why does she keep haunting him, in his dreams, his work, whenever he feels like he's getting over her, when he tries to close his eyes.Read more
THE RELOCATIONFLORIDA""Baby, wake up, yo knaw we hav to be at the airport in dah next forty minutes Rai??"Lydia, who is Janelle's mum said in her Jamaican accent. "Ohhh mum do ya have to be Soo grumpy all the time, while I was just having the best dream of my Life, you decide to wake me up" she replied. "Yoo!! So ya still haven't learnt ya native language, hope ya knaw we gonna be relocating there, so baby wake up and ya stop displaying this attitude of yas"Lydia said. "Mum can't we just postpone it till next week, I mean, definitely we're gonna travel ya know, where's Diaz?" Janelle asked. Lydia growled angrily" ya knaw ya hav been saying this stuff for the past two weeks, i don't wanna use swear words right this morning. So now you finally remembered you have little ones right, I'm gonna go down and act like I didn't hear what you just said but when am back and ya still sleeping like a douchebag on that
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UNFULFILLED PLEASURE"And what could it be" Rashid replied, wanting badly to hear the surprise his best friend Khalid brought for him, he hopes it'll be a business proposal from one of the top companies, most especially the fashion and clothing line.He turned to look at his best friend to check if he bought new stuffs, as he knows that his best friend only visits him when he buys new accessories, shoes, clothes,or even pants.Funny right!!!, Yhhh for the past years since they had been best friends from childhood, he noticed one slogan which Khalid uses everyday and deliberates on. He has gotten so tired from the actions of his words.His best friends believes in the word "YOLO" which according to him means YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE. This same reason makes him to changes all his old stuffs every two months, I won't really call him an extravagant type of person, because I know I spend too but hands up, only on needful and important th
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THE OLD TIMES       ****JANELLE'S POV****  "Steff", I muttered vehemently, as I couldn't recall having any friendship with someone of the name Steff. Wait right there I hope it isn't stefflon, OMG!!!!, My naughty best friend from creche.      ***AUTHORESS POV***   The Parker's family once lived in Jamaica their home country before they relocated to Florida due to the nature of work their father did, it didn't allow them to stay in one place. And right now they are back in Jamaica, because their father had retired from his military service, he was based in the air Force military service, that is why he is accustomed to flying and knowing when there is gonna be a problem about weather conditions that will affect flight.        "Hey chubs don't tell me you have forgotten me so soon, with wh
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HURTFUL MEMORIES"Master, where do you say we are heading to, should I take you straight home or what", Dargok, his most trusted and personal bodyguard said.**DARGOKS' POV"This is not actually the first time I'm seeing our crown prince like this, but so far this is the worst he had seen him ever since he was appointed by the king to look after him.That was when Prince Rashid was only but eight years old, as someone had threatened his life. Thankfully, he was so happy to look after him and had sworn with his life that he will let no one harm him, but, if a situation like that should come, the intruder has to come through him, first.Rashid broke the silence by asking him" how many escorts, came with me?"he asked. Dargok said" three group of escorts my prince, why are you asking is there any problem?".Rashid tired back and stared at him briefly, he had this unguarded look towards him, which shows that he could tr
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THE UNEXPECTED VISITORI quickly turned back and screeched a "WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT", "STEFF!!!!!!!!?, WTF, how did you get in here, I mean, how did you get the key, cause I know you haven't the spare". I rasped. She just kept grinning wickedly, I was shocked to the brim."Chill chubs, one question at a time, are you seriously asking me how I got in here, remember am your best friend, I get my way in everything" she said.I wasn't listening to whatever she was saying, I only wanted to know her means of getting into a house, under lock and key. I had started fearing that she might be a psychopath, but, again I thought if she was a psychopath my parents wouldn't have allowed her into the house, the day we parked in."Don't fear chubs, I have been here since morning, before your parents were out for work, I have been around but decided against disturbing your beauty sleep. Hope am all cleared right now?" She asked.Read more
HIS WANTS """Her glance was a mixture of desire and timidity, he didn't want to judge her according to her actions, for the years he had been stalking her, In her room. He only wanted to cherish this moment..He pressed his hand into the smaller of her back and pulled her still closer, causing the lower part of his body to twitch in excitement and yearning for this little woman. He was aware of his male hardness swelling inside his tight breeches, his male hardness was strained like a mad thing to get ever close, he wants to be fully sated between her legs. He wasn't the only one feeling so lightheaded, she also, felt the same way, as he saw how her eyes were lidded with desire and passion for him, her lips were slightly open as her nostrils weren't enough for the passage of air into her lungs. He laughed an exultant laugh as he swept her off her feet to the bed, he sat her do
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REMINISCING ABOUT THE PAST NIGHT ***FIONA'S POV***"Seriously, last night was the best day of my life, tho the night started roughly, it ended well. I have always had this soft spot for him, and the worst part is I have always misjudged him. In that worst state of mine, I was expecting him to use me as the slut I am, I thought he would just come and finish up what his best friend started but instead, he treated me like am an egg that needs not to be broken. He carried me in his arms, from where I had cuddled myself on the floor, he apologized to me over what his bestfriend did. I was so shocked when he opened that beautiful mouth of his, to apologise, at that point I wanted nothing other than to kiss that sensuous mouth of his. He didn't even try to harm me, he treated me like a woman, he kept looking at me with a look of appraisal. I thought he just d
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BELONGING TO THE OUTER WORLD ****JANELLE'S POV****After I had met with the Novato estate agent or manager, whatsoever they call him, I signalled to Steff, for us to go home. I had surveyed the house very well, and it's just the perfect place for any students to stay, as it's very quiet, and another bonus to the house is the fact that it's so beautiful. I wasn't bothered of the fact that the lodge, No, I won't literally call it a lodge as that's someone's house. Ohh yeah!!, that reminds me, the estate agent said something about the owner coming back anytime. Anyways I don't want to be bothered much, since Steff said she hasn't heard that the owner ever came here to stay. I do hope and pray that by that time, he would have changed his mind, cause I can't imagine staying with a man, at worst, a stranger. Immediately I thought about him being a stranger,
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THE PLOT*****FIONA'S POV*****I quickly covered my mouth, I looked around to check if someone was watching. I decided against opening the mail until I got home.I got down from my car, and swiftly but safely crossed over to the salon. For me, actually this is the best salon ever, where you're sure of the best hair treatment.I wanted something short and curly, I couldn't even remember when last I came here, it's either am too busy or I just feel reluctant to redo my hair.I ain't the obsessed kinda fashion freak, but today I just felt like it's been long since I last made my hair.My mind said it's because of him, but, I just waved it off."Hey Fiona, how are you doing, it's been long as fuck, you just suddenly stopped coming here, any problem?", my friend Selat said."Not exactly dear, I'm just so preoccupied, so I've got no time for myself, and you know am
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