Owned by a Rich Man

Owned by a Rich Man

By:  Lettrice  Ongoing
Language: English
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WARNING: MATURE CONTENT On an isolated island stood a tall tower, where a Goddess of luck was kept by a rich man. When the Goddess reached adulthood, her "owner" arrived, the heir of the Albrecht family, Leon Zigmund Albrecht. When Leon laid his eyes on her, he was instantly mesmerized, and that night, he completely owned her. But the next morning, his goddess was gone. The moment they met again, he swore to take her away, especially seeing a mini version of her beside her. This is a story of a young genius CEO teaching and guiding his wife to live in the modern realm.

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63 Chapters
Chapter 1- Goddess of Luck
"Mom, what is it like outside?" A soft and milky voice from a little girl sounded. The girl who seemed to age five years old was like a porcelain doll. Her skin was white as snow with golden hair and bright blue eyes. Her cheeks had a healthy pink flush and still had baby fat in them. It can already be seen that she would grow up as a stunning beauty in the future. The woman that was called mom by the little girl sat beside her in the bed. Both of them looked outside of the window. She was still very young, but she already had a duplicate of her. She had the same traits as the little girl, golden hair, blue eyes, and red cherry lips. Anyone who would lay her eyes on her would be hooked out of their breath. She was like a goddess that descended on earth. Or maybe, she is. The woman looked out at the vast world outside. It was nighttime and the sky was full of stars. What they can see from their place were vast land and thick forest. Below was a few feet high, and the place was swall
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Chapter 2 - The Albrecht Family
In an airport, a bunch of media had been waiting at the entrance. They were waiting for the arrival of one of the most sought-after businessmen in the industry today. The heir of the Albrecht family. Leon Zigmund Albrecht. He is coming back to the country from a successful business trip abroad. Another huge deal was closed by this prominent and bright young man. Finally, they saw a tall and dashing lad come out. He was wearing a black coat with shades in his eyes. His expression was cold and aloof, as guards stopped the mobs from the media, Without adhering to the calls of the reporters and flashes of the camera, Leon boarded the luxury car parked outside the airport. The car hurriedly drove away from the place. Leon slumped his back on the backrest of the car and crossed his leg. The assistant before him suddenly said. "Young Master, the President reminded me about the important matter tonight. He ordered to directly go to the Herrenhaus Manor." Leon heard this and sighed. Thi
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Chapter 3 - The fateful meeting
A car parked outside the Herrenhaus Manor, but actually, it was a tall tower. Leon looked up at the building after getting out of the car. At the entrance, four people waited to welcome the Young Master. Leon went ahead to enter as the servants bowed their heads. "Good evening, Young Master. Please have some rest for a while," The butler greeted him and led him the way. "Thank you," Leon said politely as he entered. This tower stood in an isolated land, and it took them a while to get here, and now it is already dark. "You have come a long way, Sire, so we arranged your room to rest a bit. Meanwhile, we will prepare her for tonight." The butler told him as they walked into the large hallway. Leon glanced at the butler and saw his expression as if he was explaining a food he will serve to him later and can't help but shook his head helplessly. He then just entered the room to settle down. The room was large and very clean. It looked elegant with antique furniture, Leon once again
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Chapter 4 - Call my name |19+|
"Yes, the Master is going to own me." These words stirred Leon's heart. the soft voice was very melodious and sweet, and perhaps she didn't even know how these words coming out of her lips could affect any living man on this planet. And this did not exempt Leon. He felt his lower body immediately tighten. He was not a man who was a slave of his libido, the reason why feeling hot right this instant felt incredulous to him. It seems as if he was under a spell, and he can't wait to taste her. And he just did that. His head bent down to catch those beautiful and luscious lips. The woman in his arms gasped and he took this advantage to dive his big hot tongue into her soft and fragrant mouth. "Hmp!" The woman struggled to cater to the man. The candy on her mouth was stirred by the two playing tongues and later, a sliver of saliva dripped down her chin. When it felt like the woman has lost her breath, the man finally let go of her lips. He watched her shiny and moist lips become even
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Chapter 5 - Owning her |19+|
"Ha.." The poor woman was deeply confused and messed up by everything she was feeling. All of this was very new to her, and the pleasure and thrill running to her bones made her anxious. Leon's kisses gradually went down to her lower belly, going to the place no one had reached before. The whiteness seemed to blind his eyes, as a smooth and hairless nether regions appeared before him. The flower lips were a beautiful shade of pink, and her flower hole looked cute and beautiful. "You're beautiful even here," He whispered as his eyes were pasted on her folds. The woman felt the man's scorching gaze and can't help but shut her legs. It was a place no one had ever seen and touch before, and right now, the man had his face almost pasted on it. This made her very embarrassed. "No.." But Leon's strong arms opened her legs even wider. "Don't move," He murmured drunkenly as his lips finally tasted the sweet tender lower mouth. His tongue suddenly licked, and this made the woman twitch.
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Chapter 6 - She's gone
The light spilled from the window and shone in the large bedroom. The handsome man's face scrunched up by the bright light and can't help but raise his arms to shield his eyes. His other hand patted the other side of the bed and immediately noticed the emptiness. His eyes opened and looked beside him. She's gone. Leon got up and looked around the room. The vigorous exercise last night lasted until almost dawn, and his last impression was them falling on each other, still entangled. But now, she was nowhere to be found. He got up from the bed. If it wasn't for the messy sheets, the obvious water stains and the red blood splattered on the quilts, he would think it was a dream. But no. It felt so real. But where was she? He quickly put on his clothes. Last night, they requested for water multiple times, and he had already wiped their bodies clean. So, his first thought was to quickly find her. He pushed open the metal door and found the quiet atmosphere outside. He furrowed his e
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Chapter 7 - Four years
"Mommy, what is outside?" A soft glutinous voice sounded. A three-year-old baby girl stumbly asked the young woman beside her. The woman smiled gently at her baby. She remembered she once used to ask her mother this same question. Looking out the dark sky outside the tower, the same view as it has always been. She sighed. "Sweetheart, the world is scary." She also said the same words as her mother. The little baby pouted and turned back from the window. Kids this age are easily distracted. She pulled the picture book beside her and played with it. After a moment, she pointed at the prince. "Prince! Little princess has, me no?" The little girl asked her mother. The innocent baby only has a few playthings and no playmate. She can't help but look at the princess in the book and also wants what she has. The young woman's eyes dropped to the picture book, the only book the both of them shared. It was the same book she also read when she was young. "Well, you will have Prince soon.
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Chapter 8 - The Little Goddess
Two figures, one small and one slender, sat on the bed. The young woman was playing with her little daughter. Aside from necessities, they don’t have many playthings in their hands. They were not allowed to touch sharp, mechanical, and other things that might utilize them to escape. So, the two of them could only play by themselves. They would look at the picture book, again and again, make up some stories that might happen after, or just playhouse using the things in their room. When suddenly, the door burst open, and the caretaker lady rushed to them. “The master is here! This is a rush, child come with me, quickly!” She anxiously said as she grabbed the child’s arm. “Mom..” The baby tried to call out. The young woman tried to reach out to her daughter, but she was quickly taken away. A memory from long ago when she was just a child came to her, it was exactly like this when the mister would come for her mother. So is that Master the lady spoke of… the man from four years ago?
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Chapter 9 - Craving |18+|
The young goddess sat on the bed alone and waited anxiously. When she heard the clank of the door, she slowly raised her head. She first saw the black and shiny leather shoes of a man, up to his expensive three-piece suit, and to his handsome and exquisite face. This face overlap with the face of the man from four years ago. His young playful countenance in the past was replaced by a more mature and solemn face. The air in him screams power and authority, different from the gentleness she saw that night. The young woman’s breath hitched as she stared at him in a daze. And the man before him also did so. He saw she grew up to be even more beautiful. Her former petite figure could vividly be seen as more voluptuous and tantalizing. Remembering the little girl outside, his eyes darkened again. His steps drew closer to the large bed. When he arrived at the edge, he looked down at the woman sprawled in the sheets, sitting with a shawl slipping from her shoulders, showing her white an
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Chapter 10 - I remember |18+|
Leon lapped on her creamy folds, his strong hands pushing her legs to open wider. “Uh!” The woman groaned as she grabbed the sheets. With ragged breaths, she anxiously looked down below. She can only see the man’s head buried in her nether regions, his head moving up in down as he licked her down there. The physical, as well as the visual stimulation, was too much for the innocent girl, and it made her eyes tear up. Broken moans and cries came out of her mouth, and they filled the room. Hearing her lovely voice, this just made Leon’s blood boil. The thing between his legs hardened, clamoring to be freed and be buried in the woman’s flower. Leon was greatly aroused, and it made him suck her more. Love fluids came out of the sucked flower hole and the man sipped all of them down his throat. Wet sounds can be heard from the intersection. Leon smacked his lips as he let go of the delicious folds. He pecked the inside of her thigh before coming up. It was unknown when he had unbuckl
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