The Heart Remembers: Caught Between Billionaires

The Heart Remembers: Caught Between Billionaires

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Arranged to figure in an accident, Rachel Hamilton was presumed dead after years on the day of her wedding to cold-hearted, billionaire Jordan Cunningham. Jordan, who finally accepted her death, putting an end to the search. Or so Jordan thought six years later when he met Maya Griffiths. A rising chef, who looks exactly like his missing bride! The moment Jordan approached her, she only stared through him, walking past him towards the arms of billionaire, restaurateur Grayson St. Claire, the man she is engaged to. Jordan refuses to believe it because his instincts and his heart told him that Maya is Rachel! Jordan will do anything to get her back, no matter at what cost! With his involvement, Maya’s life had suddenly been thrown into a world of jealousy, anger, and danger. Not also forgetting the fact that Jordan is going against someone who he considers as his equal. Grayson, a man who loves deep is an equal foe who will also do everything to keep Maya to his side. Caught between billionaires, will Maya's heart be able to remember the one who it is really beating for? Will Jordan be able to convince Maya that what he says is true? Or will Grayson be the final owner of Maya's heart?

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89 Chapters
Glaring lights from several news channel helicopters pointed towards the open sea as three medium-sized cargo ships with each leadman shouting instructions to their operators over their handheld radios pulled up something from beneath the dark waters.A large crowd had gathered over the sea wall and watched as the lights from the helicopters continued to give the illumination it needs while most of them had their phones out, recording the ongoing situation. A few feet away, media vans had parked for a better angle of the scene while siren lights from police cars and ambulance are filling the area.Jordan Cunningham, stood erect and silently by the dock, watching intently as the three cargo ships had finally pulled out a damaged black, vintage Rolls Royce. The three cranes then moved together towards the fourth empty cargo ship and finally dropped the vehicle.“Still no sign of her form, sir. They had just found Simon’s body and Coast Guard is bringing him up. We added more divers just
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Grayson St. Claire took off his sunglasses on a bright Thursday morning when he heard his name being called from the deck below on his private yacht. He squinted towards the bright sun before sitting up from the wooden lounge chair that he is occupying to get some tan and waited for his secretary to finally appear.“How the hell did you find me?!” He growled when Thomas Jamison finally appeared, wearing his usual executive suite, except for his leather shoes, which he changed into some comfortable loafers. His secretary is holding an envelope and his Ipad. “Didn’t I tell you that I don’t want to be disturbed?! F8ck, Thomas, do you always have to go against my instructions?”Thomas, his long-time secretary only gave him a tiring look.“I would have done that, Mr. St. Claire if you had informed your mother that the catering for her Welcome Dinner Party has already been taken care of completely,” Thomas answered, not affected by his employer’s outburst. “Now, she gave me more instruction
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“Where am I?”The first three words heard over the air inside the Presidential Suite of The Southshore Hospital.A woman opened her eyes slowly and adjusted to the dimly lit surroundings. She tried sitting up but felt her body battered and bruised. She turned to her right and found herself looking at the glass wall, noticing a bandage wrapped around her head.“Hello?” She called out weakly. She touched her head gently. “Is somebody there?”She covered her face when she saw a silhouette stood up and walked to turned on the lights. Closing her eyes to prevent the glare from hurting her sight, she heard the person inside the room approached her bedside.“Are you alright, Miss?”After a few minutes, she finally opened her eyes and looked at the man with a pair of dark brown eyes behind some frameless glasses, perched on his hose. He was looking at her intently, concern oblivious on his kind face.“Where am I?”“You’re in one of the rooms of The Southshore Hospital,” the man answered calml
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Grayson looked up from the document that he is reading on a sunny Wednesday morning when he heard the door of his office open abruptly. He saw his mother entering with a harassed Thomas behind her, who is holding her coat in one arm.“Hello, mother. Aren’t you supposed to be resting in your room at the hotel that I had booked for you?” Grayson greeted as he stood up, going around his table and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek lightly. “It’s still a bit early for you to harass Thomas. Look. You already made him look a fool of himself.”Tall, regal, and beautiful Rebecca St. Claire glared up at her younger son before taking a seat on the chair that Thomas had held out for her.“Perhaps sherry, Thomas,” Grayson instructed to his secretary with slight amusement, knowing the reason why his mother came to his office unannounced. “Make it double, if you may.”“You are not taking me seriously, Grayson,” Mrs. St. Claire scolded when Thomas went out. “The guest list was in the Bentley that f
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Six years later…Thirty-two-years-old Jordan Cunningham stepped out from the back of the black Mercedes Benz car that he rode in at the driveway of The Oceanview Resort Hotel and Spa after giving instructions to his driver on a Tuesday morning.His secretary, Mason Brown stood beside him, who is typing on his phone.“Mr. Brian, the hotel manager is on his way, sir,” Mason informed formally.“Has everything been completed here?” Jordan asked.“Yes, Mr. Cunningham,” Mason immediately answered as they went up the steps. “A meeting with the CEO and the chef of Aurora, the hotel’s main restaurant that just recently signed the contract will follow after two hours.”“Mr. Cunningham,” the hotel manager greeted formally, bowing to him as he held out his hand to shake. “Welcome to The Oceanview. It is an honor to meet you.”Jordan shook his hand, returning the greeting. His eyes then strayed towards the employees who are all lined up at the lobby and bowed at him in greeting.“Don’t let me keep
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Maya Griffiths thanked the driver of the cab she took from the airport after paying him her fare and assisting her with her small luggage. She gave him a smile when he wished her a good stay and called a porter for her.“I’ll take your luggage, Madam,” the porter said politely. “Have you made reservations with the hotel?”“Yes. Reservation is under the name of Deli Gourmet,” she answered as she walked towards the front desk and smiled politely at the receptionists. She took off her sunglasses and hat, reaching for her ID inside her purse. “Hi. Reservation under Deli Gourmet please. Has Mr. Grayson St. Claire already checked in?”“Ms. Griffiths!”Maya turned and smiled warmly when saw Thomas Jamison walking towards her.“I have already taken the liberty in checking you and Mr. St. Claire in your room,” Thomas informed patiently. “Your room is on the penthouse suite at the East Wing of the hotel. I can take you there if you need to freshen up.”“Where’s Grayson?” She asked after thankin
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Jordan stood rooted on his spot, his eyes glued towards the face of the woman that has been etched permanently in his brain and most especially in his heart.Rachel.His insides are screaming madly at the sight of the woman in front of him. His heart started pounding with so much intensity and he could feel the heavy load that he has been carrying for the past six years suddenly lifting off his shoulders.Rachel, he thought desperately.He looked intently down at the dark green orbs that are staring elegantly up at him, smiling. But it faltered a bit and he realized that he had somehow uttered the name. He felt his heart squeeze tightly and finally felt himself taking a step towards her with one hand reaching for her outstretched hand.As if in slow motion, the moment Jordan had his palm touched hers, he closed his hand over hers and immediately pulled her towards him. He gathered her tightly into his arms, pulling her to his chest and resting his chin on her head.“You’re alive. I kn
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Jordan ferociously pushed the double doors open to his penthouse suite at the West Wing of The Oceanview Hotel and stalked towards the bar counter, grabbing the whiskey counter. He cursed violently when the glass he grabbed fell on the marbled-tiles floor, crashing into pieces.“You need to calm down, Jordan,” Xavier Thornton advised firmly as he took another glass and poured his friend a drink. He handed it to Jordan who drank it in one go and poured him another. “Let’s think this through. Maybe something happened.”“F8ck that son of a b1tch!” Jordan yelled angrily. He gripped the glass so hard that it surprisingly crashed in his hands, cutting through his skin and blood coming out. However, he seemed to pay no heed. “How dare he put a claim on her!! How dare he touched her!”“Call the hotel doctor and nurse, Mason!” Adam Fielding barked firmly. “Get them up here immediately!”Jordan walked towards the large and long couch and sat down, breathing heavily. His thoughts drifted to the
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Jordan raised the glass he is holding with his uninjured hand and took a drink from the amber liquid that he has been going through for the past hour. He placed the glass on the table beside him and managed to glance at the clock on the wall. A quarter past twelve in the early morning. He had been sitting on the single sofa since Xavier and Adam took off as well as Mason after sending them off abruptly. He is going through another countless round of drinks, ignoring the meal his secretary thoughtfully ordered for him, as he stared through on just one direction from his window at the opposite side of the hotel. Specifically, the penthouse of the east wing where he knows that Rachel is staying in. With Grayson St. Claire. “What the f8ck are you talking about?!” Jordan bellowed as he approached Grayson angrily, trying to intimidate him. “The woman behind you is my fiancé, you f8cking piece of shit. Get out of my way!” Grayson didn’t back away from him. Instead, he placed a hand on Jo
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*** FLASHBACK ***“I got to hand it to you, Ms. Hamilton!” Jordan had sneered coldly as Rachel is being dragged behind him by his bodyguards to one room in the second floor of the Cunningham’s mansion. “All the women had tried everything in making sure that my grandfather gets to catch me with them in bed! You’re the only one who had done that! How very clever of you!”Rachel was struggling from the grip on her arms.“I didn’t know it was you! My drink was drugged and my mind was hazy! I could even have sauntered up to your grandfather and seduced him!” She protested indignantly. She tried pulling her arms away. “You’re hurting me! Let go!!!”Jordan stopped and he turned murderously to the woman, whom he was caught with in a compromising position by his grandfather a few days. Word immediately got out and it graced the gossip column the following day. He stalked towards her as she continues to struggle from his bodyguards that picked her up from the restaurant that she is working for.
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