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You can't deny how talented and handsome is Liam Chivec as Serena Brown can't repress her feelings for him. Liam's the campus crush that fell head over heels for Serena's quirkiness and intelligence. Will their love perdure amidst the winding road that's ahead of them? Will they live happily ever after despite the obstacles that they have to overcome?

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24 Chapters
 In the break of dawn of August 1st is the onset of a long and magical journey I never knew would change my life.  I got up from my queen-sized bed, 5 A.M., with my head still whirling from sleep. I was so thrilled because it was the first day of my sophomore year in college as a psychology student. I stopped at my bedroom mirror to do a quick fix before going downstairs for breakfast that my mother had prepared beforehand.  Mom never disappoints when serving breakfast. Her food’s always consistent and never innocent of flavor.  “Thank you, mom. They look delicious,” I said in delight.  I noticed something unusual in mom’s face today. She looks like she’s under the weather with the blowing of her nose and pale skin so I suggested her to take a day off.  Read more
Mom isn’t at her usual spot, in a vanilla recliner, at the fireplace hearth, to read dozens of articles. So, I assumed that she’s having an early bed rest.  I went to the empty kitchen to check if Mom cooked supper before taking slumber. Gladly, I found a butternut squash soup in a pot, still burned up. I scooped up some generous amount into a bowl and ensconced myself in mom’s best-loves spot.    I can still feel Liam's grasp long after. How the world slowed down for a second.  I buried my face on the pillow beside me to release the overwhelming emotion swelling up.     I might go mad crazy tonight. I'll barrage Blake and Ashton's inboxes with the indescribable feeling that I had. Cut the rug all night long. Might swig few glasses of champagnes si
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He looks dashing in his tight fit uniform. I couldn't stop peering at his strong arms while giving him a mild tour inside the house with me secretly barring him out of the utter mess.   Engaged in my exposition, Liam suddenly asked a query about the whereabouts of Dad in which I immediately parried.   "So, why musical arts?" I asked.   "I love music ever since. I feel like a different person when playing. I love to see people dance and relate to songs that I write," he replied enthusiastically.   I'm envious of Liam's intrinsic passion for music since I'm still at the phase of exploring myself, of what I want to achieve in life. I vividly remember my Grade 10 essay that basically asks us of what do we want to be ten years from now. I penned that I just want to have roof abov
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Liam's birthday party is nearly approaching and I'm plucking up enough bandwidth to push myself out of my comfort zone. I even tried to strut with my bikini inside my bedroom and fix my haunch posture.  I asked for mom's opinion and all that she can say is that fake it until you make it.  A quote straight from a podcast that she's been listening to for quite a while now.  I tried a visualization technique that I've learned from binging YouTube videos which are a handful. I tried to control my breathe whenever I felt anxious and to divert my mind to look at the brighter side.  It was two hours before the party and I'm already downright spiraling. My ragged breathing and racing mind is just adding insult to injury. So, I called Blake on the double if he could drop by our house to pick me up.  
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Liam, who's a son of a proverbial chef, turned 22 in this very day where popular personalities, camera crews, and handful of guards in black suits skirt the compounds perimeter. My focus zoomed in in Liam's sizzling body.  "Why do I feel like we're in a different world?" said Blake. "The king of the sea wants to see you Serena sitting on his throne," teased Ashton.  "Better get myself drunk enough to be able to do a catwalk than loaf around in front of the upper-crust crowd," I said.  I needed my name to be plucked up in the lottery. It has to! I need to fight for this aimless venture that I'm about to embark. Liam is the one that I liked and I don't want him to go.  So, I gulped a glass of champagne that probably cost an arm and a leg. An
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Saturday Night   The monster brooding underneath my bed crawled up onto me and morphed into a familiar figure. He tried to throttle me as I try to fight back. My ladylike hands were useless against him. His eyes glaring red, hair grubby, and strapping arms strangulated in my neck. I can't breathe. I can’t scream for help. I’m dying!   I woke up with my pulse racing, sweat cascading over my face, and my muscles tightening up. I lulled my breathing to mellow it and with Liam consoling me by massaging my back.   "Hey, are you okay?" blurted Liam. "It's just a nightmare,” I said as I knead my neck.   I noticed how dark it is already outside. I worked myself up and reached my handbag on a rustic table abutting the corner most of the room.   I dredged my phone and noticed several messages from Ashton and Mom who's sickly worried.   Ashton's missive contains
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SUNDAY MORNING.                                     I didn’t get any sleep at all. Not even forty winks. I just gloomily stared at the drawn draperies with the ray of sunlight. Mom has been visiting me from time to time, rapping at my door, asking me to let her come in. I’m skipping meals and ignoring messages from Liam and my best friends. Today was supposed to be my whole week’s convalescence. I tried to fight the urge to stay in my room all day. But the chains are indestructible and my room won’t let me leave, like asking for a company. In twilight, I gathered an infinitesimal bandwidth to stand up and fixed my flyaway hair. Normally, I would always wash my face up with soap but water isn’t
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MONDAY DAYSPRING. I rouse myself around 6 A.M., Liam texted me: “See you later at school, babe. Cannot wait for your soft lips and sweet moans.”  Liam made me bite my lips just by sending me thirsty letters. This text is an understatement of him wanting you to do something bad to him. We will, he is definitely aroused after his dingy faring with his dad. He is sure jet-lagged from his itinerary yesterday. So, I implored myself to bake him some homemade brownies, to complement his espresso at Frankfurt’s. I arrived at the usual spot where Liam’s having his hearty breakfast.  My conjecture was right, he looked bone-tired. I am responsible for Liam’s health, just like when he sent me those red roses. His lips, still as soft as cotton candy, when we kissed and his ocean blue eyes st
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We materialized at the police station, where Jake’s being held off, half an hour later after we absorbed the affair. The foreground was seething with variegated news broadcasting station. We tried to keep our faces off the radar by having our hood above our heads. Liam tightened his grip on my hands as we passed by the curious media. He was uptight and furious at the same time. I can hear the wind moaning on our east, mixed with the pandemonium of crews and journalists who’s impatiently waiting for Jake to come out the station. I heard that he was being bailed out by Aries, while the remaining arrested were still incarcerated and to be judged by the Supreme Court later next week. Then, the flicking and flashes of cameras started to play a strobing spectacle in the middle of the moonless night. Jake was rushing, mortified of the possibility of tarnishing his dad’
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This feels sinful but right at the same time. I put down the glass of water on the countertop. I was moaning as Caleb’s lips feast on my neck and collar bones. I was too caught up that I didn’t notice it was Caleb’s bare chest pressing on my back. The smell of Caleb arouses me and puts me under a lusty spell.  Feels like I was levitating, transporting me into a sacred oasis. He started untying my robe after he unbuckles his belt pants. I can feel Caleb’s wholeness behind rubbing against me.  He flipped me around, then carried me up the countertop, groaning my name. He pinned my hands above my head and coercively wrapped both my legs around his muscular waist. He started groping my chest with his tongue trailing from my mouth down to my breast.  I wanted to stop him, but he’s so deft at making me not to say no with my concupiscence for him. Read more Protection Status