Accidental Nanny

Accidental Nanny

By:  claraformatti  Ongoing
Language: English
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Aria is the unluckiest person since her parents died 15 years ago. With a sick sister and almost being evicted from her home, her only chance is to babysit the children of the owner of Italy’s largest company, Giovanni Mancini. However, what she does not imagine is that he is also the head of the largest mafia in Italy and that his fate is intertwined with his through the past. Over time, they both fall in love but, Aria will be able to survive and accept a life of lies, intrigues, kidnappings and deaths? Can an ordinary woman stand the relationship with the Don of the mafia?

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11 Chapters
Chapter 1
Screams.Smoke.Fire.Blood.Giovanni wiped the blood from his face and got into the car, as if he hadn't caused chaos behind him.He straightened his blue tie and answered the ringing phone. His secretary, Anne, was calling him at the worst possible time.“Mr. Mancini, I'm calling to inform you that the last nanny has quit. We're running out of options. I don't know who to hire if even the trained women in our midst aren't enough.”“I don't care, Anne. That's your job to sort out. The children have to accept someone. There's no time to deal with them.”“There is one last option, sir, but I think your children's wish is...”“Then bring that last option and don't disturb me any more for today.” He said, turning off his cell phone without even saying goodbye.As the car left its trail of destruction behind, someone woke up gasping in the cold of the night.The images were still fresh in his mind, screams, smoke, fire, blood, death.It all seemed so recent, as if 12 years had not passed.
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Chapter 2
When Aria arrived at the Mancini house, she was surprised by the amount of security. Well, if I were her, I’d like to keep your kids safe, too. The housekeeper Giulia answered and Aria thanked her for the education. She presented the whole house and the functioning of things there. "Children can be a little difficult. Many have already said goodbye. But I ask you to understand. They suffer greatly from the absence of their father." Aria stated. She somehow understood these children. Being without her parents was difficult. She smiled when she saw a 5-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy. They both looked at her angrily. "This is Laura and Giovanni, Aria."- Giulia introduced them. "Children, this is Miss Ricci.""Pleasure, I will take care of you from today. I hope we got along." Laura just showed her tongue and cried out:"We don’t want you here." The child ran into the room and locked himself in. Lorenzo also did not address her. He did a quick research on her life and found no
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Chapter 3
Giovanni wouldn’t want to be here today, especially when that random woman left his mind full of distractions. The man in front of him was terrified, fear could be seen in his eyes, but there was no forgiveness for traitors. Especially those who used their power to abuse children. "Please, please, boss, it’s a lie. I swear I didn’t do anything. I would never touch a child." he said tied to his chair. Giovanni did not answer, he just focused on hitting the man, discounting all of his anger, while that woman’s words came into his mind. It wasn’t his fault, it was that damn woman who took him away from his kids years ago. Doubt would never leave his mind or the hatred he felt for his children. Who was that nanny to say what she didn’t know? Did she know who he was? Who was she talking to? The abuser was tired of trying to fight, but the worst would come. At that moment, Giovanni already had his face and shirt full of blood. How dare that girl? If that son of a bitch, in front of h
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Chapter 4
The next day was a mess for Aria. She got up early, making sure she was well dressed this time and would not be embarrassed if her boss was still at home. Aria came down the stairs and called her sister. "I know, Cass. But, Mr. Mancini said there will be no problem, don’t worry, all right? I’ll be there soon to help you prepare everything." "Is your sister worried?" Aria leapt at Giovanni’s voice. The man was really, really sneaky. "Good morning, sir." she said, nervous. " Yeah, she’s a little worried about being a nuisance." "She won’t be. I promise and I keep my word." Giovanni said, approaching her, staring at her with his cold eyes and making her shudder. "Daddy. You’re home." Laura screamed, running up to him. Giovanni gave a smile. Not even he could resist such cuteness. "Good morning, dear," he said hugging her. Aria smiled at the scene. Was she wrong about him? Curiosity made her look at Lorenzo, who did not seem to have the same impression of her. Perhaps she was r
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Chapter 5
Today was a complicated day for Aria. It was the first official day she would go out with Laura and also the first day of Cassandra’s new high school. But she didn’t seem to be worried about it. Cassandra got up and said good morning to everyone. She walked slowly through the place until she accidentally ran into a vase and almost broke it. Cassandra did not hear anything falling, but she herself slipped, but was caught by someone. "Phew, I caught you in time." Lorenzo said, relieved. "I’m sorry, Lorenzo. I ended up being a nuisance to you." "It was nothing. It’s not your fault. Come on, let’s have breakfast." He took her hand and she allowed it. Lorenzo smiled, happy. ------ After breakfast, everyone got in the car and Alissa took them to their destinations. Houen College was the first, the most prestigious college in Italy and in which only children of billionaires studied. At least that’s what Aria knew about him. In fact, it was one of the colleges, from a network all ove
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Chapter 6
Aria woke up sleepily. She noticed that she couldn’t move, something was holding her hands. A rope probably. The place where she was was was dark and bleak. However, she could notice several armed men leaning against the walls. And a red-haired man pointed his gun at her. His shirt was open and he was wearing sunglasses. "Look at Mancini’s new whore. What a cutie. Finally, one decided to stay with him. Even in the same house is living." He said, approaching and squeezing her face."What do you want? Where is Laura?" she asked, even afraid, ignoring him. "Bring the mouse." He ordered.Laura had her mouth gagged with duct tape. The child cried and ran to Aria when she saw her."How dare you do that to a child?" Aria screamed."Who cares?" The man laughed. " The Mancini have been screwing up my company for a long time. There’s nothing fairer than me being rewarded, is there?Laura looked at Aria scared. She had prepared for moments like that. But her childish mind still couldn’t proce
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Chapter 7
Giovanni observed the roles in front of him. The Russian mafia was back against him. Would it be the work of that person? He couldn’t tell at the time.At the same time that Aria and Laura were kidnapped, Spezia Dolce bakery had suffered an accidental fire. That Giovanni was sure it was no accident.The Russians were declaring war on him after all. Just because of the fall of the company’s stock? It wouldn’t be a silly reason, but it was a weak reason. At least they were already taking care of it.He waited for the phone to be answered. For sure, the deputy chief should be spending his time with someone."Hey, boss. To what do I owe the honor of your call today?" Mateo said gasping across the line."Mateo, do you know what happened yesterday?""Of course I know, boss. Laura and the nanny were kidnapped by the Russians. You need me to torture them?"
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Chapter 8 
The next day, Aria woke up with no one by her side. Well, she couldn’t expect her boss to stay there all day.But Aria couldn’t help but blush as she remembered the day before. His scent was still present in the room.The woman was not to show weakness to anyone, but she was grateful for Giovanni’s help.Finally, she could not stay in bed all day. I could not accompany the youngest to school, but could take care of Laura. Giulia helped her get dressed and she thanked her. A dress was much easier, so Aria wore a blue one today. "Aria! You woke up." Laura ran to hug her, almost dropping her crutch. "Buongiorno, Laura. Yes, let’s do something today? Just don’t do something that makes me run after you. Please, I’m not in shape yet." she laughed."Let’s play doll then. After you have breakfast.
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Chapter 9 
Giovanni did not expect that he would receive a call from the school that day. But luckily, he had answered. "Mister Mancini? I’m glad you answered the phone for the first time in your life." Martha Mairani said across the line. " There was an incident with Lorenzo and Cassandra, so I suggest you come to the school and bring your employee too." She said, hanging up, Martha wasn’t to be chatty.Usually, Giovanni used to send someone else to deal with his children’s issues. But since he was here.He tidied up his shirt, put on a red tie and fixed his blond hair and went to Laura’s room where Aria was.The woman laughed as she watched the girl and looked at something on her laptop.He knocked on the door and said:"Miss Ricci, we have a place to go. Lorenzo and Cassandra are on the board. Giulia will take care of Laura."Aria j
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Chapter 10
3 years ago, something occurred that Giovanni would never forget. The day his wife looked at him with disdain, chained to a chair, he laughed and therefore shot her in the head. Rosso was a mysterious person who was frustrating his business. And everything that was stolen or destroyed was delivered to the Russian mafia. It took two years of investigation to find that name and months before they ran into the traitor. That day, he left home, his wife gave him a kiss and said good luck. He stroked the head of the children and left them sleeping. The operation was a careful operation that only a few trusted personnel knew. They needed a secret spy who was able to pass on the information at the last minute before he died. A recording that made Giovanni not believe his eyes. Until he saw for himself in the next operation, where Natasha spoke in Russian
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