Rescued by the Alpha

Rescued by the Alpha

By:  Olivia Padge  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lacee never knew werewolves existed. She also never knew such gorgeous sexy men like the Alpha Rinc existed, but when he saved her from being attacked on a dark summer night, he awakened the wolf inside of her and he opened her eyes to a world fill with scary and beautiful creatures she never knew she were around her. Now, not only does she have to continue building a good life for her and her sister, but she also has to learn how to be one with the wolf inside of her and be one with the moon before the next big moon festival, or else her and her sister will be thrown to the wolves, literally. With the enemies all around, and her constant urge to be with the Alpha, Lacee is stuck in a new dangerous world and dangerous love.

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22 Chapters
Lacee's Attack
          Lacee had only been in town for a few weeks when her new co-workers had convinced her to come out with them for drinks to celebrate their boss’s birthday. She didn’t normally go out or care about making appearances at social events for people she barely knew, but this job paid better than any other job she’d ever had, and this boss had a lot of power in the office. If spending a half an hour making small talk at some rundown bar outside of town meant not pissing off the boss and making her work life worse, then she could spare the thirty minutes. Plus, she really needed this job and a new town to work for not only her, but also her sister.As she got out of her car, the lights from the parking lot bounced her image across the next car’s window. She had been in a hurry getting ready and hadn’t put much energy into her look. Her long blonde wavy hair was wildly untamed around her face. In the
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Lacee's Rescue
          “The bitch almost ripped my eye out!” One man whined. “The three of you can’t handle one feral mutt?” A raspy male voice asked. “She fights stronger than a mutt.” Another added. Lacee was starting to come too completely. She looked around the room, scanning it for an exit and planning in her head to escape, but she didn’t expect to see what she did. There were almost a dozen people in there with her, including other women. The bronzed woman was standing close by, a proud smirk on her face. The three men that attacked her were very obvious, as she had left each man with wounds upon their faces. They were huge men and she wondered how she even put up as much of a fight as she did, but she was a survivor, by any means. “We need to wait for Rinc.” One male called out. &
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Lacee's Howl
“That doesn’t make any sense.” She shook her head. “I’m not...a werewolf.” “Yes, you are. We know one another. Sure, your scent is faint, but it’s there. It will always be there. Being with our packs and running the moon makes our presence stronger. You don’t have family? A pack? Who are your parents? What is your name?” So many questions were flying her way, but her head was spinning. Werewolf? Seriously? That was the most absurd thing she’s ever heard, yet her body was overwhelmed with a sudden sense that she knew this man was telling her the truth. Plus, a memory from when she was a child kept replaying in her head. She couldn’t remember a lot about her childhood with her mother, but she did have a blurry memory of waking up one night and seeing her mother walk naked towards the woods, the moonlight illuminating her bad body. What came next, she h
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Rinc's Reason
  The taste of victory was on Rinc’s tongue. He savored it with pride as he howled out at his moon. The wolf within him grinned, happy at the defeat of their enemy. The pack celebrated with a howl in unison around him as he smeared the trader’s blood over his own skin. Wearing the blood of your enemy was an honor and a message to those that dare to think about challenging you the same. To his right, he was proud to see his beta standing over a killed enemy. Daron was a fierce and skilled fighter. He nodded at his Beta, honored to fight beside his best friend. On his left, his father stood over his own kill, basking in the blood of the defeated. Rinc looked over him, admiring how strong and feared his father still was at his older age. Kane was still magnificent, and most members of the pack, including Rinc, would still lay their life down for the former Alpha. But it wasn’t the pack that had pushed Rinc to win that fight. It wasn’t an ego or his desire t
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Lacee's Wound
Lacee’s Wound As the sun came through the window and reminded Lacee that the morning had hurried its way upon her, she realized that she hadn’t slept all night. How could she after the night shed had the night before? Being attacked and almost assaulted would’ve been enough to disturb anyone from sleeping, but werewolves? Actual werewolves? It all just kept replaying in her mind over and over. The attack. The rescue. The punishment. And Rinc. Rinc’s face kept popping up in her head. His beautiful face. His strong muscular body. His dark brown eyes that stared deeply into hers.  It was absurd to even be focusing on him after all that happened and all she had been told. Yet, as she lay in bed all night, it was her excitement about him that she kept thinking about more than her fear of the events. But as the excitement filled her body, regret filled her heart, because she knew that she was going to have to leave Rinc and everything she’d lea
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Lacee's Last Day
Lacee didn’t plan on staying at work long, but when she got there, she was told that the paychecks wouldn’t be ready until that afternoon. After debating on just leaving work without the check, she decided to stay since the fifty dollars in her account wouldn’t get them very far from town. She knew it would take time to find a new job and apartment in a new town, but Lacee was a survivor.  When she was eighteen, she lived in her car for two months until she got on her feet. She had been thrown out of the foster home that she lived in as soon as she became an adult. Her sister was fourteen then and had to stay behind in the foster home until the court date when Lacee was approved to be her guardian. By then, Lacee had found an apartment and was waitressing at two different restaurants to prove that she could provide a life for her sister. Leena would be eighteen in a few weeks, so there wouldn’t be any social worker checking in on them. They could go off the grid
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Leena's Panic
  Leena watched the clock on the wall and dreaded the moment her sister got off of work. The empty pink striped suitcase lay untouched on her bed even though it had been hours since her Lacee had woken her up to pack. Yeah, she wasn’t going to pack a thing. Why would she? What was the point? Her sister was obviously having some kind of overdramatic fight with a guy she was dating. Leena wasn’t going to waste her time packing up the apartment they had just moved everything into. At first, when her sister had seemed so panicked at the sound of a knock on the door, Leena took the situation seriously. Lacee was always overprotective and at times a bit over the top about following rules, but Lacee knew that it was mostly because Lacee didn’t want her making the same mistakes she had. Lacee had it harder growing up than she had, and she wanted Leena to have a better life than that. Earlier was different though. Lacee had seemed more frightened than she’d ever
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Rinc's Move
Rinc had tried to be patient and understanding with Lacee, but after the phone call came from Laran with news of a half-breed girl living in her apartment he was losing what little patience he had left. He was trying his best to take Lacee under his wing and protect her, but she was making it really hard with her resistance and now secrets that should’ve been told.“The half-breed girl in your apartment? Who is she?” Rinc asked her.Lacee stared at him for a moment without speaking, but then she tried to make a run for it to her car. He was much faster and stronger than her, even if she had been training her whole life, she wouldn’t stand a chance. With ease, he caught up to her and grabbed her from behind, pulling her back close to her chest as he leaned his mouth to her ear.“Don’t scream. Don’t make a scene. There are people around.” He told her. “Now, if you want to see the half-breed again, stop fighting
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Rinc's Meeting
The Pack Pub had been around for as long as Rinc’s pack had been around. When the Heavy Moon Pack had been established almost a century before, the bar was just the founding Alpha’s one-room cabin where the members could gather and drink ale.Over the years the small cabin was added onto and remodeled many times as the pack grew larger. The bar wasn’t fancy. It didn’t have cute margaritas with pretty umbrellas or a stage for loud bands. The place wasn’t meant to be a popular nightlife spot for humans to hang at. It was open to the public, but the pack wasn’t trying to become rich off its profits or to be overcrowded by non-wolves. Upon entering the bar, Rinc was met by his Beta at the front door.“The girl?” Beta Daron asked.“Fine.” Rinc sighed as he motioned for the bartender to get him a beer. “Alpha Alder?”“He’s not happy he had to wait for you, but he&rs
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Lacee's Prison
Lacee woke up in an unfamiliar bedroom, in an unknown bedroom. To her left, her sister Leena was safely sleeping in the bed. It was a relief to see that the girl was okay, but Lacee couldn’t let her guard down. They were still captured by the werewolves, and she knew it wouldn’t be easy to escape now that they had them on their property. As quietly as she could, Lacee crept out of the bed and began to search her surroundings. Just as she had suspected, the door was locked from the outside, keeping them from leaving the room. She went over to the only window in the room, but it had bars on the outside, guaranteeing no one could climb in or out of it. There was a small bathroom attached, but it didn’t have a window to help aid them with escape. The room was like a prison, but with a mahogany bedroom set and Egyptian cotton sheets. Feeling hopeless, Lacee went into the bathroom and splashed her face with water from the faucet. She looked up at her image in the m
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