The Alpha’s Awakening

The Alpha’s Awakening

By:  Taylor West  Ongoing
Language: English
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Aria has her life ripped from her in one single night. The man she thought she was in love with turns her world upside down in a ruthless attack, killing her loved ones. Something she doesn't understand since he made a Blood Oath to her family. Imprisoned by the man she once loved, Aria finally escapes and flees to another pack. Where she discovers who she really and how she is mated to two men. One that swore an oath to her family and one that holds a dark secret. Who will Aria choose?

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132 Chapters
No one saw the war coming, least of all me. There were no warnings, no clues. It all happened suddenly in the middle of the night. I fell out of bed, landing on my back sending pain and panic running through me. Ourpack is being attacked! Jumping to my feet, I knew I had to move quickly. Glancing at the clock I see that it is barely one in the morning. Shaking my head, I hastily pull a jumper on. I was a wolf, well an unshifted one, but it was still cold outside. Pulling my trusty running trainers on, I grab the emergency backpack out the bottom of my cupboard. Searching the packhouse, I find it empty. My father, mother and my siblings were already gone, why hadn’t they woken me?? The noises of the attack outside were deafening. The screams and the cries of women and children echoed across the grounds and throughout the packhouse, the smell of blood already filling the air and invading my senses. Peering through a small window, I was shocked by the scene unfolding in front of m
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Aria's POV “LET ME GO YOU ASSHOLE” Seren was screaming at the man while trying to swipe at him with her half shifted claws. It wasn’t making the slightest bit of difference. The guy was just too far out of reach and I tell her to be quiet as we were both dragged towards the dungeons, at least we were not dead! “At least I am fighting them” she retorts back. “There is no point Seren, we are well and truly outnumbered, we have lost!” I mutter back at her. Seren had always been so quick to judge my lack of urgency, but the truth was, I liked to think things through, I liked puzzles, I Iiked to solve them logically. Being held hostage was no different. The man throws me into the dungeon after my sister, sending me rolling across the stone floor. I collide into Seren who quickly helps me up and wraps her arms around me, pulling me in tight against her large chest. We didn’t have the best relationship, but having just watched our parents being murdered, it was like she knew she had to
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Aria's POV The man that I had been deeply in love with was not the man standing in front of me. He was cruel, he was evil and he was still refusing to look directly at me. “It’s time to make a decision Aria,” I could tell he was losing his patience with me as I refused to answer, his hands raking through his hair as I keep my mouth clamped shut. Death was staring me in the face but I no longer cared. I knew that I would never see my parents again, chances of me seeing my brother and sister alive were long gone. At this point, it would be better if he just killed me. “ARIA, answer me!”, The commanding voice runs through me, and in that moment I realise that Ryan isn’t just anyone, he was the Alpha of Crimson Pack. My jaw drops as his eyes bore into mine, fighting back the tears as he rips me up to my feet, he pulls me across the grounds but we were not heading back towards the dungeon. My feet move quickly as I try to keep up with Ryan, but because of his height, I end up bei
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Aria's POV Flashback - Three months ago. Charlotte White, the Beta’s daughter, appeared after chemistry class. Rounding the corner, I walk straight into her. It wasn’t intentional and honestly, I would give anything not to be near Charlotte. Even though I was the daughter of the Alpha, it didn’t stop her harassing me. Today, Charlotte had her ash blonde hair slicked back and pulled up in a high ponytail. She had been busy talking on the phone when I walked into her. The moment she sees that it is me, an evil grin appears. The phone slips from her hand, the screen shattering as it hits the floor. “You bitch, do you know how much that costs?” her arms fold over her chest as she scowls at me. “Of course you wouldn’t, you don’t even have a phone, wait until my father hears about this!” Anyone would think that Charlotte was the Alpha’s child by the way she acted. Charlotte’s father was my father’s Beta. I knew I would get into trouble. Charlotte would spin some lie about me, and I wou
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Aria's POV Flashback- three months ago Gasps rattle through the silence at my announcement. “The Blood Oath?” my father questions. The Blood Oath was not to be taken lightly. An ancient and sacred oath. Known by very few, the Alpha was surprised I knew about it. He pulls his me aside, away from the pack. “How do you know about the Blood oath?” he whispers under his breath, trying to stop the pack from overhearing them. Folding my arms across my chest, I heave a sigh, “Father, you know that I like to research our history,” I glance over at Ryan who is sitting with his face in his hands. I knew the Blood Oath was the only way to protect him. To stop the pack ganging up on him. At the same time, he had to be willing to hold up his end of the oath. Breaking the oath would mean he would suffer. No one knew how because it was different for everyone. My father turns to Ryan, pressing his lips into a thin line. “Ryan Conri, do you consent to taking the Blood Oath, to forever link yo
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Aria's POV Flash back- three months ago Racing to Ryan’s side, I drop to my knees and lean over him. Tears stream down my face as I try to shake him. He wasn’t breathing, his chest still in the moonlit grounds. “Aria” my father rests his hands on my shoulders. “Aria, he will be fine, it’s just what happens” The Alpha summons Kyle and his Beta to help move Ryan back inside. He tries to reassure me that by morning Ryan will be his normal self, but I didn’t believe him. Refusing to listen to my father, I follow Kyle and my fathers Beta. Both men were huge and they were struggling to carry Ryan. A complete change to the day I had brought Ryan home. The men carry Ryan to his room. A room on the opposite side of the house to my bedroom. It didn’t stop me from following my brother in. As they lay Ryan down, I sit by his side, holding on to his hand. Kyle hovers for a moment, like he wanted to say something, his eyes darting about. “You think it failed?” I ask Kyle, hoping that it was
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Present Aria's POV Exactly one hour later, I hear the turn of the key. I hadn’t moved from the spot where he had left me. My original plan was to escape, but when trying to figure out how to get out, it dawned on me that Ryan was expecting it. That's why he had locked me in, that’s why he had given me a time, he wanted to see what I would do. He had a scent unlike anyone else, and it had already found its way into the room under the door. Before he had even got through the door. His eyes settle on me, but in the same way as before, not quite looking at me. But I could see how annoyed he looked that I was still here. His wolf is a hunter and he had always enjoyed the thrill of the chase. I had ruined his fun! “Get up!” When I don’t move, he rips me up to my feet. I try to keep myself from whimpering, but some squeals escape. My body ached and he was making it worse. “You will listen to me Aria. Things will only get worse for you” “Maybe you will listen to me when you find out t
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Aria's POV He doesn’t return again and I end up crying myself to sleep. When I open my eyes, I’m in bed properly. Wrapped up in the blankets, the door closed and Ryan was nowhere to be seen. Hung on the outside of the wardrobe was a long black dress. With thin spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline with a leg slit that probably went as high as my panty line. It wasn’t anything that she would have chosen for herself, it was far too revealing for me and yet I couldn’t help but run my hands over it. The material was silky smooth as it grazed over my skin. “It’s yours to wear tonight” his voice makes me jump. “I’m not going” I whisper as I reach out and touch the dress again. It was far fancier than anything I had ever worn. “You will be there, it’s not a request, it is an order.” I catch his gaze in the mirror, it was the first time he had really looked at me and I felt it, the twisting knot in my stomach, the one I had felt in the dungeons. Why did it have my stomach turning this
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Aria's POV My heartbeat speeds as I realise that the very man I had come to hate was my mate. Tears spring to my eyes and I blink them back, worried that they are going to ruin everything. “Who was he Aria?” Ryan asks me again. I feel a lump in my throat because honestly, I didn’t know. The stranger had just stopped me from hitting the ground face first. I back away from Ryan, a stupid mistake but I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t accept him as my mate, not after everything. “Stop!” he growls at me, but I find myself steadily backing away. He was purposely keeping his voice low. Not wanting to attract attention and I’m grateful when people step in between us, ignoring me and trying to talk to Ryan. Escaping from everyone, I quickly hurried out into the hallway, eagerly pulling off the shoes I could barely walk in. I tried to breathe deeply, as I realised that everything was now a hundred times worse. Running through the hallways, I receive odd looks from those standing
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Aria's POV It happened every night for the next week. The vivid dreams of Ryan and I. Somehow a part of me enjoyed it while the other part of me hated it. At least Ryan was sleeping elsewhere! They always woke me at the same point though. With Ryan saying he thought I was a good girl. I didn’t know what that meant, I had no control over my dreams. When he unlocks the door, he seems different. Happier almost. Today I notice that he hasn’t brought me breakfast. “Come Aria, we are having breakfast downstairs today?” I was surprised and even more confused when he smiled. The smile was genuine, there was no force behind it like the other times. Nodding my head, I followed him out the room. Over the last week, I had learnt that it was better not to say anything, not to give him any clues about how I was feeling. He didn’t need to know that I had practised shifting every night. He certainly didn’t need to know that it was getting harder and harder for me to not act on the mate bond.
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