Master's Secret Book

Master's Secret Book

By:  Mahzabin  Completed
Language: English
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Master Gao Qiang was one the most strongest fhter in China. He was really good at martial arts. Master Qiang also had some secret ss. Two of his students wanted to him to get the book of his secret ss. But master Qiang gave the book to his another student and told her to run away.

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24 Chapters
Chapter 1
Master Gao Qiang was the most strongest fighter in China. He was really good at martial arts. He also had two students. Chenguang and Zhang Wei. Chenguang is a 12 year old girl. She lost her family in a war and got adopted by master Qiang. Zhang Wei is a 15 year old boy. He also lost his father and got adopted by master Qiang. Now they both live with master Qiang. Master Qiang was too kind. He loved the two kids so much. They were his family. He taught them some of his secret martial arts. But he didn't teach them all the secrets he had. Because the two weren't so kind. They could use the secrets in bad way. After 3 years, Chenguang and Zhang Wei finished their lesson from master Qiang. But they realized that master didn't teach them all of the lessons. "Master, why didn't you teach us all of the lessons?" Zhang Wei asked with a curiosity. "You learnt enough. You don't need anything else. What I taught it's enough to p
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Chapter 2
Next day, Chenguang went to the market. Suddenly she saw a guy is going to beat a little girl. She went there and stop the guy from beating the girl. "Why are you beating the girl sir?" Chenguang asked that guy politely. But the guy was rude. "Why am I beating her? The stupid girl bumped into me and broke all of my stuffs. Now she is telling me that she has no money." The guy growl. His eyes became red. Chenguang understood that he is very rude person. "OK then, I will pay for her." She paid for the girl and took the girl with her. She returned home and went to master. Zhang Wei was also there. "Who is this little bug? Look at her dirty clothes. Throw her into the dustbin you brought her from." Zhang Wei became mad to see the girl in his house. Because he was also really bad. "Why are you talking like this. Remember, one day you were a stray kid too." Chenguang's word shut his mouth. "I found her in the street. Her name is Chenyin. Her father died two days ago. Now she has no one
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Chapter 3
At the same night, master was sleeping in his room. Chenguang and Zhang Wei silently entered the room. They started to find the book. "What are you two finding dear?" Suddenly, Master Qiang wake up. Chenguang and Zhang Wei scared to see their master. "Oh no! I told you Zhang Wei." Chenguang said with fear. But Zhang Wei didn't listen to him. Suddenly he saw a book next to the master. He attacked his master with a knife and took the book from there. "I knew it. You won't be able to get the book. Never." Master Qiang sadly died. "What is this? It is not the secret book. It is just a useless empty diary. Oof! The old man died without telling anything." Zhang Wei became mad to see the empty book. His eyes became red with great anger. He started to find the book everywhere. "oof. Where is the useless book? Chenguang why are you standing without finding the book? Search it." He growls and commands to Chenguang.Chenguang became sh
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Chapter 4
Prince Wang Lei took Chenyin to the Palace with him. He took her in a room and said to stay there. Chenyin was relieved that she was safe. Placing her bag on the table, she went to the bathroom to take a shower. After shower she came to the room saw the prince was sitting in her bed. He was flipping the pages of a book. Chenyin thought that the book in his hand was the secret book. She scared. But it was actually a story book that Chenyin bring with her."I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do anything. I was just looking." He shocked to see Chenyin. "No it's OK. It's just a story book I brought with me." She relieved to see that it wasn't the secret book. She promised to her master that she will protect the book, she won't let anyone to destroy it or steal it."You like story books?" He asked with a little smile in his lips. "Why? Is it just for kids?" She said Frowned. "I didn't mean that. I was just asking." He said. "Yes
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Chapter 5
In the forest, Chenguang and Zhang Wei was walking. Zhang Wei was making a plan to get the book. His all meditation was there. He was thinking about the book. The book is with Chenyin and Chenyin is with the Prince Wang Lei. He was thinking how to get the book."Am I doing the right thing?" Suddenly Chenguang's voice broke his meditation and made him look at her. "What do you mean by that?" He asked her furrowed. "The master, he saved me, saved us. Loved us as his own child. But you killed him just for a book. And now I'm helping you!? Am I doing the right thing?" Tears were flowing from her eyes. She felt very bad. She understood about her fault. She realized that she made a big mistake. " What do you mean with that silly? The old master, you did everything to make the master happy. But he never taught you the secrets. And the did nothing but he taught her the secrets. Cooking, cleaning everything has done by you not Chenyin. And look a
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Chapter 6
The king will find out, the king will find out. Chenyin's legs were trembling."So you are my son's guest." Suddenly the....queen's voice made her jump. "Y...Yes, Your Highness." She said. Her blood was running cold. She couldn't think anything. "Ms Chenyin why aren't you eating?" The King said. "I....I'm, actually I'm a little bit sick. Can I go back to my room?" She replied with fear. "Of course she can. Right father?" Prince Wang Lei said. "Li Jie take Ms Chenyin to her room." The prince ordered to Li Jie. "Wait, when did I give you the permission!? I'm the king not you my child." King Qing Yuan growls at his son. "If she is really sick, then she should eat something. Ms Chenyin please eat something then you can go back to your room." Queen Chu Hua said to Chenyin. "Yes she is right." The king said. "But, she can eat in her room." The prince wanted to send C
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Chapter 7
Next day Chenyin went to the bathroom to take a shower. Zhong Yu entered the room silently. She started to find the book. She found a book under Chenyin's pillow. She understood that it's the secret book. That's why Chenyin put it here. She took the book and put a poison book in it's place. Then she left with the book. Suddenly, Chenguang entered the room with a tray of foods. She knew that Chenyin was in the bathroom. She placed the tray in the table and quickly started to find the book. She found the poison book under the pillow. She never seen the secret book before. So she thought it was the book. Then she run away from the Palace with the poison book.After a few moments later, Chenyin finished her shower and went to the room. Then she thought, "I took a long shower. Let me check the secret book." She took the secret book from behind the photo frame."Here it is. Oh! Someone put some food for me. It must be Zhong Yu. I'm so hungry." She started to eat
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Chapter 8
King Qing Yuan called the people he send to take the book. They came to the king. The king growls at them and wanted to know about the book. But they said that they hand it over to the king's man."Your Majesty, we gave the book to your man. And he gave us the money. We don't know anything else about it." The king said them to leave. Then he called his man and asked him about the book. "Where is my book?" "I don't know, Your Majesty. They didn't give me any book, even they didn't came to me." He replied. "But they told me that they got their money. If you didn't meet with them, then who gave them the money?" The king growls. He thought that his man betrayed him. He thought that his man took the book but didn't give it to him. "No, Your Majesty. I didn't- - -" "Get lost from my eyes." The man left the room. Suddenly, Zhong Yu entered the king's chamber and informed him about the book. "Your Majesty,
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Chapter 9
In the Palace, Chenyin couldn't sleep, couldn't sit. She became mad. Her worry was making her mad. She decided to run away from the Palace. She made her bag ready and going to leave the Palace. Suddenly, someone opened the door. King Qing Yuan entered the room."Where are you going?" He asked. "I'm leaving." Chenyin answered with fear. She didn't want to answer but it slipped from her mouth. He slapped her hard and she fall down on the floor "Leaving, listen you little jerk you can't escape from me. I will get the book from you." He said grabbing her hair. Suddenly, Prince appeared and became shocked to see us. "Father! What are you doing?" King left the room without saying anything. Prince ran to Chenyin and kneel down. "What happened here?" He asked. "Nothing so serious." She answered with her head down. "Look at me." He made her look at him. He could see the print of slapping on her face. He unde
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Chapter 10
Chenyin opened her eyes. She could see a room. She shook her head and saw Chenguang was in the room. Seeing Chenguang, she jumped from the bed with fear."Sister Chenguang! Oh no! Where is the book? You took it? Why did I leave the Palace?" She started screaming. She thought Chenguang take her here and stole the book from her. "Stop screaming. You don't need to be afraid. Zhang Wei is not here. No one wants the useless book." Chenguang said. "Who believes you?" Suddenly, Jiao Long's voice made them look at the door. He entered the room. "What does it mean?" Chenguang asked. "My dear sister, you wake up?" He ignored Chenguang and went to Chenyin. "Sister?" Chenyin became surprised. She doesn't know she has a brother. "I'm nation's brother." He replied. "Oh!" Chenyin understood now. Suddenly Chenyin recognized about the book. "Oh no! The book." "I put it in a saf
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