The mafia's ruthless assassin

The mafia's ruthless assassin

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Her name is Alexia Ivanov. Every single person in the mafia knows her name. She is known as the Cold Blooded Assassin. She kills her enemies in the worst way possible and She finds pleasure in killing people. His name is Ares Salvatore. He is the leader of the most powerful mafia in the world. He is the leader of the Italian Mafia. He is dangerous, emotionless and cold to other people but with his family, there's no one better than him. Read what happens when the assassin meets the mafia King.

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11 Chapters
Alexia's POVHumans are humans, they have feelings. Pain, happiness, sadness, love, hatred, jealousy,anger and so on, are part of life.Everyone must have felt at least one or two of these emotions.Then why do they say that I'm emotionless?My name is Alexia Ivanov. Unfortunately, I'm  the daughter of the Leader of the Russian Mafia, Noah Ivanov. Being twenty four years old and the eldest child made me the heiress of the empire.I have a younger 'sister' who goes by the name, Dana. She's one year younger than me. I've been trained ever since I was a child unlike Dana who has been treated like a princess ever since she was born.I stared at the man in front of me, who was shivering in his seat. He had his hands tied behind his back."Mr Lacroix, I'm sure you know who I am." I spoke with a calm tone."Y-yes I know who you are. You are the assassin," Antoine Lacroix stuttered, sweat forming on his f
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Ares's POV"Ares!" The familiar and annoying voice of my dad rang in my ears making me roll my eyes, sparing him a glance, "can I help you?""Leave your brother, this very instant!" He demanded seriously, his eyes going from me to Austin.I groaned before removing my hands off Austin's throat, "Consider yourself lucky that dad is here.""Vaffanculo stronzo!!" Austin cursed angrily. [Fuck you asshole!!]I rolled my eyes, shooting him an annoyed look, "I'll pass, caro fratello."[Dear brother]"Enough with the fightings you two!You're grown ups but are still behaving like kids!" Dad scolded and shook his head helplessly."It's Ares! He's always beating me, dad. I'm your poor innocent and smallest son! I am beauty and he is the beast." Austin complained like a child despite being a twenty two years old man."You do know that Beauty and the Beast ended up together right?" Ana, who was sipping her coff
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Alexia's POVMy 'family' were at that party while I was on my way there, after taking care of something which came up at the last moment.I pulled my car over in front of the mansion, taking a glance outside to see tons of people waiting for me to step out, eagerness and excitement clear on their faces.I stepped out of the car reluctantly. I wanted to go back home, lie on my bed and watch movies or something like that. Honestly, I wanted to be anywhere than at that party. But I had no choice, knowing my father, he'd most likely get angry if he wouldn't see me at that stupid party.I slammed my car door shut, letting out a loud annoyed sigh."You don't look like you want to be here," an unfamiliar voice commented making me turn around to see Ares Salvatore standing there, looking as stunning as ever. I've heard that he was extremely good looking and hot-turns out it was true. The guy really was the most handsome man I've e
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"There she is, my beautiful daughter." Dad said dramatically to a man he was talking to when his eyes landed on me."Father," I greeted, ignoring the man who he was speaking to, "We need to talk."He nodded before dismissing the guy, "I'll see you around." The dude nodded before walking away. He then turned to me and gave me his full attention, "Yes?""How do I proceed with the plan?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him."Seduce Ares. Have sex with him for all I care but-" he paused, pointing a finger at me, "-you gotta get him under your skin. Toy with him." I clenched my jaw at his words even though it didn't shock me. I knew he'd say something like that."Then what?" I asked fighting the urge to plant a bullet in his old asshole. I hated that man so freaking much."Then you fucking kill him!" He exclaimed, quickly clearing his throat when he noticed a few eyes on him. He glanced down at the floor, turning his voice down, "It won't be an eas
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I could feel Ares's eyes on me which made me glance at him at the corner of my eyes and found him staring at me.I smirked at the dumbfounded girl in front of me,"It's a talent of mine.""Unbelievable!" Vandetta mumbled, her eyes were wide opened, "Are you a witch?""So you've just had sex no longer than twenty minutes ago and you're here, asking for more sex?" Ares asked her, raising his brows. "She's lying. I didn't have sex!" Vandetta said as she shot me a death glare."Woman, your legs are sore—you were limping, you still have some sweat on your forehead, your dress is creased and your appearance says it all." I said, ignoring the glare she was giving me."How the fuck can you even conclude all that? I've fixed my dress and I've already wiped all those sweat back in the bathroom—" she cut herself off, realising her mistake."There we go," I glanced at Ares then back at her, "she did it in the bathroom." "Fucking sex freak." Ares muttered, disgust clear in his tone. "Who are you?
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"What are you doing?" Austin approached Ares and I with Ana trailing behind him."Can't you see?" Ares asked in an annoyed tone. "$23,000!" The man shouted, smirking. He didn't know to who was his competitor. He could only hear his voice."$24,000." Ares said again. "$25,000!" The man shouted. "Fuck this," Ares muttered before shouting, "$30,000." He then looked down at me before whispering, "she isn't even worth a dollar." The crowd went silent. "What the hell is this?" Ana asked, confusion clear in her voice."$30,000 anyone?" Amanda asked. When nobody replied, she spoke, "Dana Ivanov sold to Ares Salvatore for the night! Congratulations, this is our highest amount so far! Thank you, Mr Salvatore."Since Dana was the last woman left to be auctioned, everybody went back to do whatever they were doing. When she saw Ares, Dana smiled and jumped in excitement. She ran of the stage and jumped in Ares's arms making me, who was just beside him, take a few steps away in order for her
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The Salvatore Mansion was extremely huge and beautiful. Inside was even more beautiful than outside. The house was luxurious and beautifully decorated, not to mention very clean also. We were led in the living room where everybody sat down. I took a seat on the only available couch which was big enough for two. I glanced at Ares who was standing. His eyes met mine and he smirked before making his way towards me and took a seat next to me. "So, what did you want to tell us?" Edward asked, leaning comfortably on the couch. "We have been facing problems lately. Mostly, with the French and the Mexicans. I think that they've formed an alliance." Dad's voice was serious and emotionless. It was always like that when he'd speak business."They are not allies. We would've known if they are." Edward said, almost sure of himself which made my dad let out a humourless laugh."You think they would come to your door and tell you that they are now allies?" He mocked, "could you be more stupid, E
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I entered the classroom and went to sit at a corner in the back. Ares stepped in and his eyes roamed around the classroom before it settled on me. A smirk made it's way onto his lips before he came and sat in front of me as a girl took a seat next to me while a dude next to Ares."Hi!" The unknown girl greeted me with a huge smile, "I'm Emma. You're the new girl who everybody is talking about right?""I'm Diana Cooper." I replied which made Emma smile, "Everybody is talking about how you stood up for yourself in front of Iris. Iris is a bully. She thinks that just because her father is rich, she can behave however she wants.""Who is her father?" I asked, curiousity getting the best of me. "Leonard Smoak." Emma replied. "That's the first time I'm hearing this name," I rolled my eyes, "I thought you were gonna say Bill Gates." She laughed at my response."Who's this hot guy?" Emma asked, pointing to Ares who was in front of us."I don't know." I replied with a shrug, "Ask him.""God
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While everyone else were exchanging words, Ares's phone started ringing. He glanced at me then he stood up and went away to answer the call."Well guys, I gotta run!" Iris stood up, her eyes fixed on her phone, "My friends are calling me to join them for a while. See ya!""I got to go too," Ryan groaned in annoyance, "I have private lessons from Mrs Fray during lunch time. See you guys in class."I watched as Ryan and Iris walked away then I shifted my eyes to Thierry and flashed a smile to his direction."So Thierry. You seem nice! Why don't you tell me a little about you?" I asked, keeping a fake friendly smile on."My dad's name is Gabriel and he owns a company which is pretty successful." Thierry replied with a faint smile."You must be really proud to be his son." I commented to which he shrugged."Honestly, I'm not." He replied and his eyes seemed to have fallen on someone or something behind me. "I'll be right back." He stood up and walked away. I grabbed that opportunity and r
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"why kill such a handsome man?" Dana asked, her tone slutty as usual, "can't you marry him to me?""I thought only Liza could call him that." Dad shot me a death glare at me words made me roll my eyes in response, "What did I say wrong? Both you and I know that I'm right.""Now that I think of what Dana said—" I cut him off, shaking my head in distaste, "Don't you dare to even think about it. I'm taking care of this, aren't I?""But—" he tried to speak but I again cut him off, not wanting him to ruin everything. It wasn't like Ares would agree to marry Dana, anyway. Nobody in their right mind would. "I'm doing everything you're asking me to. But this would be excessive.""But just think about it!" He exclaimed, "a marriage, It's the best idea!""Your plan is already perfect as it is," I gave him fake assurance, "no wedding is necessary. Besides, he wouldn't agree. Let's just stick to your previous plan." I then stood up and walked out of the room, not giving my father the chance to sa
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