Her Secrets

Her Secrets

By:  actb4thinking  Ongoing
Language: English
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Athena was many things; gorgeous, a killer, an assassin, a psychopath but above all, a Romano. And that was her biggest secret. Nobody knew that except her brother, Alessio Romano who also happened to be the Russian Mafia Leader. Sean Blackwood had reached his breaking point. He lost his entire family to the mafia, he has learnt that there was no happiness when you're in that business let alone leading it. He was known to be cold, a ruthless killer who hated wasting his time giving his enemies a painful death, so he would kill them instantly without blinking or thinking twice. What happens when they cross paths?

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4 Chapters
|Athena's POV|Life has always treated me like a fucking rag doll, throwing me here and there. However, my whole fucked up life changed when Alessio Romano came knocking at my door on a Thursday night. He was so blunt with the news he had to give me and I kind of appreciated him for it.Anyway, that's a story for another day. For now, let me focus on my target who was about to enter a club named 'The Howl of the girl' which was a funny and a stupid name at the same time.My target was a blond haired guy with brown eyes who was around five feet tall and had a deep red suit on with a tie as well. After having fixed my black hair, I straightened the short strapless red dress I was wearing and applied some more lipstick on my lips. Placing
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After Quentin gave up the location of his other friend, I spent a few more minutes torturing him before I shoved the fabric in his mouth again and again took off his pants before cutting his dick off as promised. It was a disgusting thing to do but he deserved it, really. I then removed the cloth from his mouth before putting his dick inside. His eyes widened as he tried to take it out but he couldn't. He choked on it while I slit his throat and watched him die slowly. It was fun.Taking out my phone, I called the familiar name and waited for him to answer."Yes?"Alessio's voice was oddly blank. He lost the love of his life a few months ago, I wouldn't blame him. What happened to him and Thea was unfair, really. I felt bad for him. He had been broken before, with that L
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|Athena's POV|I don't know for how long I've been rotting down here but I can say that it's been more than two hours."Life—" I paused, "—what a joke!" I groaned before letting out a sigh.Just then, the door in front of me was pushed open, allowing light inside the room. However, I could not see the face of the person who entered. I could see only his frame. He was definitely a guy and he was tall. Closing the door behind him, he walked towards me.The room went dark again. The only thing I could see were his grey eyes which were kind of glowing in the dark. They were so damn familiar yet I couldn't place my hands on where I saw them.

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|Athena's POV|"How long have I been here?" I asked Sean who shrugged. "Are you planning on letting me go or—" I trailed off, tilting my head to the side as I stared at his perfect as hell face again. He was absolutely gorgeous with his sharp jawline, pink soft lips, grey eyes, brown hair—fucking hell. That man was so fine."I don't know yet," He muttered, his eyes fixed on me as he sat on the chair across mine. He tied my hands again after I was done eating which was around fifteen minutes ago."My back is starting to hurt," I complained, "be a gentleman and let me go? You know I'll keep my mouth shut about whatever you are.""Whatever?" He repeated with a roll of his
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