Mafia Men: Nikolai's Inferno

Mafia Men: Nikolai's Inferno

By:  Janedoewritings  Completed
Language: English
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BOOK ONE OF THE MAFIA MEN SERIES *** And the sweetest little angel couldn't keep her eyes off the devil. *** The strong, powerful, and ruthless Nikolai Sin Costello ruled over the kingdom of the dark world he was born into, what he wasn’t supposed to do is to fall in love with someone so different from his world while he was betrothed to someone else. He was never supposed to fall in love with someone as sweet and innocent as Evangeline Bolton. Evangeline Bolton has spent her entire life in a single room locked away from the world. Her world was filled with books and movies as it was her window to the outside world. From a very young age, she was told that the world out there was filled with big bad wolves who were ready to tear her apart if she walked out. But what happens when one day, Evangeline's parents get brutally murdered leaving her alone at the mercy of Nikolai Sin Costello, the most feared man in the entire country?

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129 Chapters
Chapter 1
•Evangeline•╌─═❁═─╌My window faced the vast gardens of our estate. The view that was hidden away from the world. No one really comes to this side of the garden except for the gardener. He comes twice a week, works for hours and hours and then he leaves before the sunsets. I'm not allowed to see him when he comes to tend to the garden, I'm supposed to close my curtain and sit in the dark until he leaves. He can not see me. I sat silently and just watched the calming scenery before me, the soft night light, the chirping of the crickets, the sky illuminated with a million stars. I took a deep breath as I yearned to run through these gardens with my hair flowing freely in the wind. I wanted to roam these gardens freely anytime I wanted without the fear of not being seen, I wanted to play in the dirt, and dance around in rain. But I couldn't. My whole life, my whole existence I have been in this room, locked and secure. The
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Chapter 2
•Nikolai•╌═❁═╌Family. Honor. Loyalty. These are the three things that are of great significance in our world.I was Luciano Costello's firstborn and the only son, Nikolai Sin Costello. Luciano Costello had been the most feared don of New York City and now in his place, I was. I was destined to be a ruler, I was raised to be merciless, ruthless. It's the only way around in our world. The first time, I killed a man, I was only seven years old. My father had his first kill when he was twelve. I took over the mafia at the age of twenty-six, I took over before he had passed, my father took over the mafia after my grandfather passed away, pops was forty-two at the time. I was feared more than my father and I saw it as another one of my achievements. I intended to surpass my father in every way possible. My father carried the legacy of the underworld from his father. Which my grandfather inherited from his father and so on. We had ruled for generations and I intend to rule and carry on
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Chapter 3
•Evangeline•╌─═❁═─╌The first thing I saw was multiple bloody shoeprints, my chin trembled and I inhaled deeply. I wiped my tears and moved further into our home. Blood... There was blood everywhere. As I got close to our living room I saw someone lying on the ground. By his uniform, I could tell that he was one of the household's help. Then I saw it, for the first time in my life I saw a dead body with a hole in his chest, the blood still oozing out of it. Fear became a tangible, living force that crept over me like some hungry beast, immobilizing me; my brain, holding me captive. I covered my mouth with both of my hands to muffle my loud cries. No, please, this can't be happening, please. I took two small steps backward. Terror sucked the very breath from my mouth. Pulse beating in my ears, blocking out all other sounds even my own.Panicking, I ran inside the living, stepping over the bodies that were lying
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Chapter 4
•Nikolai•╌═❁═╌"Boss, Charles Bolton was murdered, his entire family has been butchered" Scott informed through the phone. I reclined back in my seat and sighed. "Every single one of them?" "Yes, boss, except for Leopold, the butler. He is nowhere to be found" "Look for him" I ordered, as I put on my suit jacket. "On it, boss but you might want to come down here, there's a situation---"I cut him off. "I'll be there" I hung up the call and walked to my dining room. Bolton's dead body can wait. I settled on my seat, and read the daily paper, sipping my coffee in silence. "Don Niko" a maid voiced. "What?" I questioned, keeping my gaze on the paper. "My daughter graduated top of her class" she smiled. "She wanted to thank you for paying for her education" Georgia has been working for me for ten years, her daughter was a bright kid. I just did what I would do for any of my ho
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Chapter 5
•Evangeline•╌─═❁═─╌I don't know where I was. I don't know any of these people. I have been sitting in this room alone in the corner after the maids bathed me, they tried to get me to eat something but I couldn't. All I could think about was my parent's dead bodies, their dead eyes staring at me emotionlessly. Bile rose to my throat, I wanted to throw up, food was the least of my concerns right now. All-day long a lot of questions have been running through my mind. I needed answers, I needed someone to talk to. I needed to see my parents again. They deserve a funeral and proper burial and a final goodbye that I never got a chance to say. There were a lot of people in this house, mostly, servants. They couldn't have the answers to my questions. I needed to talk to the woman who brought me here, what was her name? Bianca? That's what she told me. I needed to know, who they are? What do they want from me? Why am I here? What happened to my parents? Who killed them? What will happen t
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Chapter 6
•Nikolai•╌═❁═╌"I don't know anything about the shooting, Don Niko" she was on the verge of crying. May Summers, the only maid that was luckily left alive. She had taken two days' leave when Charles Bolton's entire family was murdered. She was the only one who could tell me if that girl was telling the truth or not. She could be an imposter for all I know, I couldn't just take her word for it. The story she made up was complete utter bullshit. What the fuck does Ignacio Reyes take me for? A fucking fool? He really thought that he'd dangle a sweet piece of ass in front of me and it would throw me off my game? I'm not that weak when it comes to women. But fuck him for choosing the sexiest piece of ass in New York City. The way she just stood there waiting for my command. How she acted as if I scared her. Her beautiful brown eyes filled with fake innocence. How she flinched whenever I stepped closer to her. And her body... Her fucking photoshopped body. I couldn't believe that an
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Chapter 7
•Evangeline•╌─═❁═─╌"You are free to do whatever you want," Bianca told me. My mouth fell open and I was out of words. I didn't know how to react. No one had ever said those words to me. Hearing her words, I brightened up a little despite still mourning my parents' death. I was free to do whatever I wanted...When I was locked up in my room I used to think about all the things I'd do when I'd get out of there. Now that I had the chance, I had no idea what I wanted to do first. I looked around, taking it all in. I have been living here at my dad's friend's house for four days now and everything has been so surreal. I have never lived this life before, there is a single lock on the door that is for me not for anyone to lock me inside. I don't really have anything to do, I roam the gardens in the morning just like I always wanted to, it was nice to feel the sunlight on my skin. There is a huge library in the house, it has so many kinds of books, the kind of books I have never seen b
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Chapter 8
•Evangeline•╌─═❁═─╌I paced back and forth in my supposed bedroom. I will leave soon, go back to my home. I shouldn't get too comfortable here like I did with the library. You are sitting in my chair... God damn it! I should have asked for permission first. I glanced at the wall clock and it was almost midnight. He asked me to come to his office at night but he didn't specify exactly when. I combed my hair and smoothed my dress before I stepped out of the bedroom. I descended the stairs and then stopped, is it appropriate to go to his office in the middle of the night? "Hey, sweet cheeks" I jumped up at the deep voice from behind me, I turned and saw the man who was with Nikolai earlier in the library. He was almost as handsome as Nikolai but less intimidating, he and Nikolai could almost pass off as brothers but this guy had a friendly aura, the kind of personality that one can easily warm up to. I tucked my hair behind my ear and shifted on the balls of my feet. "Hi..." He
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Chapter 9
•Nikolai•╌═❁═╌I have lived this life for as long as I can remember, I was born into it, and even if I wasn't the son of Luciano Costello, I know I'd still be a motherfucking criminal. There were days when I would have some clarity when I know that what I'm about to do is wrong, but I do it anyway. Today was one of those days as I saw Evangeline Bolton running freely in my vast garden, enjoying the sunshine on her skin, laughing uncontrollably as my vicious hounds ran with her. My hounds were trained to kill, they could rip off a man's jaw with a single strike of their paw but somehow this girl has turned them into lovesick little puppies. Her long hair was flowing behind her and she wore a pink dress that hugged her every curve. It was a really tight fucking dress that was messing with my sanity. She was fucking eighteen, too damn innocent and pure for me. She has never been with a man, never been touched, never had a cock in that pretty little mouth of hers, those fucking thoug
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Chapter 10
•Evangeline•╌─═❁═─╌It was nine o'clock in the morning, I had brushed my teeth, showered, and dressed up in a light pink dress. I descended the stairs to go to the kitchen. Nikolai's cooks were busy preparing breakfast probably for Scott. A shot of frustration ran through me, he will be staying here as long as Nikolai is in England. He spent the entire day with me yesterday, and I came to the conclusion that I do not like him. He is annoying and he constantly belittles me for the things that I do not know. I sighed and wandered into the kitchen. "Hey, everyone" I smiled. They all stilled like I have told them that someone had died. And then without replying to me or acknowledging me they went back to work. Then the head cook turned to me and smiled politely. "What would you like to have for breakfast?""Um, do you have Cheerios?" "Churros?" I shook my head. "No, cheerios, the cereal" They all gave each other another look, the one they gave each other when I asked for a bag of
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