Sugar Love of The Mafia Boss

Sugar Love of The Mafia Boss

By:  TaSha  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eleanor Patrik, A young adult (23yrs), raised by the Mafia underboss, Nathan Holland (31) cannot help but fall for his gentle and loving side that makes her feel treasured. Indefatigably, she tries to get his attention romantically but is faced by the whiplash of society's “Wrong Love” concept since he is her guardian. Nathan is a famous playboy. Eleanor wants to stay by his side and gets jealous seeing Nathan with a woman that is not her. She ended up confessing to him. Things become awkward while the competition to become the Boss of the Mafia Organization turns nasty. Eleanor is frustrated with Nathan’s lack of response and acts carelessly only to face Nathan’s undiscovered emotions; ending in a relationship only for her heart to be broken by his indifference. She ends up becoming the enemy organization's target amidst all. Nathan loses it when betrayed by his own group; Eleanor ends up being kidnaped and Nathan wounded. When he finally finds her she is pregnant, shocking him. Will things return to how it was or will Eleanor realize Nathan’s true feelings. Will her teenage love bloom rightly or fade in this dangerous world of Mafia?

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4 Chapters
The following story is purely fictional. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.The images used in this work for book cover are not owned by me and I do not claim any ownership of the same. The credit of the image used goes to their rightful owner.All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.The sole purpose of this book, “Sugar Love of The Mafia Boss” is solely for entertainment purposes. It doesn’t provide a guided view or direct anyone to pick things up. The intention of this book is not to hurt anyone’s belief and emotions.
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“Eleanor, wake up.”A smile forms on my lips as I hear my favorite voice in this world followed by gentle caress on my head.“Five minutes more.” I mumble, knowing well that this deep smooth voice will disappear in a short while so I need to cherish it.“Oh, really?” He whispers near my ear and I giggle as he starts poking my side with his slender finger.“Noooo… Nathan no…” I groggily laughed as I snuggled into his warm chest beside me.A warm hand wraps around my waist, rubbing it softly as he sighed loudly. I opened my eyes and came face to face with a dashing man smiling down at me. His smile is next to God's blessing and the fact that it is exclusively for me, makes me giddy with happiness.My heart warms and races as he winks with a sweet “good morning, Ela” greeting.I swear I am blushing and in order to hide it, I hid my face into his side; feeling butterflies to be able to touch him. This is just for me…“Now wake up, common!” He whines and I laugh hearing his dramatic tone.
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Chapter 1: Wrong Love?
They say love blooms when it's right, withers when it fades but suffocates when it's wrong. But when exactly is this wrong? Love is the basis of the world they say. Wherever you go, 'to preach love' is the motto. It isn't one form of love, that's what we have been taught. "This love could be between parents and kids, siblings, teachers and students, towards animals, strangers, friends and relatives." This was our upbringing then how come it be wrong? Then how come loving one person could be forbidden when I fell for the man who became my guardian acting like a foster parent? Isn't that also a kind of love? Something that is pure and above everything as you taught? Then how come I had to face this suffocation when you told me it is wrong? What they never told was that Love is a myth, an emotional desire that you feel according to your true intentions and state of mind. Love was always tainted and impure--making one biased, blind and depressed for a long time. Even if you finall
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Chapter 2: Meeting Nathan
Eleanor's POV Fading in and out of consciousness, I stilled when a long forgotten scent hit me. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't really focus well and lost my consciousness yet again– *** "Sir, shouldn't we wait a little–" that sounded like Mr. Chang. I groaned; my head was messing up with me now. "Don't tell me what to do and what not to, Chang!" And fair enough, I jolted up hearing that threatening voice booming closeby. My head hurt terribly but it was a reflex action. I was still scared by that voice without even realizing it. "Boss!" And I followed the voice zoning out the loud footsteps that followed. My eyebrows knitted together when Mr. Chang approached me with a tight smile on his face. Am I hallucinating? He stepped aside and my eyebrows raised higher when I saw Nathan stride with an overbearing attitude. Oh, oh! I flinched as he extended his hand, unable to see the frown on his face. He gently cupped my cheek and I gasped when the warm tingling sensation
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