Marry a Handsome CEO

Marry a Handsome CEO

By:  Alia Sandra  Ongoing
Language: English
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It's about Hana's strange dream. She was accused of killing her own father and mother-in-law and was immediately arrested by the police and imprisoned. A woman she considered a close friend betrayed her out of envy. Her husband, on the other hand, chose to believe in others instead of defending her, which made her even more depressed, and found it difficult to clear her name.

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15 chapters
Chapter 1
“I didn't kill them.” Hana's voice sounds nervous and vibrating. Her body became numb after she saw the two stiff bodies covered in blood on the floor. “It's not me! It's not me!” Hana  shouted again. But unfortunately, none of the people around her believed that she had not killed her in-laws.An officer immediately pulls hana's arms, handcuffed the woman, and says in a harsh voice, “You can tell me about it in our office later.” The officer's face was far from the friendly attitude he previously threw at the frightened girl who was standing not far from Hana. It became so scary, because of his vile grin that you will find no mercy.The beautiful girl who witnessed Hana being arrested by officers, still covered her mouth with both hands. She was in shock, and couldn't believe what was going on in front of her. Her face is purple and sad. Almost her entire face was wet, filled with tears.“Oh, I cannot believe it! How could you!” shouted the hysterical girl. “
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Chapter 2
"It's not me! It's not me! It's not me!" Hana screamed. Her hands and feet struggling in all directions before her eyes opened. She could feel cold sweat running down her body, and her breath was short. She woke up from her sleep and immediately sat on the bed. She suddenly felt that her body had lost its warmth. Hana looked down and she was very surprised to find her body innocent, and was not wearing anything. The lower part aches and pains. Consciousness told her that she had to cover the part of her chest which is completely exposed. However, a cold voice of a man immediately sounded not far from the bed. "Why should it be covered up? I've seen everything."See all of them, Hana said but not obeying the man's orders, Hana still covered her chest from the sharp and wild gaze of the man. "What do you want?" Hana's throat felt tight when she said that.The man in full clothes approached, making Hana shift her body slowly, away from the man. "Want to ask for my rights as
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Chapter 3
"Who's there!" Romeo was furious when he asked someone behind the door. An adorable female voice then followed, "Brother, I just want to ask something. Can I enter the room?" Hana looked at the side of the door sarcastically. It's Amber's voice, and now she's asking, What are we doing? Shouldn't she first ask herself why she's bothering the newlyweds? Hana thought and laughed sarcastically. She just realized that the friendship Amber offered was full of fake. Except from what Hana experienced in her dream, on the contrary through the diary that Hana had found telling how the writer, Amber, really disliked her. Likewise with Romeo, she read when Amber stated that Romeo promised to marry Amber. Hana's heart was broken, she looked at Romeo with great annoyance. Without their permission, someone opened the door, and the stunningly beautiful woman is seen behind the door. "Oh ... Brot
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Chapter 4
"Why do we have to go to Mother right now?" Hana still hid her hands behind her back. She could feel murderous gazes from both sides. One is from Amber, and the other was from her own husband. Even Romeo didn't believe in her. Hana swallowed bitterly. The man trusted Amber more than her. However, Hana ignores her feelings. She's more interested in the fact that if Amber can play a sneaky game like this, then it is possible that her nightmare she has just experienced, can come true.Hana could not let her beloved mother-in-law end up covered in blood on the floor. Obviously Amber is the real culprit! And Hana won't let Amber do it. Because of this, Hana should not let her heart fall in love with the handsome man in front of her who was currently standing with a murderous gaze towards her. Unfortunately, Hana loved Romeo for so long before they got married. But now, she was disappointed when Romeo believed Amber more than his own wife.  Hana can fee
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Chapter 5
So this is how she plays! Why did I just now realize? Why didn't I realize that Amber didn't like me? Hana thought, and continuously asked herself. A few seconds later, Hana went on to explain what really happened. "Aunt Anne asked me to hide the ring the day she was in a hurry to go home, and no longer remember the ring," Hana ended her story without cornering Amber. But it's just a fool who cannot think that everything Amber said is a lie. Romeo didn't pay much attention to this, but just changed the subject. "We're about to have breakfast," Romeo said. Hana smiled softly, and said, "I'm looking forward to Aunt Marty." Hana said this to reopen the topic of their conversation, which caused Amber to blush. "Ah, I'm sorry, I don't know exactly what they're up to below. I only heard a glimpse of the jewelry." Amber's face looked guilty, but Romeo just didn't seem to ca
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Chapter 6
"They got married," said Mrs. Marty with a face that was hard to read. Her words made all the women in their forties to cover their mouths, except Mrs. Betty.The woman immediately opened her mouth and exposed all of Amber's goodness, "Amber is a smart girl. She's quite quick to learn cooking lessons."Everyone fell silent after Mrs. Betty said those words, because they saw Mrs. Marty who seemed uncomfortable with this subject. When everyone was quiet, Mrs. Betty continued to make the situation worse. She deliberately highlighted Amber's positive side by saying, "It's just a coincidence that my Amber made the tiramisu cake for all of us." Mrs. Betty then handed Amber's cake cut according to the number of women present, but, Mrs. Betty did not think that Hannah was with them at the large dining table. In the end, only Hana wasn’t given a cake by Mrs Betty. Fortunately, Ha
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Chapter 7
"Just put up a cooking challenge!" said a woman sitting right beside Mrs. Betty. Mrs. Marty gasped, her eyes widened, in her mind, she asked whether Hana could even tell which one was sugar and which was salt. But now Hana is a member of the Johnson family, and the Johnson family must not lose face in public, so Mrs. Marty grabbed Hana's hand to bring her daughter-in-law closer to her, "Are you sure you know what tiramisu is?" Mrs. Marty whispered softly to Hana. Growing up in an orphanage definitely meant that Hana didn't have much experience with fancy food! Surely Hana only knows one cake, and maybe Hana doesn't know the various types of cakes. Mrs. Marty, thought, grimacing herself. Anxiety gripped Mrs. Marty. Hana unexpectedly nodded her head as she replied, "Yes, of course I do." "Really?" asked Mrs Marty. "Yes, Mother, I'm sure,
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Chapter 8
But the truth is, it's not really what Amber wanted to say, she was just attracting sympathy from many women around them, to think that she is not a girl who wants a scene. But in her heart Amber laughed evilly. She looked down on Hana. I'm sure Hana dont even know the process of melting the chocolate bars, Amber said to herself, with a faint grin. "I don't want to be called someone who takes advantage of the situation because of my abilities, I don't want to embarrass you in front of your in-laws and husbands," when she said this, Amber deliberately said it louder, trying to claim she had extraordinary cooking skills. Hana laughed softly, but she hid it from everyone. "Actually, it wasn't me who challenged you, it just started when I said, it looks like the tiramisu that was claimed to be yours has traces of someone else."Hearing what Hana said, Amber was provoked by anger, but she immediately restrained herself. "How can you say that? It w
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Chapter 9
Who really is this woman? Romeo asked himself. "It's impossible for this woman who just came from an orphanage to have a high level of expertise." Romeo leaned over unconsciously, when he noticed Hana's flexibility and dexterity. Gradually the whole room became quiet. They were shocked to see Hana how it acted to prepare the ingredients until it started the cooking process. All of that is quick but careful, and obviously calculated. "Can you do that?" asked one of the women next to her, with only a weak voice, because, she didn't want to have a problem with Mrs. Betty who was just sitting to her right. The woman in question shook her head in amazement at Hana and said, "I can't do that ... she looks professional when she moves. Is Hana good at cooking?" That answer was heard by almost all of the spectators at the match. Mrs. Betty frowned at that comment but she refrained from speaking because she wa
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Chapter 10
"Time's up!" Mrs. Marty shouted when she saw the long needle of the clock turned right at the twelfth. Mrs. Betty puffed her chest out, she lifted her chin, took a fan from her bag, and fanned herself in a rude manner. Her clothes were made of expensive silk made in Paris. "My daughter's really good," Mrs. Betty said with a smile as she tightened her gaze on Amber, trying to impress everyone present with what she said.  "You go first Amber, let us taste your cake," said Mrs. Marty then returned to her seat. Amber approached carrying a tray containing small plates, and then she handed it to everyone. "All right, Aunty," amber said politely as she handed it to Mrs. Marty. Mrs. Marty's smile was meaningful to Amber, and Hana saw that smile, she knew that Mrs. Marty had never liked her, and that Mrs. Marty would still prefer Amber as her daughter-in-law. Hana noticed the interaction that took place be
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