Alpha King Aramis

Alpha King Aramis

By:  Alexis Dee  Ongoing
Language: English
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“I was fighting for my life and you were screwing my nurse?" I yelled, staring at them in disgust, “I am your mate. I gave you an heir, yet you got her pregnant.” I was going insane watching her big bump and a smirk on her lips. “Phoenix! You cannot blame me entirely,” Aramis repeated himself like a broken record. How dare he blame me for his actions? How dare he fuck my nurse and got her pregnant? Heck! I have seen her walk around in my crown. “I am leaving with my kids.” That’s when my decision made him let out a gasp and stare at me with teary eyes. He can now cry all he wants; I have made my decision. He will not see me or our kids again. .. Unloved and untrusted by her family, Phoenix endeavored to become the best warrior there is to protect herself and her pack. Only to have everything stripped away from her. Losing her mate, her father, and then her wolf. She lost everything and found herself caged by her second change mate, Alpha King Aramis. Just when a hope sparkled, her mate impregnated her nurse. Like her name, will she be able to burn and rise from the ashes or lose herself forever in the hatred of Alpha King Aramis? Will the ruthless Alpha King ever change and Phoenix as his mate? Follow on their journey to find out.

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167 Chapters
Chap-1*Hopeless Little Girl*
“You cannot run from me. I am your only saviour! Who do you think will believe you?” his voice echoed through the hallway as I ran to nowhere. I just knew I must get away from him and find somebody to listen to me. “Your siblings don’t like you. Your father only takes you as an object. Come to my arms and I will protect you,” he kept mocking me for being an unloved creature, only kept alive by my father’s reputation. And then, I tripped and dropped to the ground hopelessly. The Barbie I was holding tight slipped out of my hands and landed on the floor beside me. “Go!” I heard my trainer giving me a signal to get into the stadium. He dragged me out and away from the flashes of my past. Dark clouds, strong wind, nothing could compare to the palpitation of my heart that day. My breath quickened as I stepped into the Fight stadium ring for the final round. The stadium ring was jam-packed with the juniors and seniors, the previous medal winners, our Gamma leaders of each fighter grou
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Chap-2*The Dirty Brother-In-Law*
We stared into each other's eyes for about a minute in deafening silence, one waiting for the other to penetrate the layer of awkwardness with a proper move that doesn't include talking about the mate bond.The rustling from behind me was a sign that somebody had listened to my heart's desire and had interrupted the silence."Brother!" the same accent as Alpha King Aramis, the same blood as him but an entirely different person, that's who my mate Tanner was.He rushed inside the hut and ran into his elder brother's arms."Congratulations for being a second runner up," Alpha King Aramis broke the hug to pat his brother's back, who was all patched up and would probably heal in a few hours."Thank you," Tanner answered before he turned over to me and shifted beside me, "And I'm guessing you have already met my mate," As Tanner wrapped his arm around my waist, the look on Aramis' face yelled it all.He felt the mate bond with me!I didn't want to look like I was lost because I knew I woul
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Chap-3*The Accused Mate *
“Say it one more time,” I clenched my jaw, preparing my fist as I progressed in his direction to attack him.“Whoa! I was just joking how I used to, remember?” the subtle way of confusing me with him being playful didn’t work this time. I refused to believe all that time when he harassed me, he was only joking.“I mean; it is not like you will not face any difficulty anymore. You are stuck for life after you accepted that Alpha King’s brother. No matter how wrong he does you, you can never leave him, or else the Alpha King will --,” he chuckled as he left the rest for my imagination.Now that he made me aware he didn’t enter my room to proceed to harass me, I stopped in my tracks and slid my hands into my pants’ pockets. I was able to see how disgusting he looked even with his gifted handsomeness.He had these brown upturned eyes with high cheekbones, a strong jawline, and long brown hair that could easily make him stand out in a crowd but it didn’t, because his personality sucked.“Y
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Chap-4*The Two Troubled Mates*
Alpha King Aramis' POV:It was weird how I felt a mate bond with someone who is my brother's mate as well."Phoenix Hart!" I grunted while reaching the foyer after I have dressed up for the big lunch with my brother."Good Afternoon Alpha King!" Aunt Jocelina greeted me after she too had worn her iconic black dress to accompany me and my brother.She had been my nanny for as long as I can remember. After my parents were no longer alive to take care of us, she stepped in and embraced us."You look impeccable," she was 50, well-dressed and trendy. I never treated her like a nanny after my parent’s demise, she was more like a family and had been given all the luxuries a royal member of the family deserves, “Why don’t you find yourself a mate?” as usual, she brought up the topic of the mate. Every time she would watch me wear a suit, her compliment will follow the same topic repeatedly.“Those things are evil,” I stated without a shadow of doubt, “It is Moon Goddess’ way of trapping the i
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Chap-5*Pacify The Alpha King!*
Alpha King Aramis’ POV: Tanner dropped the letter and retreated back until his back hit the wall. I galloped, grabbing the letter from the floor, and read it out loud without any delay. “Dear Alpha King Aramis,” it was too hard to focus on the letter when my baby brother was sobbing crazily in front of me, “I am writing this letter on behalf of my pack and demanding justice. Your brother has committed a serious crime against the mate of the Royal Beta of our pack; Markus Hart. Tanner was witnessed assaulting and murdering his mate Savia Perk today. The incident is horrifying for our pack and is a terrible act committed by the Alpha King’s brother. You have always promised justice and stayed true to your words. Me and my pack request you to do the same towards your brother. We want him presented in the werewolf court and punished in the presence of the higher-ups of every pack. I also want to inform you of my personal decision of rejecting Tanner in this sealed letter. I will do the v
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Chap-6*Losing My Mate*
Phoenix Hart’s POV:My pack was going crazy about this whole situation. Savia’s body was left at the Wailing River for the Wailing Brides to collect. The issue left was regarding Tanner and me.“You should have been the first to call for his jail time,” Iris had finally found a proper time to make me look bad in front of my family. We all have gathered around in the living room to discuss this matter and try resolving it without anyone breaking any rules.“Markus is not looking good, he just wants to spill blood,” Zion came out of Markus’ room and sat down with Iris, who had already started spreading venom.“It is an unfortunate event. Who would have thought my daughter’s arrival back in the pack would get scarred like this!” father let out a sigh as he passed me a weak smile. I know it shouldn’t have been about me and rather about Savia, but as a father, he had seen me sit silently in the corner my entire life. He was upset that the only time I got my moment to shine, it was replaced
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Chap-7*He Wants Me As His Slave*
Zion had taken me back to my room while the Alpha King was yelling and shouting at my father. This had turned into a whole mess.“I am fine now,” I held my brother’s hand, preventing him from pulling a blanket over me. I didn’t feel like lying down in the bed, I needed to be outside and hear what was going on.The mate bond broke after the death of Tanner yet I didn’t feel the pain of it, why?I know I have never loved Tanner and he knew that too, but I had accepted him as my mate then why didn’t I get aware of his demise?“You should stay here, he is very angry right now,” Veronica and Iris walked into the room after us as well.“Is nobody with dad outside?” I asked out of curiosity, if we were all here, who was with father?His guards wouldn’t be able to help him make decisions, why were we hiding and my dad was facing all the wrath?“I am going outside,” I jumped out of the bed while ignoring the eye roll from Iris and exited the room to meet my father in the foyer. Zion had rushed
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Chap-8*Let's Sacrifice Me*
I had my eyes on my father, waiting for him to make a decision. As for me, I wasn't ready to sacrifice myself because they have made a mistake so I shouldn’t be the one to pay the price.I understand that my pack was in danger but giving up myself wasn't the right thing to do either.However, my siblings felt otherwise and it hurt me the most."I'm ashamed of you all!" my father finally stated loudly enough for them to know he wasn't pleased with them, "It's a shame that you are suggesting we send our virgin daughter, sister, the daughter of the pack to this man's mansion, who will be preparing the worst tortures for my daughter once he gets his hands on her. So, my decision is that we fight for the safety of our daughters," My father announced determinedly but he didn't receive the cheer he was probably expecting."Everybody prepare for the worst, then," Zion announced with a lack of energy, hands tied behind his back, and followed his mate to the room. After the living room was lef
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Chap-9*Come Take Me Away*
I have watched my father’s dead body being taken away by the wailing brides. Many pack members mourned that day, but it was marked as the darkest day for me.The only one who had always defended me and shielded me from greedy eyes was now gone. I was left in the hands of these brutal people, who hadn’t stopped accusing me of my father’s death this whole time. I didn’t get any consolation from anyone, they all avoided me like I was a disease.I have returned to the pack house mansion just a minute ago when I heard someone calling for me.“What happened today was terrible,” Zion was standing in the middle of his people and in front of the empty chair that belonged to my father once.The big tears in my eyes wet my eyelashes, I blinked them away and refused to sit down.“My father was a great warrior; he was a great Alpha of the pack. He had maintained alliances with the other packs and always kept us safe but his one mistake cost him his life.” As he finished, everybody turned their hea
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Chap-10*The Taste Of Betrayal*
My heart seemed to have jumped out of my throat when my eyes spotted the present standing before my door. It wasn’t Zion anymore, he couldn’t be.He had tears in his eyes so it has to be someone else. My siblings were standing behind him with a sad glister glooming in their eyes.“We never thought we have weakened you so much.” Veronica filled her face in her hands and sobbed whilst Hassel turned his face to the other side.“I shouldn’t have blamed you for all that,” Markus stepped ahead and filled me in his arms. I broke down instantly as I recalled my father.He would have been so happy to see us all together. I felt Zion and Veronica wrapping us in a group hug too. Even though Iris and Hassel were not happy, it didn’t matter anymore. My siblings have realized their mistakes and that’s all that mattered to me.“Now! Let’s stand together like a wall and see who can steal our sister from us,” Zion broke the hug and announced as he secretly wiped the tears clean and acted tough.“I lov
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