Tales of a Shifter (P1) - Meeting

Tales of a Shifter (P1) - Meeting

By:  Tiana Morgan  Updated just now
Language: English
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They met in the darkness. Brandon a mortal. Ezekiel a Shifter. Pain and loneliness brought them crashing into one another. Their meeting will be the first dominoes in an epic saga that branches through not only time, but blood as well. Broken Bonds will come too light. A new Bond will form in the stillness of the night. And trapped beneath the cogs of fate will be Brandon and Ezekiel. Two beings that were never supposed to meet. Brandon is lost in misery....running from shadows. Ezekiel is intrigued by Brandon's darkness...and his sorrowful beauty....but are they destined to be? Will the shadows at Brandon's heels become real and tear them apart before they ever get the chance to try? BOOK ONE PART ONE- THE MEETING

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46 chapters
Chapter 1 - His End
Chapter 1(The gossamer moon was the only sentinel to witness or tenuous beginnings.)-UnknownBrandon burst past a clump of trees, racing deep into the woods.A fine mist of droplets fell from the pine needles over head, down into his dirty blond hair. The water saturated him. Plastering the few dry strands left down onto his scalp, forehead, and temples. His wet clothes clung to him and made his thin cheeks and dark rimmed eyes seem all the more devastating.Brandon whipped away a cool droplet from his skin, fighting not to shiver and failing miserably. "Damn forest! It's freezing!!." He panted shallowly as he moved forward and asked himself. "Where
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Chapter 2 - New Smell
Chapter 2Ezekiel didn't know what exactly called him off the beaten path that night....but on instinct he had followed the soft breeze of the night. Now he stood and watched the mortal below him from the tree branches high above the intruders oblivious head.So close that he could smell nothing but thick coppery blood.It drenched the air, it bleed across Ezekiel's senses, tickling the beast inside of him. It growled dangerously coming awake in moments as if jolted from its rest.So strange.  It was a curious scent, blood....and something else, laced along with it. It overpowered the smell of pine that had always been a part of his Clans forests.The smel
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Chapter 3 - Death
Chapter 3 - DeathWith a snarl, more beast then man, Ezekiel charged into the mortal.He clamped his hands around the mortal's smaller right wrist that was holding the blade, and slammed him back into the tree.The mortal screamed in agony, and Ezekiel smelled more blood rush into the air, but the mortal wasn't done in by Ezekiels attack.A fist, small, and hard cracked into the side of his head. Once, then twice.Ezekiel tottered to the side as blood blossomed inside his cheek and his hold on the mortal slipped. And then the mortal started rush him.Ezekiel quickly retreated. With his hands out to his sid
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Chapter 4 - Taking Stock
Chapter 4"What do I do now?" Ezekiel asked himself.In the deathly silent moments that passed after the mortal fell unconscious, this was the only question, out of the other hundred buzzing around in his head; which Ezekiel most desperately wanted to find an answer to.Still leaned over the mortal on the ground, Ezekiel felt harsh twinges of pain lance down his arm and across his collar. Reminding him that he had just in fact survived a deadly blow. Ezekiel took a moment to reassure himself that the stranger wasn't going to jump up and stab him again.Calling on the beast inside him, he felt warm energy flowing out of his core and into his eyes. With a slight sting, Ezekiel then felt his eyes slit, taking on the shape of a cats gaze.With glowing blue eyes, he swept his hands across the stranger's hips and ankles, searching for more blades. With the beast inside lending him its sight, the darkness melted away and for the most part Ezekiel could se
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Chapter 5 - Decisions
Chapter 5 - DecisionsAnd then there was a tiny thump. And then a few seconds later....a second thump. A weak heartbeat.Releasing a breath, Ezekiel pulled back. The cold dread ripping deep into his soul dissipated.He's alive...just barely...but seriously what do I do with him, now?Coming to a decision that the mortal wasn't capable of moving, much less attacking in his current sorry state Ezekiel decided to move off a ways and inspect the wounds that he had sustained earlier.And to think.With a painful hiss Ezekiel lowered himself into the pine needles beside the mortal and inspected his shoulder.Ezekiel quickly lifted up his shirt, biting back another painful hiss as he watched the blood flowing down his right peck from a giant, bloody gash two spaces to the left of his heart. The wound in his shoulder was clean and at least a few inches deep.As Ezekiel inspected it with his slit eyes in the darkness a small chill race
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Chapter 6 - Big Brothers
Chapter 6 - Big BrothersEzekiel could sense the eyes within the darkness as he neared the path that would take him out of the pine forest and into the perimeter of his home.Glaring, calculating and questioning, they burned into him, but more than him Ezekiel felt these eyes focused on his arms.Looking at the stranger that he bore like a broken, bloody, sack nestled against his chest.Ezekiel let the power of his beast take over and felt the power bleed into his eyes. He felt his pupils shrink sharply, until, darkness became more like light. Shadows gave way to him and there, not ten feet from him, Ezekiel could make out the shadows of three, very large, very animalistic outlines.Ezekiel blinked slowly, then looked down at the stranger in his hands. "So...." He began talking to the new arrivals. But he didn't use words to speak. No. He growled, hissed and roared out his sentences. Speaking the language of the Shifter inside of him. "So I guess I
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Chapter 7 - Powers At Play
Chapter Seven - Power PlayEzekiel wasn't sure what to expect after his harsh words....but he should have known that there would be serious backlash."I think someone's forgotten who the hell he's talking to! Do you really think you've got what it takes to go up against any of us!" sneered Ezekiel's green eyed brother, Lander.With a brisk step he brushed past Walter and approached Ezekiel with eyes full of open aggression.Lander was Ezekiel's second eldest brother.He much like Walter had wide shoulders, but his hips were more narrow and defined by muscle and sinew. Defined but slimmer he was built for the Shift, the streamlined body made for hunt and k
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Chapter 8 - Die Now; Die Later
Chapter Eight - Die Now, Die Later"Fine, if this is to be the path you've chosen, then I do not see any of us persuading you to turn back...at least not with resorting to violence...." Walter suddenly rumbled. His burning yellow eyes piercing the misty darkness. The large shadowed figure of his largest sibling stoic and unyielding in the pale light of the moon."I will help escort the intruder to the house with you Ezekiel. But when we get there Im not leaving mom alone with this stranger. Got it?" As the Eldest his words held a lot of power over the other brothers.With no other recourse all Ezekiel could do was nod. Then Ezekiel looked at his other brothers and quirked an eye brow at them."He's gonna kill you fo
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Chapter 9 - Follow Through
Chapter 9- Follow Through"Mom...You have to promise not to scream...." Ezekiel whispered walking his mother up from the spiral staircase and down the long hallway of the third floor of their three story home. The dim light that glowed from the few candles lit in the early hours of the previous evening lent a welcome shadows that helped to hide Ezekiels anxiety from her.After managing to not only sneak the mortal into their home without the world ending, Ezekiel had quickly realized that both of his parents had retired to their bed room for the night.SafeWas what Ezekiel had thought to himself as they smuggled the mortal further into their home.Each of his brothers struggled slightly to juggle the mortal's limp weight and avoid the furniture in the front hall. But...

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Chapter 10 - This is Bad
Chapter 10 - This is BadRealizing that it was almost three am Ezekiel allowed her the necessary time to emerge from her sleep before he spoke."Ezekiel?" His mother gorged, raising her head, curls tumbling over her shoulder she pulled herself up on to her seat and stretched leisurely. Bright green eyes glowed in the dim lights. Slit like a big cat they contacted sharply as her eyes opened, and as she opened her small mouth to yawn, tiny fangs flashed in the candle light. Reminding Ezekiel that for all Shifters, sleep allowed the beast much closer to the surface then was possibly safe."Ezekiel? What time is it? Is something wrong?' his mother hissed softly, drawing her arms up into the air to crack her back, closing her eyes and rubbing them she slouched on the bed. Whe
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