The Notorious Playboy's First Love

The Notorious Playboy's First Love

By:  DAHLIA  Ongoing
Language: English
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After migrating to the Philippines, life did not go as planned for Erin, but who knew that a night with a stranger would open doors for her. Meanwhile, after coming and leaving as a stranger in Erin's life, Noah unexpectedly stumbles upon Erin again but continues to set boundaries.

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9 Chapters
Chapter 1: Erin
“I told you to call your supervisor now!” a woman in her 40’s demanded. “I’m terribly sorry Ms.Rivera but we’ve checked the cameras in the corridors and seen no one coming out of your room except you and your male companion,” I explained in a calm manner “So, you’re telling me that my boyfriend stole my jewelry!?” She exclaimed, getting the attention of guests and staff in the lobby. Yes, it’s obvious! I held those words back for the sake of my career. Dylan, our Desk Supervisor arrived in time to handle the situation “I’m Sorry, What seems to be the problem here?” Just when I was about to explain the situation to him, I was cut short by our enraged hotel guest. “Your receptionist is accusing my boyfriend of stealing my Jewelry! I’m a valued guest here, I have stocks in this hotel and this is the service I get?!” My eyes widened at her accusations. I immediately tried to defend myself, “ But that’s not what I meant, I -” My Supervisor gave me a piercing look, signaling me to st
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(+18) Chapter 3 - Erin's Choice
Erin's P.O.V. My mind was blank when we entered my apartment, he shut the door behind me and kissed me like a hungry wolf devouring his prey. His kisses were deep that I couldn't hold myself up any longer. I felt my knees weaken like they were about to collapse. He felt me losing my balance so he broke the kiss, pinned me on the door, and held me by the waist. We were both catching our breaths with our eyes shut and foreheads close together. He then kissed me on the forehead, down to my cheek, then started giving me butterfly kisses from my jawline down to my neck. But then he stopped. I opened my eyes and met with his gaze, "Tell me to stop, and I'll stop." He's giving me an option to back out. But do I want him to stop? We were both under the influence of alcohol, and thinking straight was out of the question. I felt his hands caressing my body, and for some reason, his touch felt good. He was waiting for my answer, but I just stood there returning his gaze not sure w
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Chapter 2: Noah
“Noah!” I heard my name getting called from a distance. It was my mom’s voice. “Noah! I love you, son!" Then I heard my dad’s voice, it was my first time hearing him say those words. “Another round of Whiskey?” I opened my eyes to the sound of loud music and the bartender offering me another round. I simply nodded, I was back to reality. “I don’t think this shit works on you man. This shit ain’t water you know” I glanced at the bartender as he poured me another round. “Got tired of our girls I see?” He added. I go to the same ol’ place, drink the same ol’ shit, and meet the same ol’ women. Of course, it’s tiring. “Piss off, Tom,” I replied. He shook his head in disbelief. I wasn’t in any mood to be respectful. “Can I get a glass of water, please? Thank you.” I glanced at the woman who sat next to me. She had long black wavy hair, which complimented her brown almond-shaped eyes, pointed nose, and thin lips. She wasn’t wearing a flashy dress or heavy makeup. Her uneasiness s
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Chapter 4 - Finding Noah
NOAH'S P.O.V. "You of these days you're gonna regret the decision you made." I took a glimpse at her and left out a sigh before focusing on the road. "Which one?" I asked, I've made plenty of bad decisions and most of them are still left unsolved. "Don't think I didn't notice, you glanced at that girl passing by the hotel." She sounded intrigued. "So? She looked like someone I knew." Technically, I wasn't lying since she is someone I just knew. "Someone you slept with?" she mumbled loud enough for me to hear. "Anna!" I shouted in disbelief. This woman! "What? I'm not entirely wrong am I? I'm your older sister, I know the look on your face when you're bothered, guilty or worried. But this time, I'm sensing a hint of regret." She got me. This is why I don't often show myself up to her. "Whatever. It's not like we'll be seeing each other again. So, just shut up and let me drive in peace" We're on our way to Anna's apartment to drop her off. “One last thing, we m
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Chapter 5: Waves from the past
Erin's P.O.V. Of all letters in the alphabet and fishes in the sea. It had to be him. "You? You're N?" I said in disbelief. A woman beside him asked, "Noah, you know her?" He couldn't even utter a word and just stared. How many women does this guy have?! Noah huh? Forget it. I'm flying back to Manila. I was about to turn my back when a woman with a petite build and blonde hair spoke and reached out her hand "Miss Morgan?" I awkwardly shook her hand in reply "Yes? and.. you are?" "Naomi Stanford, I talked to Nathalie over the phone, she said I'll be meeting you in her place?" Dumbfounded. I couldn't glance at Noah. "Yes! Uhm... I have the documents, how about we talk somewhere private?" I gathered. I awkwardly led us away from where Noah was and found a table. As the client was scrolling through the document, I couldn’t help but feel as if someone was staring at us. I turned my back to see Noah, looking directly at me. Why is here of all places? The thought of us bei
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Chapter 6 - A two player game
Erin’s P.O.V. I slapped him. Shit. His words triggered the lion inside me, but I didn’t have the words to describe how frustrated I am despite having thought of a thousand words to tell him If I see him again. “I-I’m sorry.” was all I could say with my head down, ashamed to even look at him after what I did. After a moment of silence, I heard him chuckle. Annoyed, I lifted my head. “I believe we haven’t had a proper introduction. I’m Noah Rodriguez, I’m the owner of this resort and your boss.” he gave me smirk His emphasis made me realize how foolish I was to act on impulse. “S-so what?” I stuttered. “I see you have a feisty side in you, Miss..” he paused to look at my nameplate and smiled mischievously “..Erin Morgan a.k.a Miss I’m not that easy” My eyes widened after remembering that line, why did he have to bring that up! “Listen. What happened a few weeks ago was a mistake, so stop bringing it up.” I demanded “A mistake? You’re hurting my feelings babe. If it was a m
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Chapter 7 : First Offense
Noah stared at me intently the moment our eyes met, "What do you want now?" I asked. "There's a group checking in tomorrow, I'm holding you in charge as their guide. Blow it up and you're fired," he ordered before retreating back to his cabin. He left me hanging by the door, dumb-founded. But what did I expect him to do? Grab me by the waist? I must be delusional. A group of hotel employees checked-in the next day, I was busily encoding their names when one of them caught my attention, "Dylan?” I recognized my former supervisor from my last job waiting among the guests. His eyes beamed the moment he saw me. "Morgan! What a coincidence!" He approached the counter. I gave him a warm smile, “What brings you here?” I asked seeing his name isn’t on the list along with the group. He leaned forward with a charming smile on his face, showing off his right cheek dimple, “I’m on vacation, Morgan. Care to join me?” If I didn’t know any better, I’d say his flirting with me. But, that’s
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Chapter 8: A truce
Noah’s P.O.V.I saw a cloud of dark smoke coming from the Yacht, a fire broke after a while and I could see the people jumping off the Yacht. I quickly ran back to the resort proper where I saw Jacob ordering people around to get a boat and alert all staff“What the hell happened?!” The adrenaline from drinking alcohol was starting to kick in“I don’t know! F*ck! I already called rescue they should be here by now!” I could sense him panicking “Aren’t you supposed to be the one in charge there?!” The Yacht was rapidly on fire and It reminded me of that tragedy, I suddenly felt a tight pain in my chest. I couldn’t get myself to look so I turned my back and breathed slowly and heavily. I could hear it again.. The faint screams of the people and the suffocating stench of smoke as if I was reliving the whole tragedy again “Noah!” I could hear people pleading with my name for help.“Noah!” Jacob grabbed me by the shoulder causing me to grasp what was happening at the present. The rescue h
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(+18) Chapter 9: Alliance in Bed
he created a gap between us after the kiss, we stared at eachother as if we were both looking for the right words to say. Finally, I was able to gather mine and whispered, "W-why are you doing this to me?" He didn't respond, instead he caressed my cheek with his palm and then my lips with his thumb and kissed me again softly. I could taste the sweet strong flavor of scotch from his lips."Do you want me to stop?" he mumbled in a soft baritone, “I-Idon’t know…”I said in between kisses. I know damn well that this is all another mistake, another one of his playful tricks on women, yet I’m falling for it again.Honestly, I couldn’t think straight anymore. He held my waist and lifted me up from the chair, carrying me with care. “Then I’ll take that as a no” He carried me inside and slowly layed me down in bed. He was on top of me, pinning both my wrist up with his hand while the other was tracing my waist inside the loose white shirt I was wearing.“Noah..” I soft moan escaped my lips
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