Rebirth : A Woman With Frozen Heart

Rebirth : A Woman With Frozen Heart

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In the last life, Ming Yue was abandoned and adopted by Qing Family. She was abused and mistreated, more over her adopted father always tried to molest her everytime there was a chance. This made Ming Yue became a gloomy person who never truly lived. Her only friends were ghosts who always kept bothering her day and night. In her twenties, her heart moved due to being saved by a man. A cold and handsome man whose eyes fixed not on her but a woman who had similar face with her. Yes, her twin sister.. Having no hope to have the man's heart, Ming Yue did everything she could to support the man and her twin sister while watching from the sideline with broken heart. She even sacrificed her life for the man. The man who finally realized that the one he truly loved was Ming Yue, made a vow while hugging Ming Yue's cold body. "If there is a next life, I will give all my heart to you." However.. it was different for Ming Yue.. In her last breath, she decided to let all go.. "In this life, I gave my life for you. In the next life, I want to live for myself.." "I won't fall in love with you for the second time.."

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104 chapters
*Cough*Blood erupted from the woman's mouth as she tried to gather all the miasma that came from the cursed jar she was holding in her hands. As the evil spirits invaded her body, breaking it from the inside so violently, a bitter smile escaped on her pale, moon like face.'Heh.. I am foolish until the end, huh?'*Cough* *Cough*Blood kept erupting from her soft lips as the cursed jar finally shattered to pieces. The woman fell to the ground, her eyes stared at night sky. There were no stars and the sky looked eerie and gloomy. It fit with her own situation.The woman's bitter smile grew slightly wider as she kept on staring the gloomy night sky. She was recalling the life she had up until now. Her mother despised her because of her ability to see ghost and chose to raise her twin sister instead. She was adopted by Qing family but instead of love, she received hatred instead. Abuses, insults, molest
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Inside a space, four shadows stood as they saw the death scene of a certain woman in outside world. Their eyes filled with sadness as the woman's eyelids started fluttering and Slowly closed. The four shadows grieved over the woman's death as if they wanted to exchange position with the woman. They wanted death came to them instead of the woman."I really can't stand it any longer! Why my lady has to suffer like that?!", one of the shadow growled viciously."Calm down, Bai Hu." the second shadow said in calmly manner."Calm down?! How can I calm down when the master I suppose to protect had suffered like that?!" Bai Hu roared at the second shadow."I am not like YOU who can still be calm while seeing my lady suffered so much grievances! Sometimes I wonder if you really think of my lady as your master!""Don't you DARE judge me. I am not a certain someone who wore emotion as his sleeve." The second shadow said in icy to
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Return To The Past
"If it is a sin to love you then I shall gladly bear it.""If it is a crime to desire you, then I shall gladly take any punishment given to me.""But you must remember, Chang'e.. No matter how many times you reject me, curse me, insult me, I won't give up.""You can run away even to end of the earth or deep into the abyss, I.. Zhong Kui, will never let you go.""Your heart, body, soul, everything that you are, belongs to me."The voice of a man, cold and deep yet sensually dangerous echoed in Ming Yue's mind. She didn't even know why she could hear things even though she was dead.Was it the voice of a spirit?But why the voice sounded familiar to her ears?--------------*BAM! BAM! BAM!*With loud knocking that could woke the dead, Ming Yue opened her eyes with a gasp of air. Her eyes spread wide, staring at the ceiling that looked familiar to her. Her brows furr
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Greetings From The White Tiger
(A/N : Thank you for reading this story. Please support the Author if you like this story by giving rate, likes and comments! (≧∇≦)/)"Look who is trying to be beautiful, isn't that your sister, Xu Lin?" A girl who sat next to Xu Lin spoke and nudged her waist spoke as soon as Ming Yue entered the classroom.Qing Xu Lin glanced at Ming Yue who came later than her with clean appearance. In the past, Ming Yue didn't really pay attention to her own appearance. Her hair was often slightly messy and she always looked down, evading people eyes. It gave the sense of gloomy and depressing in other people's view.Now Ming Yue carefully combed and styled her hair for a little bit, not looking down even once, revealing her pale but jade like beautiful face. She showed indifferent expression toward her classmates, not even care the gazes that were directed at her. Such difference in attitude was a contrast to her past self.Ho
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Heavenly Space, 'Tianshang De Kongjian'
(A/N : Thank you for reading this story. Please support the Author if you like this story by giving rate, likes and comments! (≧∇≦)/)"Welcome to 'Tianshang De Kongjian', Master!" Bai Hu said with a wide grin."Tianshang De Kongjian?" Ming Yue frowned, deep inside she felt as if the name was familiar and she couldn't understand why."It means 'Heavenly Space'. It's a place where all knowledge and aura exist. Of course it is also serves as unlimited storage. You can find anything you need here." Zhu Que explained."Anything? like LITERALLY anything?" Ming Yue looked doubtful. For her it sounded magical. Well, as for her being a reincarnated person also sounded magical enough though."Yes, Literally anything." Zhu Que assisted Ming Yue patiently.Ming Yue now paid attention to her surrounding carefully. Truly, the place fit to be called 'Heavenly Space', she was currently standing on grass field
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Planning The Next Move!
Ming Yue had a short tour around Tianshang De Kongjian and from that very short tour Ming Yue could grasp an understanding about the place in a very simple manner.A PRIVATE RESORT!Ming Yue knew from TV about rich people like millionaires and billionaires had their own islands and turned it into private resort, this Tianshang De Kongjian was exactly like that. The palace in Tianshang De Kongjian was just like those in ancient drama she had watched during her college days. It was huge and wide, Ming Yue didn't even know how wide it was but as for the height, it has four floors. The heavenly beasts called it 'The Moon Palace'.Moon Palace surrounded by quite amazing sceneries. Flower garden and river at front, a middle sized pavilion in the middle of a wide lake at the left side of the palace, farming fields and green houses at the right side and training ground at the back. Not only that, this heavenly space had green and snowy mountains surrounded
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Never Bow Down Ever Again!
The moment Ming Yue opened her eyes, what greeted her was the ceiling of the health room. She blinked for a few times before moving her body to sit on the bed. Somehow her head felt clear, like the headache that attacked her was just a delusion."Oh, you woke up? How are you feeling?" A female wearing doctor's robe walked closer and checked her temperature. Ming Yue recognized the woman, she was Doctor Yan."I am feeling better, Doctor Yan." Ming Yue answered, letting her do her job and get this thing over with as soon as possible."Are you okay to continue to study? If you want to rest at home, I can get you a note for sick leave." Doctor Yan offered after seeing her pale face. She admitted that this girl before her was quite a beauty, even she as a woman was entranced by the girl's beauty. Yet it was a pity, the girl only had a cold expression on her face."I am okay to study, thank you for your care, Doctor Yan." With that, Ming Yue g
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Heavenly Beasts' Transformation!
Finally the school ended, with so much hassle due to ghosts and glaring people which mostly came from Xu Lin and Xiao Yin, Ming Yue had to spend her time in school carefully. Ming Yue went out of school right away, ignoring the classmates who kept throwing her curious look at her.Her plan today was making money. The sooner the better, so Ming Yue walked toward the mountain. It was quite far from her school but she was used to walk around so it didn't really tire her that much. Fortunately today was her off day working at Uncle Chu's restaurant.Along the way, she met some people, asking her where she was going."The mountain? Little girl, going alone to the mountain is dangerous." warned an old man who looked like in his fifties."It's fine, I just want to find wild herbs to sell. I won't go too deep." Ming Yue said, try to reassure the old man."Should grandpa accompany you? If something happens to a beautiful girl like you,
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Raking Money From Fox Demoness
With Xuan Wu and Ming Yue at the front, Bai Hu wanted to go by Ming Yue's side but he was blocked by Qing Long. It was quite rowdy and Ming Yue could only shook her head in resignation.It turned out, Xuan Wu was a master in medicines and acupuncture. He knew about all the herbs and while he was helping Ming Yue, he gave explanation about each herbs."Is there something wrong, Master?" Xuan Wu asked as he caught her in a daze, as if her mind was preoccupied with something."Ah, no.. Nothing is wrong. I just feel weird." Ming Yue answered, still frowning."What do you feel weird about?" Xuan Wu asked, gazing seriously at Ming Yue. The rest of three also paid attention seriously at Ming Yue, making her feel embarrassed. It was the first time she was cared so seriously, as if she was a precious treasure."It's just.." Ming Yue hesitated before continuing, "I feel like my mind is clear now, I can remember everything by just hearin
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Bai Hu's Diary 1 & Qing Long's Diary 1
My name is Bai Hu, the heavenly beast of the west. I am handsome, mighty and more over amazing tiger. Those description fit my image perfectly. Many females want my attention but I only have eyes for my lady. She is my beloved and precious Master.After waiting for thousand years, I can finally be together with her once again. Everything would be perfect if there is no pest around.Who is the pest, you asked?Of course it's that stinky lizard, Qing Long!He always disturb my time with Master! That damn lizard always gets in the way! I really want to shred him to pieces but I won't do it because Master will be sad.I am a good tiger, so I will obey what Master orders me. Ah~ Master is beautiful today as well. No.. She is more beautiful than yesterday, I am sure she is more beautiful tomorrow.Today Master pets me and caresses my head gently. Ahh truly heaven~ Hah! Look at that stinky lizard, he is annoyed because Mas
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