WAVERING: Hearts Desire

WAVERING: Hearts Desire

By:  Dave Rodríguez  Ongoing
Language: English
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"...You want me to go to another town as you date and later marry some other lady whom you underestimate to be stupid, and I’ll be your mistress until the day that I’ll realize that I lost everything for you… you want me to sit back and wait as I grow old and see another woman bear your children.”

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5 Chapters
There is no way Clare was simply going to let her happiness go for the sake of anyone else. She stared at the mirror which reflected an image of a perfect girl. A girl she was not familiar with, anymore. She was ready for the visitor she had been waiting for for a while now.   “Is he going to show up?”   It was not usual for Cane to run late unless he had. She could not call him because she had always maintained the image of a person who had never been desperate. Truth is, she had grown to become more than that recently. She craved nothing else but the attention and time of this man. There was a knock at the door that brought Clare back to earth. An excited smile came all over her face and after giving herself a last glare, she swiftly went to welcome her long awaited guest. Cane had a way of maintaining a warm expression even though he is a man of few words. It was hard to know when he was alright and when he was not. He looked at C
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Cane had been poked in the heart by Clare’s words, there was some to truth to it and he did not know how to face it. With his anger he said what he shouldn’t have to and made Clare feel satisfied with whatever decision she was about to make. She kept quiet and stared at Cane whose eyes ha turn red. His fury was being unleashed, slowly. Cane realized what he had said and could not believe it either. “I…I am sorry, I did not mean that Clare!” “Clearly you do not know me. We are done so get out of my house and don’t think about ever coming back!” “We…” “Shouldn’t you be with the planned girlfriend?” The situation was already uncontrollable and out of hand, Cane realized this and walked out of the house without saying a word. He had realized that at this moment they would only be telling each other hurtful things some of which they did nor even mean, like what he had said to her. He knew Clare  as the most loving and less flawed person who ex
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Grace had been unlucky for some months o finding a job. She had no hurry that morning. They decided to go out for coffee and some fresh air. The cafeteria was only a few blocks from where they stayed, they walked. The cafeteria had on table left- they took the spot happily. The two ladies had never lacked something to talk about when they were together. That must have been one of the reasons why they bonded easily. While hooked to their stories a hand tapped Clare on the shoulder, she did not expect it and she freaked out. “I am sorry, I did not meant to scare you.” “You didn’t?” she said gasping “Yes, I am sorry.” “It’s alright then” Clare had not been keen on looking at the guy before him. She turned and continued talking to Grace when another tap landed on her shoulder. “I think that was quite intentional.” “I… I am sorry, you did not let me finish. May I have a sit on your table…this place is full already. This is t
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Clare had not yet understood what message Luke was trying to pass. Did he like Grace or did he want Grace to think that he likes her? Why had he blinked and stared at me the whole time? Does he want me to help him out with Grace? This sure was going to be a tricky one. The two ladies walked around for several hours before they finally went back home. They were exhausted from their walk but it was helpful. It had managed to keep Clare’s mind from thinking about Cane the entire day. They laid on the couch while watching one of their favorite TV shows before something that changed their friendship forever happened. There was a knock at the door. Clare felt lazy and showed no intention of answering it. At the second ring, Grace decided to open the door assuming it was Cane who had come to ruin their mood. She was shocked and became speechless. A tall handsome man, with dark brown eyes and beautifully curved lips was standing before her. “Oh my! You live here?”Read more
Indeed Grace had a point, if Luke did not like her then he would not have acted so decently when she was busy setting up the table for dinner. Clare thought that she had judged Luke quite harshly earlier. All the mixed signals that she had seen were a sign from Luke to help him get close to Grace, and when she failed he decided to ask for her number directly. After a few more hours of chatting, Grace decide to go back to her place that night. She was now comfortable to leave knowing that Clare was feeling better. She took her coat and the two friends bid each other goodbye.    Clare felt better and proud knowing she had a friend like Grace. Then her mind started to think about Luke. His pose, his facial features, his smile and the way he looked composed. The truth is that he had like Luke but had been scared to talk about it with Grace. She was her friend and was always there to support her every time she needed her. Clare was not ready to take away somethi
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