A Playboy's Touch (ENGLISH)

A Playboy's Touch (ENGLISH)

By:  Asiana Asia  Ongoing
Language: English
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They call him 'playboy' and 'fuckboy'. Well, Matteo is just doing what he wants and get what he wants. And nothing is more interesting than girls pussies. And there is one rule for every girl he bedded-- NO AFTERS. Not his fault if they left crying and heart broken after their steamy make out. He never beg for it, they willingly surrendered their bodies. Not until he met this gorgeous woman in a nightclub in New York while he is on hiatus from modeling. The woman rejected him at first but he did not let her pass. And when he thought he wins, the woman ran away after and he felt very insulted. No one did this to him before! How could a waitress ran away from an idol like him? But he just smirk. He is Matteo, and what he wants, he gets. He will make her fall to her knees and beg for his touches.

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    21 chapters
    Moans and gasps are heard from Matteo's pad that night."Fuck, why did you stop?" asked the woman drunk with lust and looked up to Matteo. Her face are red from their hot making out.Matteo lifted the woman on his top poking his hard erection. "Move." He then slap the right cheek of her butt that made her moan a bit louder.The next thing, their moans echoed upon reaching their climax.And it was just a night. The next day, he moved to another pad. He is sure that the woman will chase after him after their shared hot night."Let me guess, you bought a new pad?" Lorenzo asked over the phone."Yeah, and that's because of you." Matteo chuckle. "Bar tonight?"Matteo is on hiatus from modeling because of the issue that he got impregnated his woman co-model in Italy which he doesn't believe. He's not doing it without protection. And now, he's in New York with his friend, Lorenzo.Loud sounds of music welcomed them. The bar is s
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    Chapter 1: Sunday Morales
    Sunday hugged herself while standing in front of the window of their small apartment in New York. Her younger brother's calling. "Hello?"--"How are you?"She smiled as she heard her brother's voice on the other line. "I'm fine. How about you and mom? How's the surgery?"- "It's done and we're just waiting for her to wake up. When will you be coming home? We miss you already."Sunday smile sadly. "I miss you too and mom. You take care of them, hmm? Where's Stephany?"- "She's with Papa. She still has school tomorrow so they went home first."Sunday sniffed. She misses them so much but she has to stay here. They still have a debt to pay that was added for their mom's surgery.- "When will you be coming home? I'm sure mom misses you too."Her tears travel down her cheeks. She knows Sebastian is lying. She never got along with her mother since then. It is because she is her father's daughter to another woman. And Sebastian j
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    Chapter 2: Lexus Matteo De Luca
    Wearing a white v-neck shirt, ripped jeans, white shoes, and a cap, Matteo entered a mall just near to his unit. He's now on his hiatus. After the issue of him impregnated his woman co-model, the agency told him to leave the country until the issue died down. That's a big issue, his father own that agency.He's now in New York. His hiatus is a favor to him after all. He's sick posing in front of cameras and doing different styles just to make good shots."What color does she like?" he asked Elizabeth over the phone. "Pink? Okay, got it."She will visit her Mom later. Here his mother has been living after divorcing his Dad. That was fifteen years ago but he keep visiting her.And now, he'll buy a gift for her 3 years-old sister."This is beautiful."Matteo's hand froze and look at the woman whose hand is on the pink bracelet he is about to get."I saw it first," she's not looking at him as she said those words."No, I got it fir
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    Chapter 3
    Lorenzo laughed at Matteo. He got rejected for the first time."Fuck you," Matteo can't hide his insulted reaction."She's unbelievable. Your charm didn't work to her," Lorenzo teases.Matteo glared at him and gulped the alcohol from the bottle six times with his eyebrows knocking into each other. "You see," then he stood up and look for the waitress who just rejected his offer."O-Okay ... I already expected it."Matteo stopped when she heard the woman's voice. He look in front and saw a man and a woman kissing.Is that asshole her boyfriend? Oh, that hurts.He thought the woman would cry and pull the woman's hair but the woman just walk without looking back, and with her head up. Unbelievable.Matteo shrugged and follow the woman...'Yeah, it hurts', Sunday thought. But it is okay at least she found out right away. He just proved that he doesn't love her. It is just that, it still hurt.She wipes the t
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    Chapter 4
    An inch away from the small woman, Matteo lowered down his head and level his lips inch from her ears. "You can't get away from me this time," he said seductively that made the woman move and face him. That was a wrong move, the tip of her round breast touches his chest.Suddenly the woman stepped backward upon realizing it. "W-What do you want to talk w-with me?" her voice is shaking.Matteo sat down and put his arms around his head. "Why did you left?"The woman averted her gaze from him. "I-If you don't have anything else to say, I'm leaving. I-I still have work to do."Matteo's right and think brows arced upward. "I already paid your time."Stunned, she look at him again with disbelief. "What is it this time?" she asks. "You think of me like other girls around?""Yes," Matteo lied. Sunday is not like other girls. She's a fully grown woman. He was the one who took her virginity that made him go crazy over her, over night...Read more
    Chapter 5
    "I'm not going. Can you tell Madame Frost? I think I'm going to have a fever," Sunday lied to Shaina."All right, no problem."When Shaina left, Sunday pulled herself to the bed and pull her hair. "What am I doing..."When she was satisfied, she drop herself on the bed. This is so wrong ... what she did was wrong. Why did she give in to that Matteo again! What's wrong with her. She can't believe this!"Oh, this is..." She soaked her face in her pillow as she scolded herself in her mind.Later someone rang the doorbell."W-Who's here at this time?" She stood up."Sunday?"Sunday got stunned when she heard David's drunk voice. What is he doing here at this hour? It took her seconds before she oblige herself to open the door. And then she saw David's drunk face. "What are you doing here?" in a cold voice, she asks."I'm sorry," David's eyes are begging and full of regret but Sunday won't ever fall to it."it's okay, as I already expected it. I didn't give myself to you because I though
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    Chapter 6
    Still sick, Sunday went to the flower shop the next day. She needs to work, she needs money. "Oh, you're the new hired?"Feeling dizzy, she looks up to the owner of that voice. Seems that her fever get even worse when she saw Matteo's face and his always teasing smile. She was avoiding Matteo but now he was here and smiling at her.Sunday choose to be silent, she didn't answer. She wasn't in the mood to argue with him. She instead put her shoulder bag on the table and sit on the chair feeling annoyed by Matteo's presence. "Who cares?" she barks out of annoyance. "Of course, I care. Mama Elizabeth owned this. In other words, we own this shop.Sunday was stunned, but she shouldn't be affected just because of that. "What now, are you the one who hired me?""Oh chill. We own this shop and you have to respect me. Call me boss." Matteo's brows move up and down which made her more annoyed.She arched her right eyebrow. "Boss yourself." And then approached the incoming customer feeling unc
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    Chapter 7
    All eyes are on him in every step he makes, but Matteo is enjoying it.Who wouldn't stare? Matteo's looking even hotter in his sweat all over his body. His thin wet white t-shirt is now hugging his body giving shows to his perfect abs. "So fuckin' hot," said the long blonde-haired woman.Matteo stopped running and drank water from his bottled mineral water."Hi." The blonde-haired woman approached him but keep jogging in place beside him."Hi babe," he winked which made the woman bite her lower lip and give him a flirty look."Wanna join me?" the woman gives him a tiny piece of paper and runs her fingertips over his wet arms while biting her lower lips sending him her signal.Fuckboy as he always is, he smiled as he look at the woman's round butt cheeks while running, seems to be purposely shaking her body to give more shows to it.But he is Matteo, he is not the one who will grab, girls do. He threw away the paper, comb his wet hair to the back and start running again.*-*-*-*The N
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    Chapter 8
    Sunday was sitting on the couch waiting for the time to close the shop. She's reading the magazine but everything she reads doesn't get into her mind, she couldn't focus.- 'Are you one of his flings? Fuck buddy ?! 'Her grip on the page tightened as she remembers what Alessandra said earlier. Later, she sighed and then closed the magazine. It may be true what Alessandra said-- but no. She's not a fling ... she's not a fuck buddy of anyone. Maybe she made a mistake but she would not accept such an accusation against her. It was just a coincidence that something like that happened. It was only Matteo who took her body and that was a mistake. She was just taken away by what David had done. Sunday composes herself. She looked in the mirror and arranged her long hair and tied them around the side of her head.She looked at her wristwatch and saw that it was already seven o'clock in the evening. It's time to close the shop.She left when she secure that she had locked the door properly.
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    Chapter 9
    She must be crazy-- NO. She is crazy! She even thought Matteo was like a drug, and she would go crazy if she couldn't taste it. Just what the heck? She couldn't believe herself thinking that craziness! "Ahhhhh ..." Sunday pulled her hair while kicking on her bed."What's going on with you?" Shaina asked as she came out of the bathroom. They just arrived from the bar. Sunday sat on the bed and faced Shaina who was drying her hair with a towel."You look like a witch," Shaina laughed."What now? I assume you're gonna tell me something-- Woah, I knew it! I'm right, right?" Shaina teasingly moves her brows up and down."Slap me," Sunday said and like a fool, she move her face closer to Shaina's.l"Slap you?"She tapped her right cheek. "Here, slap me."Shaina raised her hand and tapped her lightly on the cheek. And when she felt it, she again dropped her body on her bed, straight. She's crazy! She's doomed."Don't tell me, you and Matteo did it again?"Sunday immediately sat down when S
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