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Three cursed hybrid siblings are on a quest to unleash their curse that had been on their back for hundreds of years. but things went bad when their younger sibling Xen fell in love with a werewolf girl that had to die in order to get their curse of them.

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4 Chapters
CHAPTER 2XENXen was more of a lone hunter than his brothers Kane and who Kai who worked as a duo, the two couldn't separate on quest. They understood each other very very well than they did with Xen.Xen's eyes were now no longer blue, they were converting to dark black. He was hungry and tired of being in the forest hunting for a werewolf girl called Lisate. Xen had a picture of Lisate in her back pocket. He could take it out- sit down and study it for as long as he would wish. The picture of Lisate looked exactly like her centuries ago lover Merisa.He wished that this would better be true because sometimes pictures lie. He couldn't wait to meet Lisa and see if she really resembled Merisa. Though he did not want Merissa tragedy memories in his head, he still believed that seeing someone who looked like her would make him feel alive again.Xen stopped under a tall pine tree. He faced his ear to the east trying to eavesdrop to the far side o
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CHAPTER 2LISA The girl stood straight on the mirror in his cabin,combing her long dark black shiny hair to the back. Her hair was growing so faster it was now reaching the waist. She put the comb down on the table and kept on staring on the table, admiring her own beauty. Of course she was beautiful no wonder she was called the queen of their pack.Someone impatiently knocked on his door and disturbed her attention."come in please" she said in her tiny - soft- attention grabing voice."What's wrong Sean?, you look.. Exhausted" she asked the man called Sean who had just got in her cabin. This guy called Sean was the one the three hybrid brothers had met and asked about Lisa."Something is wrong Lisate", Sean said, still not calm."just today I have met three people looking for you, they got a picture of you. They are so strong, I don't know who or what they are""What?", Lisa wondered, "Three people looking for me?, what have I done"Just when Sean w
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CHAPTER 31980, NEW ORLEANSThe Three brothers were sent by their father to hunt down a powerful witch named Shamim.The witch and the family were fraud, he was considered a dangerous threat to the family. The Three brothers went for a hunt, they stayed out of the mansion for almost a month. It wasn't that easy to find shamim, she had so many places that she was found.Shamim was there only fraud. She had killed their mother and little sister, so for them hunting her to kill her wasn't a rough sin. On the middle of the forest, the boys stopped when they heard a strange sound coming from not too far away from where they were standing.They were footsteps, footsteps of a crowd of people coming to their direction."Wait, this is too strange" Kai ordered with a hand up like a student ready to answer a question in class.The three boys stood attentively like soldiers ready for battle, facing the direction where the footsteps were
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CHAPTER 4XenPresent day.Xen climbed up the stairs to the upper floor. He stood on the girls room, hesitated if he wanted to knock or not. and then he knocked and stood beside the door, waiting for the girl inside to open. He had totally forgot that he was the one who was suppose to open the door.He faced the door and breathed out, gaining his composure, and the he opened the door and went inside.Lisate was sitting upright on the bed like she had just woke up.Xen's dark blue eyes crashed with Lisa's goo eyes. Lisa buried her face down, perhaps she was shy. Xen sat on single sofa that was next to the window- far from the bed. He didn't want to get close to Lisate who reminded him of her lost lover.He didn't want to trouble his brothers with sexual feelings, because if he could get close to Lisa, his body would start catching feelings.Xen kept on staring at Lisa who's face was still down. She was numb and speechless just like Xen.<
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