Life After (Post apocalyptic book)

Life After (Post apocalyptic book)

By:  Bebo Elnadi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Humanity has finally done it and destroyed the world. After the spread of the killer virus that no one had a cure for, countries started to fight as greed has pushed them to expand their territories. And in the process, they provoked mother nature to take a stand. The plague evolved into something that twisted and deformed humans; they were neither dead nor alive. Just walking empty husks that fed on flesh and had one purpose, killing. The supernatural were exposed to the rest of the world; as they weren't spared and got affected, too. The result of this knowledge was chaos. Instead of creating one unity, the rest of the living were fighting among themselves and the undead. The entire world turned into a big arena and it was (survival of the fittest).

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1
  I crept slowly and eased my breathing. I need to be quiet and watch from a distance. The screams and whimpers got louder when I took another two steps. I used a big old tree as my hiding spot and gave Alice the signal. She nodded and lay bottom down on another tree. She had her crossbow cocked and ready, waiting for my next decision.   I secured my double-bladed sword and flexed my claw and climbed onto the lowest branch, and watched. I inhaled deeply and held my breath. Humans. Dirty and rotten ones. In the distance, a man was sitting on a falling log and cackling. His men were toying with a human female.   “What do you think boys, should we eat her now or play with her first?” The ugly fat man who was sitting on the log said while licking his blistered mouth and his rotten teeth sneered at the female. The woman whimpered and tried to move away, but her hands and legs were tied, so she fell on her ass.
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Chapter 2
I paced the small clearing we have found, back and forth angrily. Alice sat watching me while eating a damn Twinkie I had got her last week.   It was a luxury that she didn’t deserve at the moment.   I stood in front of her and stomped the ground to get her attention, but the damn girl lowered her head and kept ignoring me.   I raised my arms up and screeched as silently as possible.   “You know what you have done. This entire thing was wrong, Alice. We could have died over there and for what, a human? A human who next time she sees us will try to fucking cut off our heads. We had to leave her all alone again to fend for herself, so all of this was useless.”    Alice licked her fingers clean after finishing the damn thing and looked up at me.   ‘I don’t care Alexandria. I can’t stand there and watch them rape her. This is fucked up.’ She said, c
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Chapter 3
We left the family in the clearing and moved early in the morning. There was no point in sticking around. If we did, we would be an easy target for all the infected. Especially the supernatural ones. Our scent would be thick in the air and they would find us easily.   We walked through the dense foliage for half the day, and then Alice groaned. I chuckled and stood, checking our surroundings. “Ok let’s get some rest for now.” Alice huffed and dropped where she was standing.   “Drink and rest but be alert.” She rolled her eyes but nodded. I tapped my sword and bowie knife to make sure they were where they should be and made a circle around where we were, to check for the undead, stupid or not.   Fortunately, there was nothing and I relaxed a little and went back to Alice and found her snoozing in the damn open with no care in the world. I stood in front of her, frustrated, then kicked her l
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Chapter 4
 “Alexandria. It is me, Benjamin.” I narrowed my eyes at him and growled. “Sorry pal, but that name doesn’t ring any bells.” I debated cutting his throat and leaving or just run the fuck out of here. I can’t waste more time. I already had decided to take my pup and search for another territory. The male squirmed under me and tried to get away, but I didn’t let him. I was still conflicted and he might howl for his friends to come and help him. “How do you know my name? How did you smell me?” I lowered my mouth to his ear and snarled as silently as possible. He shivered, then swallowed audibly.“I didn’t smell your scent I caught the scent of the moss phlox plant. I followed the scent of cannabis, Alpha Jordan used to tell us that it is the best solution to disguise our scent. And that was my clue
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Chapter 5
I followed my petulant pup and the beta silently and sulking like a teenager.   I’m still not sure of what we’re doing now or what are we going to do next supposedly.   I just want to grab her and run the other way. My instinct kept screaming at my stupidity.   This won’t end well for any of us. We barely living, how can I be responsible for a pack and humans too?   I growled under my breath and the beta gave me a side glance and I narrowed my eyes at him.   All of this is his damn fault. He looked back ahead but I saw his smirk.   I growled again and tried to stop myself from breaking his neck. He will live.   Something like that won’t kill him, but I will enjoy doing it. It would be a good stress reliever.   He stopped where I was earlier spying on them and motioned us behind the big tree then spoke.  <
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Chapter 6
 “You of all people should know not to touch what isn’t yours, Johnson. Sapphire isn’t yours to abuse.” The vampire mused while walking toward the alpha, who was still hurting the witch. “He has a thick skull lord Crispin. You might need to beat those words inside his head literally.”  The witch sneered and snatched her arms away. The vampire lord walked leisurely to her and caressed her wounded arm, then raised it to his lips. He licked the few blood drops with closed eyes and when he opened them; they were red. Benjamin gasped, and I clamped my hand above his open mouth. I think it was the first time for him to see a tainted one. Alice signed. ‘This is turning ugly, Ria. I’m not sure now if we can help them. This vampire looks dangerous and powerful too.’&n
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Chapter 7
We walked back to the bunker quietly. Each one of us was buried deep into his thoughts and his own world. I looked at Alice and wanted to say something to ease her worries, but my mouth didn’t cooperate. I needed some support myself, someone to tell me don’t worry and everything is going to be alright. This situation was fucked up more than that one with the cannibals. At least those monsters didn’t hide their identity or play saviors, but Johnson was like someone was raising cattle, then selling them. I shook my head, no there is no need to fret about this, I won’t interfere in anything. I have Alice to think about. Her safety comes first. We reached the bunker and I signaled her to go inside first. I need to check our territory to see if we have been followed or there were some stray undead. I thought it was odd
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Chapter 8
I ran north and kept running for half an hour, and when I was sure that I was a safe distance from anyone, I howled. I howled and howled until my throat felt scratchy and it throbbed from the pain. I wasn’t disappointed when a minute later I heard them. They came from every direction and from their loud noises; they seemed a lot. I dropped my sword scabbard and roared. Seconds later I was tackled to the ground and a huge rotten wolf was on top of me trying to bite my head off. I pushed his weight off of me and jumped backward. His pack circled me and I bared my canines at them and flexed my claws. I eyed my opponents and circled them, too. These were wolves that got infected and stayed in that form. The thing about that virus was that it keeps you in that state, neither dead nor alive. Just an empty husk of yourself, while your mind weathered and your f
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Chapter 9
I woke up startled and Alice jumped on the opposite side of me. There was awful pounding on metal and it was so loud that it rang all around us.   I stood and swayed on my legs. I was sore and cranky; I didn’t get enough sleep and because of yesterday's activity and that incident I wanted to spend one day in peace, but I guess it’s too much to ask.   And yeah, I was in a bad mood, so whoever the hell was pounding out there was going to die.   I signed to Alice to stay put and stood with my knife in my hand, then headed to the small hatch.   I inhaled and then groaned, annoyed when I smelled Benjamin.    How the fuck did he know about this place? I made sure that he didn’t follow us yesterday.   Yeah, I’m going to kill him this time. I bitched and cursed all the way climbing up, but my mind blanked when I saw him standing next to some tiny teenager.
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Chapter 10
  The forest was silent. So silent that I can hear my two hearts beat. I noticed this change for a while now, but today it was dreadful.   No birds were singing, and the small critters had hidden in their holes. I couldn’t even see a single bug.   It felt ominous. I shivered and looked around me. The sun was high up in the sky and the breeze was warm and made me sticky, but I had to get out of that hole.   It has been five days now since Katy had become our guest and I hated every second. The girl was too sweet and kind for her own good.   And that made me feel like shit for refusing to take her in or think about helping the poor girl.   After our first encounter and her uncertainty about me, she opened up to us and Alice took a liking to her.   The two girls were the same age, and it was expected.   I walked towards the smal
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