Sacrificed to the Alpha

Sacrificed to the Alpha

By:  Nymeria Yennefer Roisin  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Where are you taking me?” I whimpered as the huge wolf carried me on his shoulders. After a couple of minutes, he put me down. Before I could blink, the huge white wolf shifted before me. The man who now stood in its place was handsome, muscular… and completely naked. * * * Elaine Rutherford has spent her entire life wishing for an escape from her dysfunctional family. But when her wish is granted in the form of being offered up as a human sacrifice to an elite village of werewolves…it wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. Every leap year, Stella’s Soul receives a mortal woman from the neighbouring city of Moonburn, just beyond the wall, to bear children for the chosen werewolf. And it just so happens this year is a leap year. On the next full moon, Elaine is set to be married to the handsome werewolf billionaire, Tyler Jane Moonstorm. Despite her doubts, she still hopes that this will be a better life than she’s used to. At least that’s what she thought…

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107 Chapters
Chapter 1
I waited for my father and mother to cease fighting in the car. We have arrived in Moonburn. Yet, we’re still sitting in the car waiting for their argument to end. My sister’s baby kept on crying and the sound of my brother’s gaming tablet is very much a nuisance to my ears. I often wished to be like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. At least, she can live peacefully in a castle full of books—never mind the talking dishes and whining furniture. Finally, my father, who’s in the driver’s seat, unlocked the door and I went out immediately. I heard my sister’s ‘scolding’ voice for the one thousandth time today, but I just ignored it, like I mostly do. The neighborhood is calm and peaceful, probably because of the frigid weather or they just don’t care about newly-moved folks. A blonde woman, perhaps in her early forties, waved at me. Her house is just next to us. I smiled and waved back as well. She looks so happy and cheerful upon
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Chapter 2
“Where are you taking me?” I whimpered as the huge wolf carried me on its shoulders. The path is dark. I cannot see clearly. But this white wolf, which is walking on its two feet, seems to know the path like no one else. It walks like it’s some sort of a man rather than an animal. In fact, it breathes and acts as if it's not an animal at all. The wolf had been walking through this forest for a couple of minutes now. It was silent in here, like the grave. Is it going to bury me alive in the middle of this dark, gloomy forest? Too bad I didn’t scream when it took me from the stone table. But what’s the use of screaming anyway? Insects and trees wouldn’t help me get away from this predator. I doubt they can even recognize my scream as a shout for help.Heaven knows where this is, until it halted. I tried to move my head to see what’s in front of us that made it stop. Luckily, it turned me around and I can see a huge rocky wall that extends to nowhere. It seems to
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Chapter 3
“You seemed in deep thoughts, Elaine.” My eyes could’ve come out from my face. “How did you know my—” “Welcome to Stella’s Soul, Elaine.” Then he walked away, without even bothering to look back at me or answer my question. I followed him with my eyes. And, I just realized now, how Las-Vegas-looking this place is. I was expecting it to be a tribe with two older people roasting a wild pig under the canopy of trees and some almost-naked children eating dinner from banana leaves. Instead, a gilded fountain stood before me. Huge rosarium surrounds it. Neon lights ala Los Angeles illuminate the night of the leap year. This place is secluded. But, it was more lavish than Moonburn—perhaps more expensive than Beverly Hills. A young woman who was dressed in navy blue and white helped me get out of the mud. “I’m sorry about Tyler. It’s his first time to get out beyond the wall and see a female mortal. Especially one as gor
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Chapter 4
“I just wanted to test my soon-to-be bride if she fits my taste,” he murmured between my lips. “And what if I’m not?” I parted my face from his plumpy, kissable lips. He smirked. “You will be. I will not save you from your family if you don't fit my taste.” I nodded. “My family. They are…” “They died a week ago.” Sleepiness left my soul. “What did you say?” “The people that are with you…they are not people. They are Heart-eaters. They can assume any appearance they like as long as they feed on mortal’s hearts—and werewolves. Most especially werewolves’ hearts.” “What?! How? Why?!” Several questions flooded inside my mind. I knew my family was not the kind of family that everyone wished for. But being oblivious of their death for over a week is…I can’t. This is so baffling. What’s going on then? What happened to them? “Surely it’s not a coincidence that I was brought here?” I asked with br
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Chapter 5
Tyler’s POVThere she is, lying atop the stone table like some sort of a call girl waiting to be thrusted wildly. She was beautiful in white, calmly looking at the stars above as if she was waiting for something, for someone. The girl was some sort of humming a tune in which I can’t vaguely recognize. I proceed to approach her in a predator walk, still in my wolf form. I walk nearer, closer to her. Now, I can hear clearly the song she was humming. It was Brahms Lullaby—but in a creepy way. “Gosh, when will that wolf come?” Those words coming from her mouth made me snarl. Does she really think I will eat her? Well, I will soon eat her. But in a different way. “Hahaha,” my wolf Remus’ laugh was deep and dark. She noticed me and her eyes grew wide. Then wider as I stood on both of my feet. What made me flabbergasted is that she didn’t shout or shriek or yell. She sat straight and j
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Chapter 6
It’s been normal for me to see women gape upon seeing me naked. But seeing Elaine flabbergasted…gosh, I almost forgot not to bite my lip seductively. I just put her down roughly on the murky ground, courtesy of this morning’s cold rain. Mud had already stained my moon-white fur earlier, splashed into my wolf body the moment she landed on the filthy ground. She whimpered in pain, and I just watched her because my entirety is also aching as well. My cerulean eyes sparkled as I can now clearly see her beautiful body under the light of the Snow Moon. She has huge melons for her age, perfect and round. I bet it will just fit in my hands. Her kind peering eyes seem to feast on my unclothed body. Her hair was as black as this night—as well as luscious and a bit wavy, but not too straight either. Her skin is the color of snow and her body is the shape of an hourglass. I arrogantly showcased my body before her, hoping that Elain
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Chapter 7
“I just wanted to test my soon-to-be bride if she fits my taste,” I murmured between her lips. To be honest, I never knew I was a very good liar. “And what if I’m not?” She scooped my face, parting it away from her red shining, cherry lips. Why is this woman playing hard to get? ‘Dearest Goddess Selena, please make my fucking woman crazy for me…’ I prayed. Well, it’s more of a demand than a prayer. “You will be. I will not save you from your family if you don't fit my taste,” I smirked because my face loves to do it. She nodded. “My family. They are…” “They died a week ago.” I hate to tell her that but the truth always hurts. It even hurts me when Jason ‘truthfully’ told me that I must wear a deodorant if I want to keep women clinging to me. Of course, I’m angry at my brother. He has a goddamn two decades to tell me that I smell and he just recently told me that unpleasant truth about me minutes befo
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Chapter 8
Karlo and Gialyca are having sex outside on this damn hour. They are so loud and rough, and never hesitated to do it in front of Elaine’s window. They must be Elaine’s reason for still being awake, especially the windows of her room serve as some sort of a television’s screen—making her see such a breath-taking, clear view of Karlo and Gia’s convergence. ‘Can’t they just do it in the room?’ I thought. Damn, Karlo is acting like a real wolf again—taking his mate under the sea of stars, thrusting inside her in a dog’s mating position. I frowned at him when he saw me standing at my arched windows. ‘Get laid inside, Karlo!’ I commanded via our minds’ link. He’s a Black Wolf and the Alpha of the Onyx Pack, a manipulator of all things that give light and dark. Gialyca Farmiga is a famous supermodel who decided to live permanently in Moonburn. The citizens of Moonburn didn’t think twice to vote for her as the sacri
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Chapter 9
Elaine’s POVOne week ago… “What the hell are you doing there, Elaine? Go and grill some pork!” Even on the beach, my mother’s commanding voice didn’t stop me from taking a break. In fact, I haven’t yet taken a swim. Frustrated, I strode towards the barbecue grill and grabbed some marinated pork that I’ve also marinated before we got here and started to grill. While them…they are just casually laughing and playing beach volleyball. I was so in rage, treating me as if I’m their private maid and ordering me with even the tiniest chore like taking off their shoes and picking up their towel in the sand. Even wiping their body dry from the seawater, it was still my job to do. I clenched my fist and focused on grilling. But my wicked mind played a trick on me and I imagined that I was cooking them atop the sizzling enormous charcoal-grill that I exclusively made for them alone. All four of them in the sharpness of the human-sized sticks I made and above
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Chapter 10
I was right. They are done eating and I was late for a couple of minutes. And because of my tardiness, a palm-sized beef steak and a lobster’s head is the only thing left for me to eat amidst the abalones, crawfish, pork belly, chicken breast, beef steak, crabs, shells, and three lobsters I prepared, cooked, and bought for them. This is all I have, all that was left for me to eat: a fucking palm-sized beef steak and lobster’s head. I smashed my fist on the table due to this anger simmering inside me. I don’t know if it’s a good thing that they’re swimming in a distance from me but I guess it’s a good thing then. So that this knife and grill will not land on their eyes and throat. I wiped my tears with the sleeve of my shirt. “Perhaps if I’ve been earlier, there will be more food for me to eat.” I think not. Early or tardy, they will still see me as an extra baggage to the family that can just be discarded and forgotten anytime. They will still lea
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