Devil's Obsession

Devil's Obsession

By:  Chizzy  Ongoing
Language: English
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She is in love with two men, two dangerous men A dangerous Mafia boss and the devil's son. Who will she choose? It's really hard to choose between two people that makes your heart race. Will she choose the ruthless Mafia boss? Or the devil's son? Or both? Find out!!! " Don't you dare go near her!" Damien said as he pulled me out of his grip. " How dare you?" They started fighting, I don't know what to do. Who should I choose now, I love them... Both of them.

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22 Chapters
Julianne JohnsonFemale leadAge - 34Height - 5'6Blonde hairedOccupation - police officerNationality - SpainRelatives :Mr. Steven Johnson - father.Late Mrs. Mary Johnson - motherJohnny Johnson - little brotherSpouses:Mr Stanley Morgan - former husband.Damien Lucifer - demon husband.Jake - Mafia husband ---------Damien LuciferMale lead 1 Real Age - 356 yrsHuman age - 35 yrsHeight - 6'2Hair color - blackOccupation - unknownNationality - hellfireRelatives:Lucifer - fatherJesus Christ - uncleGod - grandpaSpouses:Julianne Johnson - wifeLucy - ex-girlfriendLunnaya-pet.Enemie (s):Mr Stanley Johnson__________________JakeMale lead 2Age - 36Height-5'9Black hairedOccupation - Mafia bossRelatives:UnknownSpouses:Julianne Johnson - wife____________ExtrasNelsonJasonKathyEtc.All the names of people and name of places are the author immagination any resemblance is purely coincidence.All right reserve no part of this publication may be reproduce
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Chapter 1
Los Angeles police headquarterJulianne's POVI walked dejectedly towards the garage where my car was parked. Today was a very hectic day for me. I have been working my brains out for the past 21 hours on a very deadly murder case.That was what I was trained for. My eyelids felt very heavy I want nothing more than to just get home already and plunge myself on the bed.Maybe it's just me but I think I felt someone or something staring at me but I couldn't detect where that was coming from, whenever I looked around I would not see any thing.This have been going on for a while now and it was beginning to get creepy, but I didn't let that get to me. I shrugged it off and continue towards my car.I am not going to let anything or anyone stop me from going directly to my bed, creepy or not I am going home and that's final.I stopped when I got to the parking lot.In front of me was my new black Bugatti Veyron, for a moment I thought I saw someone leaning on it but there was no proof so I
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Chapter 2
I walked down the narrow way that led to the crime scene, the downtown police officers might have gotten there before me.I don't really know how I got here all I knew was that I got a call from my Superior saying that I should rush to downtown to solve a murder case.I was really hoping I could get some sleep but the opportunity have been taken away from me.My head was pounding nastily I have already taken a pain relief medicine but the head ache refused to leave me alone.I didn't bring my car because I thought I might have an accident on the way, but now I regretted it,I could hear the sound of gunshots but I couldn't detect where it was coming from. I reached my hands inside my gun holster but groaned angrily my gun was not there, maybe I left it at home?"Don't move," a voice said from behind me. What does he think? that I am a criminal? I was wearing a police uniform for God's sake.I reached for my badge and snatched it out raising it up for him to see." I am a police offic
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Chapter 3
HellDamien POVHe threw the wine bottle was beside him at me with a dangerous force, I dodged barely escaping from the angry edge of the broken bottle."Why did you do it?" He asked angrily indicating the event of this afternoon.I don't really know why I did it." I am sorry father, I just felt like they needed my help, so I helped Them." That was the only excuse I had in my mind.He was silent for a while before he stood up from his chair stomping towards me.His face devoid of any emotion, it's very hard to tell what was going on in his mind." You know I will punish you right?" He asked as he grabbed my shoulders." Yes, Lucifer." I said." I will send you to the human world ""What!!! why??" Why would my dad send me to cruel world I prefer staying here in hell I tried to, I don't know if he meant what he just said." You are going there with only strength, your mission there is to slay ten thousand men under one year."_______________________Los Angeles police departmentJulian
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Chapter 4
" who do you think of when you have sex with your boyfriend?" " I thought of a dangerous Mafia boss, but that was just a one time thought." I defended." I see, won't you be happy if a handsome Mafia boss and something else come over to your house and bang your brain out?" I felt a tingle down below my stomach, I really need to get laid but not with some random stranger." That's two questions in a row, " I said picking my fingers." Ok.. sorry about that, ask your question."" Tell me, what is the colour of your hair," I demanded" Wow... You are on detective mode right now, my hair is black. Pure black but my natural hair is the colour of silver." He said, is that even possible, can a human being's hair be silver coloured?" You are bluffing?" I accused." No I am not, I can never lie to you." I don't know why but believed him," What and what do you do in the bathroom when you spend a lot of time inside the bathroom." He asked." That's a personal question." I said." What else ca
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Chapter 5
I don't know how I did it but I found myself in a room. Two boys where sitting on the bed, one was carrying a laptop on his lap." Go and see what they are doing!" A voice said to me, I was startled " go now there's no time." The voice said and I felt a push at my back and I was now standing behind the two." Bob look at this thing!" One said pointing at the monitor." What is that?" Bob said moving closer to have a clearer view of the laptop." See money, " the first one said, pointing at the monitor while mimicking a clown." what???" Bob shouted covering his mouth with his palm, "how.. how did you get this kind of money?" Bob was confused." I have access to my boss bank account."" What???" Bob said more shocked." I want to withdraw money from the account."" Won't he find out?" Bob asked." How is he going to find out? I quitted a long time ago, how will he find out if you don't tell him. "" Joe, you are such a dumbass, whose bank account are you going to withdraw it into? " Bo
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Note Hello my beautiful and handsome readers I want to thank you all for clicking on my story today, I am very grateful for that also, I figured that I should tell you that I will be updating at least twice a week. Thanks for reading once again I love you all, I also want to thank good novel for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Thank you all again for the wonderful opportunity, I won't disappoint you at all . The story will end within the next three months. Thanks to you all again please before I forget don't forget to share your thoughts with me in the comments section. Thanks _____________
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Chapter 6
Still at the nightclub" Hello, there how may I help you?" The bartender asked turning his attention to me? Or probably someone else.I look around to know if someone was behind me but I was standing alone. " Can you see me," I asked, hopefully." Oh shit you are dead, right?" He asked me."Maybe, I don't know if I am dead or in a coma " I am probably dead. I noticed that he had stopped looking at me and was now acting strange." You really can see me?" I asked I am very desperate right now." Sorry, I can't see you, " the bartender said pathetically avoid my gaze. I stepped in front of him each time he tried to avoid me." Obviously... " I smirked ruefully, "it's obvious that you can see me." There's no doubt about that. " I CAN'T SEE you!" He yelled at me, a few people on the table nearby turned to look at us. He composed himself, " now you are making look like a mad fool." " What are you?" I asked ignoring his last words and narrowing my brow at him. He must be a witch or a ghost
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Chapter 7
Author's POV She walked over to a girl that was sitting quietly at the corner of the house, she looks so sad and lonely, Julianne felt sorry for her, she couldn't believe that she was going to do this to a fellow girl. 'But' she thought, ' I have to do it this might be the only chance that I will get,' she positioned herself in front of the girl and sat down into her. She stood up, now in total control of the weak girl's body and walked over to the hot bartender,  Kim look up from his phone at the sight of a beautiful but small figure walking over to him and smiling. He raised his bro in confusion, he did not remember seeing that face before. " What do you think of my new body," Julianne asked yelled so she could be heard above the booming sound of the club music, twirling around in a flirtatious way, she raised her eyebrows when he didn't answer her questions quickly. That was when it down on Kim that it was his new a
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Chapter 8
⚠️🔞 matured explicit content Read at your own risk.⚠️30 minutes earlier.Damian's POV.My father kept rambling angrily, all night long but I didn't pay no mind to him." I shouldn't have created you if I knew you will be a disappointment to me, you are lucky that I can't destroy if not..." he trailed off as I shut him out of my head, I Walked out of his office and started packing my stuff.If he was going to send me to that cruel place called hell, then at least, let me pack my sword and guns.I started arranging my clothes into my backpack, I shuffled through my wardrobe, my gaze ran across a golden pistol that was neatly stuffed at the back of my cupboard.I picked it up and examined it, it was human girl's gun, it fell out of her hands when she fell." Aren't you going to get over her?" A dangerous feminine voice said from behind the door, it was Kathy she walked into the room not waiting for me to invite her in. She folded her hands over her chest and rest her back on the wall.
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