The Mafia's Queen

The Mafia's Queen

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Thalia Isabelle Lamnelle is the youngest daughter in Lamnelle Clan. She's a fine lady with a pretty face and a sexy body that any man can kneel and worship as Thalia Isabelle. She’s working as the CEO of their mother’s network company that supplies magazines and newspapers worldwide. She made the company remain on top until Giovanni Flynn Brickser came into the picture. He is a businessman from the Netherlands who runs a huge corporation. Aside from their image as businessmen, they are also part of underground society; Thalia is one of the members of the Lamnelle Clan led by her brother and Giovanni is the big boss in Brickser Clan. Lamnelle and Brickser became entangled not just in business but also in affinity. A marriage that was made out of hatred and strong vengeance, a thirst for justice since laws can’t make pay the real culprit behind the tragedy that took the lives of an important person in Giovanni’s life. Two hearts are on the line; a heart that loves the most and a heart that hates the most. Will Thalia Isabelle be able to conquer the cold heart of a mafia boss that is full of hatred and vengeance? Will the broken vows be given a chance to be reclaimed? Past is always connected to the present and the future so they will reap what they sow.

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24 Chapters
THALIA ISABELLEThe night is cold as the wind blew it and brushes my fair skin tone, swaying my straight long brown hair in the air. We are in an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere, a perfect place to hide a crime. I am standing in front of an old man, who is now powerless.“What the hell,” I irritatedly hissed as I flip my hair. I was about to speak when someone slap me in my face I look at the person who did it. How dare he slapped me?! I hide my gritting teeth.I smiled devilishly at him because no one ever has done this to me---oh wait I remember someone but it is a different story. “How dare you slap me with your dirty hands?!” I hissed and I wipe my face using the red handkerchief that I fished out from my pocket.“It’s already done, what can you do about it?” he stated in a way of teasing me well I am pissed off right now and I am eager to erase him from this world. Stop him from breathing the same air as me!“Well, you are damn right,” I said to him and he smiled. If
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THALIA ISABELLEI went straight to the bar that my brother asked me to go to, I wanted to take a rest now but he invited me for a drink with him and Audrey. I immediately park my car in the available space for me and went inside the bar, we are VIP members here and people knew us.As the typical bar, it is loud and the people here are wild. As I pass by someone blows smoke on my face and I almost punch him in the face because I caught a cough. “Bullshit!” I cussed.“Oh I am sorry, Miss,” he apologized but more on mocking so I step on his foot which made him scream in pain. “Oh I am sorry, Mister,” I mocked and left him there in pain. His voice is familiar I just don’t remember to whom I heard it.I went to the second floor where the VIP room is located that my brother rented for us, the walls are made of glass but it is heavily tinted. I open it using our membership card and there I saw my brother sitting together with his wife and there are three glasses and one bottle of wine.“What
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THALIA ISABELLEI woke up a while ago with a severe headache from last night and I am still lying in my bed because I can’t find myself standing up and doing my morning routine. I keep on yawning and closing my eyes multiple times, so I get my phone from my bedside table.It’s seven-thirty in the morning.When I feel okay I stood up and bring myself to the bathroom to take a bath and start my day. As I shower I can remember the warmth of someone else’s lips last night from the bar, I am sure it is one of my brother’s visitors!I was frozen on my spot and touched my lips as I remember how we kissed senselessly, the movements of our lips feel like it is from yesterday like we’ve known each other for a very long time. How shameful that I kissed someone else’s lips while I’m married to an asshole?!I can’t accept that I kissed someone’s lips that are not my husband’s! What a shame, Thalia! You hate cheating but what did you exactly do last night?! I stomp my feet on the cold floor of my s
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THALIA ISABELLE“What did he say, Hansel?” I asked him as soon as I saw him, his boss called a while ago to ask for an update.“He said, nothing changes, if you will not go back then he will be the one to bring you back, Ms. Thalia,” Hansel problematically said and my mouth hangs open due to the unexpected turning of events. If Giovanni will go here then it will be doomed for me, other bosses will hear upon his arrival.My feet got cold as my blood boils in every vein of my being I inhaled deeply and gritted my teeth afterward. “He is getting into my nerves!” I said to him and he look at me sympathizing due to his boss’ decision.“I told you, Ms. Thalia. He will have you by hook or crook this time,” Hansel said and taps my shoulder the moment he passes by to go to the living room and join his buddies.I hold tightly to the phone I am holding right now as if my sanity is on it.What the hell is he wanted? Isn’t it enough that I suffered emotionally in his hands and he wants it for part
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THALIA ISABELLE “Follow me to the garden now,” I told to Giovanni as soon as I composed myself and breathe hardly. I made my way into the garden. The sun is setting to the west letting the darkness dominates the skies. I felt his presence behind me so I cleared my throat and made myself ready for our talks. “You’re going to stay here in the house,” I said to him and I felt him sit down beside me, I am trying to control myself to not look in his direction although my body wants to. “I am grateful for that,” he said and I snort. “My parents knew about our marriage and they want to meet you tomorrow,” I said and made a schedule for their meeting. I heard him chuckle and stretch his arms forward. “I am wondering why your father did not blow my plane as soon as I entered the country’s airspace,” he co
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THALIA ISABELLE I keep my feet walking back and forth in front of Audrey and Mama. “Thalia, just calm down,” Mama said but I cannot calm my heart from racing fast. I know their abilities, they were highly trained in fights. “What if something bad will happen during their talks? They are all short-tempered, Mama,” I said my concern. Mama smiled at me. “Trust them, Thalia. Trust the men in your life, they will not do something that will hurt you in the end,” Mama said and I almost smiled bitterly at her. One of those men scarred me badly, Mama. My brother, Papa and Giovanni appeared in front of us without additional bruises on Giovanni’s face and I am relieved of it because they didn’t fight maybe verbally but not physically. “Thalia, let’s eat,” Papa said to me so I nodded. Papa held my shoulder and I can’t help but sniffle because this is the first time he’ll hold me like this after finding out the truth. “My daughter, don’t cry or else your mom will assume that I made you cr
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THALIA ISABELLE I am in front of my board of members right now inside the company. The room went silent when I announced my decision and they are all staring at me, giving me their looks and I can sense that they are strong against my decision. “You are going to leave your company behind?” one of the female members asked me. I crossed my arms above my chest. “I just announced it,” I answered her. She blew out and fake her smile at me. “This decision is to be held urgently, our decision doesn’t matter to you, Ms Thalia?” she asked sarcastically. I fix my position and put my hands above the table. “This decision is mine and it is all about personal matters so basically there were no other people to be involved,” I answered her she sealed her mouth. “This company will be under my supervision no matter how far I am, Ms. Cherry will take over my position. I am still going to be part of the decision making whether it is small or big things, and also I will fly back here to check the
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THALIA ISABELLE The captain of the private plane announced that we are taking off now so I put my seatbelt on and look outside of the window. “Goodbye, Philippines,” I murmured as I felt the plane takes off from the ground defying gravity. When the captain announced it is safe to remove the seatbelt, I removed it. “Happy?” I mockingly ask Giovanni who is reading on his gadget. He looks at me using his brown and cold eyes. “I am,” he answered and that made me piss more. “Look, Thalia. We’re on a plane and the last thing we can do is bicker. Do you want to eat or drink something?” he said instead of adding fuel to my anger right now. “Giovanni, kindly tell me why the hell on earth you want me to go with you to the Netherlands? I left that country and I don’t have plans on going back---“ I said and he did not let me finish my sentence. “Well, you are going there now,” he said, turning off his tablet. “Because you forced me to, you use the business against me, against my will,” I fi
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THALIA ISABELLE “So what’s your plan? You will start your work on Monday,” Giovanni said as we are in the dining area eating our dinner. He didn’t join me when I ate my lunch because he suddenly had a virtual meeting with his employees. “I want to buy office attires tomorrow and Hannah will go with me because you can’t,” I said to him and he look at me flatly. “Who said I can’t? I will accompany you tomorrow period,” he declared so I just nodded. “Anyway, Giovanni. How’re your enemies here?” I asked him. “They are still alive and waiting for me to hunt them down, I guess,” he said so I nodded. My life here is not also safe but at least I am with Giovanni who can shake some of his enemies. “Why? Are you afraid that they will come at you instead?” He weights and shrugs my shoulder. You don’t have the assurance, Giovanni. Your maids before treated me badly because that’s what you said to them. “By the way, I haven’t seen the old maids here, where are they now?” I asked him curious
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THALIA ISABELLE I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I place my hands on my waist as I stare outside my window, my office is located on the twenty-fifth floor of the Brickser Corporation and I can see the city. I am done with the virtual meeting in Avedam Network in the Philippines and the acting CEO reported to me everything. I want to go back to my country and punch the faces of some of our employees. How can they be so reckless with the information?! I massage my forehead when I remember the current problem I have right now in this company. I accidentally reviewed it because I am browsing the financial statement of each department and I saw discrepancies in the statement of the finance department. Someone stole money a year ago and how come Giovanni did not know about this? “Damn I want to fly back to the Philippines!” I hissed and smack my table made of wood. I took a deep breath and decided to go to the office of the CEO to report this one. I saw his secretary being bus
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