Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father

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Kara Martin was known as Miss Perfect. She was a beauty with good personality and successful career. Unfortunately, her life changed at one night. She was accused of adultery, losing her job, and abandoned by her fiance. The arrogant man who slept with her did not want to take responsibility. He even threatened to kill her if they met again. What’s worse, Kara was pregnant with twins and she chose to give birth to them. Four and a half years later, Kara returned to work at a large company. As the secretary, she would frequently face their notorious CEO. Kara thought it wouldn't be a problem, but as it turned out ... the CEO was the father of the twins!

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Drea Marie
I think this book is a very good book I have areas where I'm actually laughing I know it's a lot of seriousness and arrogantness from the main male character but I swear the female characters amazing
2023-12-01 16:53:01
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Ruth Andersen
When story is completed, i will read It.
2023-11-10 01:21:04
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Lusi Solona
The blurb itself is intriguing. Can't wait to read the rest; I just added it to my library.
2023-11-05 20:31:13
user avatar
I don't understand the appeal of the horribly rude, arrogant, condescending jacka$$. This must be a cultural thing where men have all the rights and can threaten women they've taken advantage of. So frustrating and disappointing.
2023-11-16 11:20:39
204 Chapters
1. You Screwed Me!
"Gosh!” Frank Harper gasped as he saw a slender shoulder full of hickeys. The purple marks were everywhere, even near the mole at the arousing position. Still with his mouth gaped, Frank stared at the girl’s face. Her lipstick and mascara were messily smeared. Realizing his brutality, Frank rushed to get his cell phone. “You and those nine bodyguards are useless! Don’t you think that I paid you enough?” Frank swore as soon as someone received the call. "Sorry, Sir. Didn’t you tell us to take some rest? You said you wanted to celebrate the anniversary with your fiancee.” “Fiancee? I don't even know this girl!” Frank glared at the girl with piercing eyes. Hatred had burned his soul. Every time his fiancee tried to seduce him, his control never wavered. But now? How could he ruin his perfect image with a stranger? “Investigate the bar! Someone had put drugs in my drink last night. And find out where Isabela is now! She never canceled appointment without any information before."
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2. Live for the Twins
Four and a half years later, Kara still couldn't get out of the misery. The only reason that kept her going was her family—her mother who never left her, and two little angels she couldn't give up before. “Louis, Emily! Your mommy is home!” Hearing her grandmother's call, the eyes of a little girl sparkled. The gray glow outshined the brightest stars. She removed the book from her lap and slumped from the bed. Laughing, she had a quick battle with her brother. "Mommy's home! Mommy's home!” Right after Kara put the plastic groceries down on the table, the twins lunged at each of her leg. Seeing those cheerful cuties, her weariness vanished. She smiled and stroked the toddlers gently. "Why are you running so fast? It will hurt if you fall." Showing his tiny teeth, Louis shook his head firmly. "I can't fall, Mommy. My legs are strong." "My legs too," Emily said as she flipped her long, thick, wavy hair. She looked exactly like a little Kara. Only their eyes’ colors were different,
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3. Gray Eyed Devil
Suddenly, Vivian put down another paper. “This is the compensation if you can survive more than a month.” Kara's eyes grew wider. ‘That's enough for the twins' school fees!’ “And if you can survive for three months, this will compensate for the months to come.” As soon as the last paper was put down, Kara's mouth fell open. She seemed to see a very bright way out. ‘I don't have to worry if that amount goes into my account every month. Not only will the twins be prosperous, Mom can also retire from the library!’ “Hey, Emily. How much is that? You're better at math,” Louis whispered as he nudged his younger sister's arm. "I don't know, Louis. I only know that if there are three zeros, that's two thousand. That's four zeros. Is it twenty thousand dollars?" "Mommy, accept it. There are a lot of zeros," Louis whispered, covering his mouth with one hand. He didn't care if Vivian held her laugh, while his grandmother narrowed her eyes at him. "If Mommy accepts this job, that means we
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4. You Can't Just Walk Away
Frank involuntarily raised an eyebrow and held his breath. He only insulted a little, but the new secretary already dared to bark? “If I had known the CEO of Savior Group was this rude and arrogant, I wouldn't have signed the contract!” Kara snapped without the slightest hesitation. Frank checked the expressions of the bodyguards and Vivian. They all got tensed. No one dared to move. Indeed, it was only the girl in front of him who dared to seek death. Frank looked at Kara closely. The corners of his lips twitched slightly. "So, you think I'm rude and arrogant?" Before the girl could answer, he snorted and brushed the tip of his nose with his long forefinger. “Who are you? How dare you judge me? You have no sense of shame and manners, huh?!” “Sorry, Mr. Harper.” Vivian pulled Kara back. “Miss Martin has just signed the contract and this is her first day visiting the company. She hasn't had any training or read any manuals." "That's not a reason for her to be rude to me," Frank
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5. Game Starts
Looking at Kara's stiffness, the corners of Frank's lips lifted slightly. "But, if you want to use this situation as an opportunity, that's fine. Savior Group has a vision to save people's futures. Maybe, three months of working here, your mindset can change. Trust me. Your future will be bleak if your personality is still like this." Kara clenched her jaw. She began to have difficulty as her blood boiled. ‘You're the one who makes my life bleak!’ Kara wanted to scream it. However, she still had to live. Now, the best way was to be patient. "You don't mind seeing my face for three months?" Frank smiled slightly and raised an eyebrow. His response made Vivian massage her temples. She knew that the CEO was definitely planning something. "Okay. I will be your secretary for the next three months," Kara said firmly. The girl understood that her work would not be easy. That Pervert Demon couldn't possibly let her be in peace. However, it wouldn't be Kara if she didn't have a solution
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6. Take It Off or I Will
Shaking his head in disgust, Frank pointed at the secretary's black shoes. “You're not an apprentice, so put away those old fashioned shoes. And those pants ... swap them for skirts. That way, you might look a little more attractive. Then, that boring blouse ... look for something more fashionable. Lastly, your head.” "What's wrong with my head?" Kara asked in a horrified tone. She could understand if the CEO protested her outfit, but her head? Does that Lewd Demon also want to replace it? “You are unsightly. Take off your hair tie!" Kara flinched. She was in danger. If her hair was down, wouldn't Frank Harper recognize her more easily? “I'm more comfortable like this, Sir. If my hair was down, it would be more troublesome.” “You're the one who's bothered, not me. Take it off or I'll do it!" Kara swallowed hard. She wanted to find a reason, but there wasn't one. While lowering her head, she was forced to let her hair down. “Put away your glasses too!” “G-glasses? How can I see
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7. Suicide Mission
"Do you want to suffer the same fate as the Savior crew? Even though as individuals they are professional, as a team they are very bad. Employees who hinder the company deserve to be drowned." Frank's words made Kara swallow hard. Cold sweat began to bead on the back of her neck. ‘Is this what punishment other than dismissal means? Being drowned?’ Holding her breath, Kara watched the coffee she brewed. The CEO's anger would definitely double if he drank it. Kara would not only be expelled from the company, but also from life. The mission must be aborted immediately! However, before Kara could move the cup, Frank had snatched it. The man apparently had hung up the phone. His throat was dry and needed refreshing. "No!" Kara grabbed the cup. "Aargh!" Frank stood up and gasped at the secretary. Warm black liquid had stained his trousers, right in “that” part. "... Kara Martin!" Kara's life was almost ripped from her body. She wasn't ready to be drowned yet. With a quick movement,
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8. Same Eyes
"Do you like the library?" Kara asked, faking a smile. She hoped the twins wouldn't catch on to her sadness. "Yes!" Emily stretched her neck. "There are more books there. The reading room is wider and there is even a seminar room. The visitors are also busier. Grandma told Louis for not disturbing them several times. But Louis didn’t listen." Hearing that report, Louis' eyes widened. "I'm not disturbing them. I just want to make friends." "Louis, you know that the library is a place to read, right?" Kara asked softly. However, the son shrank when he heard it. "Okay. I won't bother the visitors anymore. I'll just sit quietly and observe them." "That will be scary!" Emily said while hugging her plush tighter. "If a stranger had done that to me, I would have closed the book and found somewhere else to read." Seeing Louis' sullen face, Kara pinched his cheek. "Emily is right. You shouldn't make library visitors feel uncomfortable. Grandma could get fired. Instead of paying attentio
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9. Emily Martin
"How old are you?" Frank asked spontaneously. Emily furrowed her brows. Instead of answering, she just shook her head. "Sorry, Sir. Mommy said we shouldn't share personal information with strangers." "But you already told me your name." "That's a form of responsibility. Who knows, your knee hurts and you want to sue me. You can come here again and look for me." Frank was amazed. That answer was too mature for Emily. ‘That stupid secretary couldn't have given birth to such a genius baby. It must be just a coincidence that they have the same last name.’ While Frank was lost in contemplation, Emily nodded respectfully. "Now please excuse me, Sir. I have to meet my brother. I'm afraid he'll bump into someone else if he keeps looking for me." With sparkling eyes, Frank stared at Emily's tiny back away. Her thick hair swayed beautifully to match her steps. For the first time in history, Frank Harper was interested in a child. "Isn't that toddler very cute?" Jeremy whispered, looking
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10. Little Spy
"He invites me, but he’s late?" Frank Harper glanced at the restaurant manager. "Sorry, Mister Harper. Mister Wilson is on the way. He should be here in a moment." "I don't need an apology, but proof." With a cold expression, Frank waved his hand. The manager quickly disappeared from his sight. However, when he was about to lean back, two bodyguards entered carrying a toddler. His hanging legs kicked in the air. "Let me go! Let me go! If Mommy finds out that you are bullying me like this, you will regret it!" "Sir, we found this child sneaking around outside. It looked like he wanted to spy on you." With a suspicious look, Frank studied the little boy in the blue coat. One of his eyebrows furrowed and his lips pursed. "Did someone tell you to follow me?" "No. I want to do it myself. Please tell your guards to take me down!" Frank raised his index finger. Louis' feet were on the floor again. "Why are you following me?" Louis didn't answer. He just bit his lip and looked at Fr
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