Breaking Him

Breaking Him

By:  MieMieoyiza  Completed
Language: English
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She was considered to be a typical ideal daughter-in-law. Tied by her sudden marriage to Kareem, one of the youngest, sexy and handsome billionaire, whose eyes glint with wickedness and the air around him reeks of danger. After her marriage with Kareem; Comes the struggle for the long last union, hatred from her very husband and sister-in-law. Her pained of heartbreak. Will she be able to save her marriage?

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there is this wonderful person, that kept unlocking each chapter with his/her money. I want to thank you so much for your support. for adding the book to your library was enough to make me feel happy but yet, you kept unlocking them to read.... thank you so much 🙏
2021-05-07 14:10:58
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Hi Author Maryam here. Thank you for reading my book and please, don't forget to leave a honest review about this book. Thank you!
2021-02-14 02:39:47
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Eugine Wovenu
The story is nice but there are so many grammatical errors. Choose your words well next time. Good write up
2021-05-23 20:30:41
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Maryamah Zubairu
nice write up
2020-12-24 20:58:14
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The story started out ok, but went south as Maryam took Kareem back. I hate Kareem. He's an unredeemable character. First abusing his wife then after making all kinds of promises of happiness, just suddenly letting his ex move in. Couldn't this billionaire not afford a hotel for his ex!
2023-01-30 08:38:52
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The story is called breaking him, but it's actually more about breaking her! You don't need enemies with friends, family, and the husband that female lead Maryam has! Abuse physical or emotional comes from all of them and she just takes it and cries, waiting for things to get better by themselves!
2023-02-01 17:20:21
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He made a sex video of them & watched it with his friends. He made her jump on broken glas.., all types of abuses she'd suffered on his hands. But 2 yrs later, in less than 24 hrs of seeing him again, she actually felt horny while kissing him ! geez and this is just chapter 7! So goodbye..
2021-08-20 15:37:49
75 Chapters
 Three Years Earlier  PrologueMaryamI stopped right in front of his room and took in a deep breath before placing my trembling hand on the door knob.Earlier, I had seen him and his friends comes into this room, and that's why I'm bringing them this refreshment. I just hope he won't pour it to my face- well, I should be used to it by now. It's already been two weeks of our marriage.As I was ready to face his wrath that will definitely comes my way, I slowly and gently open the door but what I saw next really crushed my heart.... That's a video of me and my husband making love."But ho... how?.... How did that...  How was he able to record that? An... and, why is he watching the video with his friends?." I a
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Chapter Two
Maryam's POV"This is the baker you would like to meet Mr Abdulazeez " Ma'am said.Seriously! What would you do when you see the most hated man of your life again? What would you do when you thought there was no way that he could ever exist again. There he was standing right next to you like a ghost who had just come back to life from where he was buried years ago.I blinked my eyes again.No, this can't be happening! This can't be happening to me!"It's nice to meet you Miss Maryam".  He said, he wasn't even looking surprise to see me. He looked like he knew I would be here already. He stretch out his hand but I don't know if I should take it or not."Maryam, you're not affected " My subconscious tell me.I clasped my palm with his but I didn't say anything. After that, I tried to excuse my self from there but Ma'am voice stopped me.  "Where do you think
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Chapter Three
Maryam's POV"I had no other option Maryam, Mom is sick".Mom is sick? Mom is sick? For how long? I do asked of them from my family and they always assured me, they are all doing fine. Could they be lying?" is sick?".  I asked not able to control my mouth and emotions. I loved Mom a lot. She has shown me nothing but true love. She had always treated me like a daughter, I can't bear it if anything happens to her."Yes Maryam, Mom is sick. Ever since you had left, she isn't her self anymore. She got her heart attack back again and she was very ill, she was hospitalized for about 4 weeks and when her condition was getting better, she was discharged and her treatment is been given to her at home"."How sure am I that you're not lying? May be you're just saying this just to make me come home with you". I glared at him."I can't lie with such a thing with you. Though, I rea
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Chapter Four
Maryam's POVI walked into the house and saw everywhere so quiet. I tried to walk towards mom's room when I heard Kareemah's voice "Maryam, is that you?"I turned slowly and she wide her eyes. "it's really you! Oh my God! It's you! You came back to us!". She squealed as she hug me tightly.I hug her back and we both stayed there for about five minute. I really missed her a lot."I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I left without letting any of you know...I'm truly sorry". I said as we break the hug."You don't have to dear,we heard everything that happened from your husband. If I were you, I'll also do the same" "Thank you...for understanding""Where's Mom? ""Oh! In her room... Let go".  She clasped both of our palm together as we walk toward mom's room.We entered and saw her sleeping figure,we decide to walk slowly not to wake h
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Chapter five
Maryam's  POV"HOW DARE YOU KISSED ME YOU MORON!!" I wanted to shout at him yet no word came out from my mouth,the tickly sensation seem to remain in my cheek.In a blink of an eye, he was back at the other side of the table and sat on his chair like he didn't do anything wrong. This was the hardest breakfast I will ever have in my entire life,not that the food is bad but the jerk sitting across me who was eyeing like a glue is the problem."Son,I thought you wouldn't be coming home until next two week?". Dad asked him. Kareem who was still looking at me  answered as he answered " I'm taking a vacation,I'll be spending two week with you all". He said looking at me as he said those words.Mom giggled. "Alhamdulillah, finally you're taking a vacation""Well, I thought you're going to work your self to death".  Kareemah said mockingly."You're righ
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Chapter Six
Maryam's POVOh my God! What does he really want this time around? He was already in my room. He's now inside my bedroom!"Wh..what are you doing?". I freak out.He didn't reply me as he moved forward and slump himself on my bed.  "What do you think, shouldn't I sleep here?".  "Are you crazy?!""It's you who's driving me crazy beautiful". He smiled.Subhanallah "Stop with the stupid nickname Kareem,it won't affect me" I snapped."Yeah, you're no longer the girl. I can see it through that nightie" Oh my God! Oh my God! It was too late for me to realise that I was still putting on my night dress in front of him,and it was just one inch below my knees.With my shaky hands, I wrapped my arm around my self tightly. "please leave now""Pleas
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Chapter Seven
Maryam's POVLater in the night, he came into my room to check up on me, well... according to him, that was what he wanted to do. "Good night Maryam, I...I came to tell you that".  He said as he gently sit on my bed.Thinking that he would just leave after his stupid speech and close the door behind him, but he had the gut to sit down again? "Get out!". I ordered."I really want us to come back together Maryam, please let start from the beginning" he said gently out of the blue. I only looked at him not bothering to answer him."I know it won't be easy but I'm willing to do anything.. I'll make sure that I make you happy" he said as he hold my hands.There's no way you'll ever make me happy Kareem .   I wanted to tell him that, but instead I decide to keep my mouth shut by biting my lower lip."I...I missed you so much Mar
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Chapter Eight
Maryam's POV*****One month later*****It's been a month already and of course, I'm back to my parents house,I can't cope with Kareem anymore,he's always too clingy and annoying."Assalamu Alaykum" I uttered before I open the door,but what faces me already was more than what was disturbing my brain and mind for the past one month.Kareem sitting in my parent's living room. I glared at him.  "What are you doing here?""To see you beautiful".  He replied smiling.Gosh! why would Mom allow him entered this house? It's already 08:30pm. Today was Mansur's Mom birthday and I was invited,thank God he had drop me in front of the gate. I don't know what would have happen if they had seen each other again. And the was even smiling like an idiot."Get out and don't come back again". I told him."No, I won't".  He answered
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Chapter Nine
Maryam's POVWith a really dozy mind as I walking like someone who's about to faint anytime soon, I and my twin sister entered my mom's cake shop. I still remembered when I used to come to the shop and many customers will lined up on me but now, everything has changed. Mom has many workers now and her business now moved flowly for her.  it was still unbelievable how I still manage to work my way to shop when I was even too drowsy to do anything today.Maimuna brought me out from my thought. "Sis are you sure you're fine?" She asked with so much concerns in her voice."Erm.....yes I'm".  I answered with a fake smile."Is it about Kareem?".What? How did she know?"Sis, I know I never liked him from the very beginning but he's really a changed person now, don't you think it's high time to forgive him? I mean, you've thought him a lesson already, just try to forgive him and m
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Chapter Ten
Maryam's POV"You're right, Two years is not enough for me. In fact, I'll never make it up with you.  So, it's better you divorce me and let's go on our separate ways".  "I won't" . He answered firmly."What?""I won't Maryam because I love you... I love you, I love you so much and I'll do anything, just anything to win you back" . I looked at him like he has just grown two heads. Why now? I've been wanting to hear this word from him for so long and now that I don't feel anything again, he then decide to say it?Are you sure, you don't feel anything? And could he really love me? Did he mean it? No! I don't think so,he's just a liar.I hate you Kareem! I really really hate you!! I sat down comfortably on the couch in my tight jump suit in the living room. House is really boring without Mom and Dad,they went to pay some fam
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