The Beta's Second Chance Mate

The Beta's Second Chance Mate

By:  Lulu.M  Completed
Language: English
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When 18-year-old, Isabella goes on a grocery trip with her older sister, she finds herself connecting with widowed single father, Devon Black, and his young daughter, Sophie. Devon does not hesitate to offer her a job opportunity that she gladly considers taking. What she does not know nor expect is that this job will prove to be more life changing than she would have ever dreamed of.

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Robin L Robinson
Sweet story.
2023-09-17 07:20:28
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Angel Rex
Quite entertaining. A good read it was for me
2023-06-01 00:08:50
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Altagracia Hedrington
Had my from the first chapter can’t wait to read more!
2023-05-30 08:25:44
17 Chapters
Chapter 1
Isabella's POV "Where is it?" I whispered hastily under my breath. Hi, my name is Isabella to be precise Isabella Joy Wilds. I live in a medium-sized town called ‘Roseville’ with my parents and older sister. I am a 5'3 feet tall girl, with thick shoulder length, curly, natural ginger-brown hair paired with brown-ish hazel eyes courtesy of my dad. "Where in the world is that stupid shoe?" I shouted as I pulled my hair in frustration. "There we go again," I heard my mom say with barely contained-laughter. "You know if you actually placed your shoes in their rightful places as I always tell you, instead of just kicking them around everywhere, you wouldn't be faced with the same problem every morning." And I could hear the amusement in her voice as well as see the 'I told you so' face that I knew she had on. Releasing a humph of frustration, I turned around to face my mother and there it was as bright as day, the famous 'I told you so' face. "Mom?" I asked her expectantly and as exp
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Chapter 2
Isabella's POV "Okay, Megs. Let’s split up." I said while ripping the list in half while Megan nodded at the idea. "You get the things on this list," I said handing her half the list, "And I'll get the ones on this list. When you're done, call me on my cell and we'll meet up at the tills points. If I finish before you then you'll get the call from me." "Got it, see ya later, Lil' sis." Megan waved behind her, already walking away to fetch the things on her list. "Where to go first?" I quietly asked myself looking at the items on the list. "Detergents here I come." I mumbled to myself walking toward the direction of the detergent aisle. ~~~~~ Devon's POV When Sophie and I arrived at the grocery store, we bought all that we needed before going to Sophie's favourite aisle. By that time, Sophie was starting to get restless, wanting to be picked up at one minute and then being sat down the next. She was yawning quite constantly indicating that it was actually time for her nap. "So
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Chapter 3
Isabella's POV "Mom! Dad! We're home!" I yelled while entering through the door with a bag in my one hand. "Hey Sweetheart, how did grocery shopping go?" I heard my mom ask while walking to the door. "Can someone help me unload the groceries from the car, my arms and feet are killing me!" Cried Megan while entering the house with her arms filled with grocery bags. "Megan, Honey be careful. You'll hurt yourself carrying all those heavy bags." My mom reprimanded Megan while walking over to help her with the bags. 2 hours later Taking a long shower after a long day of shopping is one of the best things ever. My muscles feel more relaxed, and I just feel relaxed in general. After my shower, I applied my favourite vanilla-scented lotion and deodorant then wore my comfy SpongeBob PJs. I walked to my vanity mirror, sat down on my chair, and ran an afro comb through my hair while it was still a bit easier to comb. My phone started ringing with Maroon 5's ‘Cold’ playing as my ringtone
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Chapter 4
Devon's POV "Soph, time to wake up. Don't forget Isabella's coming today." I said while gently shaking my daughter. I heard Jace purr in the back of my head just from hearing Isabella's name. ~Why did you tell her to get here at 12, why not at 8?~ Jace huffed in frustration. Knowing Jace's impatience, I just brushed off the comment. Sophie got up and started jumping in excitement. I could feel Jace smiling at his pup's excitement. "Soph, Sweetie why did you call Isabella, mommy last night?" I gently asked her. "Because I feel like she’s, my mommy." She answered quietly while nervously looking down and twiddling her fingers. "Soph, it's best not to call her that for now, okay Baby?" I gently said while taking her small hands in mine. "Okay, Daddy." She sadly whispered. "Okay...time to take a bath." I told her while picking her up and taking her to her joint bathroom. 1 Hour later "What would you like for breakfast, Soph?" I asked her while checking the time on my phone to see
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Chapter 5
Isabella's POV A groan escaped my lips as I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock. It feels like I just closed my eyes a couple of minutes ago. "I swear night is getting shorter." I sleepily grumbled, slapping my face with a pillow. But it is what it is right? So I stretched my muscles before getting out of my warm, comfy bed and heading to the bathroom across my room, which I consider my own. My parents and sister have their own joint bathrooms so it's only fair that this one is mine. On Saturday, Devon, Sophie, and I went to the movies as planned, however, our movie started at five, so Devon took Sophie and I shopping even as I protested. I swear that man can't take no for an answer. To be honest there's a tiny bit of me that likes that about him almost as much as I like his smile and his killer lips...wait a minute. What in the world am I saying? Bad Isabella, very bad. Ever since I met this guy all my thoughts seem to always include him. I think I need to seek prof
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Chapter 6
"Devon, there is no need to do that. I'll just stay here and maybe do some cleaning while you two are gone." I said trying to persuade him. "Nonsense. Sophie and I would love it if you would join us." Answered Devon with a reassuring smile. Just like that, my afternoon had been planned. "That is sorted then, I'll see you two for lunch." Said Devon already climbing up the stairs. "So, how about we go watch a movie, Soph?" I asked Soph. The next couple of hours flew by quickly with Sophie and I tickling each other, watching two movies, playing tea party, and dress up. At 12:00, I picked a new outfit for Sophie that included a white short-sleeve shirt, and some short black tights that will be hidden very well under the nice pleated, black-and-white skirt I had her wear. I brushed her hair and left it down to complete her look before we sat down for a good game of twenty questions, which is what were currently playing. "Okay, umm favourite colour?" I asked Sophie. "White." I heard
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Chapter 7
After lunch, Devon took us to the spa as promised and we had a great time, much to my dismay he paid for everything as usual. We got home at '17:30' and by then, I was beat and Sophie had also fallen asleep in the car on the way back. When we got home, Devon put Sophie in bed and received a call right after, which he said was from work. He left soon after claiming that it was something important that couldn’t be postponed. "When is Daddy coming home?" Sophie asked. "I'm not sure, Baby, but I'm sure he'll be home soon." I said trying to reassure her while giving her a hug. It was already '21:13' and Devon was still not back, which I didn’t expect to happen. When he left, I thought it would take about an hour or two for him to solve whatever he needed to solve at work, but now I’m worried that I even called my mom about an hour ago to tell her about the situation and that I would be home late. "How about you tell me about yourself, Miss Sophie? “I asked her as we sat in the living
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Chapter 8
Isabella's POV I woke up at 05:30 and quickly changed into the clothes I originally wore yesterday. I then quickly looked for a pen and paper which I luckily found downstairs in the living room. I sat down and started writing a short note. Dear Mr Black By the time you read this, I'll probably be at home. Thank you for everything you did for me yesterday and I'm sorry I couldn't tell you this in person because I left so early. Well, I gotta go or I'll miss my train, see you tomorrow and sorry for leaving so suddenly. Have a great day. Yours sincerely Isabella Putting the note on the table, I stood up and rushed to the door before speed-walking to the subway station. 1 Hour later I was sneaking into my house in fear of waking someone. I forgot to tell my parents that I would not be coming home last night so they must have been worried sick, so, I'm most certainly in deep trouble. To both my luck and relief, I successfully got to my room, took a quick shower, and changed into
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Chapter 9
Megan's POV "Okay, Sister Dearest time to start shopping." I happily chirped already pulling Isabella into the first shop. "Miss Isabell!" We heard someone yell and it sounded like it belonged to a little girl. Isabella and I turned around in unison to confirm my suspicions. A cute little girl was running toward us excitedly. I had never seen her before, but if Isa’s face is anything to go by, she clearly knew her. It must be the little girl she babysits. “Hey, Soph," Isabella sweetly greeted the little torpedo as it crashed against her legs and happily hugged her. Isabella instantly leaned down to the girl's height and returned the awkward, but overly adorable embrace. The little girl took a curious peek at me before shyly hiding behind Bella." It's okay, Soph,” Bella gently reassured the cute little one,” This is my sister, Megan." She introduced me. "Hey!" I enthusiastically greeted," It's nice to meet you." I smiled, but before she could respond, a panicked, chastising male vo
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Chapter 10
Isabella's POV Waking up in the morning I dreaded seeing Devon today, but unfortunately, I had to face him whether I wanted to or not. So, with a soft sigh, I forced myself to get off my comfy bed at the same time Megan got in. She walked over to me and gave me a hug out of nowhere, completely taking me off guard before pressing a kiss on my cheek. The next three words that left her mouth left me feeling many mixed emotions, namely, shock and confusion beyond measure," It was fate." She sent me a smile before leaving my bedroom with me standing there still trying to register what she meant by what she said. The woman can be creepy sometimes. I hastily did my business so I wouldn’t run late before jumping into the car with Dad who dropped me off at Devon’s house as usual. But unlike on other days, the house looked daunting and intimidating today. Standing outside of that gate filled me with many emotions, it was nerve-wracking, but I found the courage in me to swallow my nerves and
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