The Slave Owner

The Slave Owner

By:  Racarina  Ongoing
Language: English
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She trembled in fear as she made her way to his room. It is tonight, the time she will fulfil her duties to her master, which is serving and pleasuring her master in bed. After all, that is why he bought her. Who is she? Imogen, a beautiful young lady who just turned eighteen. When she was eight, she got sold by her mother to a famous auction house that deals with selling girls as sex slaves to the noble. After being tried at the auction house, she got sold to one of the powerful man in the country. The popular and feared noble man in the kingdom, Lord Simon Sebastian a man of many mysteries, cold-hearted and brutal, the rumours of his brutality spreads across the kingdom most especially to his slaves. However, imogen got sold to him as his slave, at that particular moment, she knew her worst nightmare has just begun. What happens when her master falls in love with her?And his cousin who she considered a friend also confessed her feelings to her. It would only make it more worse if people finds out that the two noble men is in love with a sex slave. Now, the real question is who does her heart belong to? "I will save your friend if you give me what I want" Her master said to Imogen who was on her knees pleading. "I belong to you, Master. You don't have to ask, my body already belongs to you" "Yes, it does. But there is something I don't have yet" He stated. "What is that, Master?" She questioned with her head down. Lord Simon squatted to her level. "Your heart, I don't have that yet. And I want it, I want it to be mine, mine only"

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31 Chapters
 Imogen's gaze was glued on the mirror which was fixed on the wall, she took a look at herself, admiring her beauty.Similarly, the mirror was giving her full access to her body. The beauty, many will wish for, but not her life. The life of a slave, not just any slave but a s3x slave.Women of high values and importance, noble ladies, they all wished for her beauty but she wanted their life, to be someone that's respected and valued. It pays to be born ugly and be rich than being born beautiful and be a slave, if your master tells you to die, you do so without hesitation, go naked around the town and you do or face bitter consequences. That is the life of a slave, the fate of a slave. You don't have permission to live the way you want it, your master determines how to live and when you die. And today that kind of life just began for her, because she will get sold today, to her new master, the one who w
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 "You bring me such huge fortune. I have known that from the day I set my eyes on you, am so proud of you" Samantha commenced the moment she entered the room where Imogen was."It breaks my heart so much that you I had to sell you out, but it is still a blessing that you are leaving here. Don't you think so, Imogen?" She asked with a grin as if mocking her."I guess so" She forced a smile out. "You remember all that I taught you, don't you? Am worried that you might end up disappointing me. No! you won't do that. I can't jinx you with bad words before you leave" Samantha said with nothing but excitement written all over her."She must be really happy." Imogen thought. At this moment, she envies her mistress. She wishes she could smile happily like that, for once in her life. She just wants to smile and be happy."My beautiful little girl" Samantha giggled and cupped her two cheeks.A man came interrupting the moment. "Lord
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Horror filled her whole body, sitting with him alone in the same carriage scared her. She could feel life slowly drifting away from her. At that moment she wanted to run away from him, but she knew better. That is exactly what he expected from her, to chase her and kill her in the end.  He is horrible, riding with him terrified her. Only God knows, what he would do to her, what if he suddenly choked her to death? Her mind came to rest when the carriage stopped. She heard footsteps from outside and the door opened. "We are here, My lord" The guard said and Simon nodded. He stood up and got down from the carriage, so did Imogen. "Wow!" Escaped her mouth when she got down from the carriage.  Here she was standing in front of a huge beautiful castle, it was more beautiful than the castles written in fairy tales, looking at it seemed like a dream.Read more
Imogen forced her eyes opened, glancing around her cosy room, she stretches her body and sat upright on the bed. She raised her slender hand and placed it on her head which was throbbing hard from a persistent headache, she knew not how she got in the room as the only thing she remembered last was the horrific scene she had never experienced before in her entire life till now.The door to her room bursted open, Aria and Poppy the head of slaves made their entrance in."You are awake" Aria said and went to sit beside her on the bed. "Yes, what happened?" Was her first words."Don't you remember, you fainted after seeing Mira body" Aria replied."Mira?"Imogen said with shaky voice and shallow breathing."The slave whose head was cut off" Poppy answered this time while Imogen sighed in fear."Thank you for bringing me to my room" "It is ok, you must have been frightened, you get to see that on your firs
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  "Bring me the new slave." He ordered while his guard and Poppy exchanged glares. Most importantly, Poppy fear Imogen. She knew she is young, both in mind and body, unlike them. Though she might try acting tough and prepared, Poppy knows she isn't ready for the master yet. "But Master, you told me that I should train her for a week. She isn't fully trained, she needs more time to....." "Silent" Simon said authoritatively before she could finish her statement. "Are you defying my order?" He questioned and his guard Carter drag out his sword and point it towards Poppy. "How could I?" Poppy instantly said and get on her knees with her head on the floor. "I apologize, Master. I will have her prepared and sent to your room" She shivers, panicking. Simon raised his hand, signalling that his guard should put back his sword. The guard bow understanding what he meant. He put back his sword to it
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"Strip!" His voice was hard and authoritative that Imogen shook."Strip!" she trembled in fear. She was just ordered to strip and she knew that she might lose her head if she doesn't follow his order.However, she didn't think she could obey his order, going entirely naked in front of her brutal master. She wasn't prepared for that.Simon looked at her with nothing but hatred and lust. The hatred was not for her only, but all "Women". His slaves are just the unfortunate ones who get to feel his wrath and hatred for women.He will never forget that day, the terrible mistake he made because of a woman. That made him lose the people he cherished the most, he will never forget and he will never forgive.His gaze fell on Imogen, he could sense her fear and reluctance. It despised him and also excited him at the same time, of course, the fear kept him entertained but surprisingly he found her reluctance entertaining too. Was it because of he
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Lucien Is Back
Imogen opened her eyes, and discovered she was still in lord Simon's room, did she sleep off?" She recalled what happened yesterday clearly, the pain and how she fainted due to how weak she was, but she was surprised that he didn't throw her out. Next to her was the dread lord still sleeping, Imogen stared at him with nothing but hatred. She rise from the bed and winced, feeling pain within her, she is feeling sore down there. She get dressed up and left the room quietly, making sure she didn't wake her master. She went to her room with a blank expression. She encountered Aria and Poppy near her room, tears slowly flowing down her face when she saw them. Judging by her tears, Aria and Poppy could tell she had a bad night with him. Aria moves closer to her and pulled her into a hug, "it is alright, cry all you want" She said patting her back making Imogen to shed more tears. Poppy stared at her with pity, but something more important th
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"Lucien is back" Prince George disclosed while Simon's smile faded away quickly. "He came back yesterday, but not as a normal noble. I heard that the king of Norva owes his life to him and he cherish Lucien a lot...." He said and looked at Simon. "And if my reign is going to be peaceful, I need to be at peace with the neighbouring kingdoms especially with the Norva Kingdom, that is why Lucien is off-limits" He explained but that only infuriated Simon more. The bastard that killed his parents is back and he can't harm him because he is protected by a king, it annoys him so much that he feels like he might just explode out of rage. He clenched his fist and sighed "Did he come back with her... I mean with Annabelle"  "Yes, he did. And he came with their baby" George answered while lord Simon puffed out heavily, filled with rage, hatred and pain. The life he had planned since he
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Lord Simon exhaled deeply as he opened his carriage window, his eyes roamed around the street and was fixed on three boys running around with wooden swords in their hands. His lips twisted into a smile then suddenly went to the normal cold expression. "Lucien is back" The prince words rang in his head and all he could feel was unlimited anger inside him. There were days when he will have been delighted to learn that but not anymore. He betrayed him and killed his parents, stealing the woman he used to love. He can never forget and will never forgive, the only thought in his head is separating Lucien's head from his body and punishing Annabelle for her sin by making their child parentless as they did to him. That is the only way he will ever forgive them. "Stop the ride" He authorized and the lift came to a stop. He opened the entrance and got down, he was feeling stuffy and uncomfortable
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An Intruder
He howled as he entered his room and remove his clothes throwing them on the floor. Carter picked it up and put it at the right place, following his lord. Simon picked up his red robe, and put it on, he paced around his room before he finally sit on his wooden chair. Carter could see how troubled he looked, was it because of him or the slaves? To be honest, he knows his lord knows about his betrayal. That he was the one that told Aria about the secret passage, but he found it strange that he decided to punish the most innocent in this issue, and let Aria and him go without any punishment. Is he planning on punishing him later? Maybe chop his head off and make him a scapegoat to others. He is curious, why is he so silent to him? "Is there something you'd like to say?" Simon asked and looked at carter. 'This is it, is he going to punish him now? What exactly is going to be his punishment?' Carter thoug
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