Summer Love Is Just For Summer

Summer Love Is Just For Summer

By:  I. R. Klos  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nathan and Lily fell in love during the summer before there senior year. Nathan is the bad boy of his school and the only reason he is passing is because he and his friends bully people into doing there work. Lily is a straight A student who has very few friends. They met by accident in the beginning of the summer before there Senior year. Everything was perfect during the summer until it wasn't. She wanted to tell everyone they were dating but Nathan cared more about his reputation. Lily broke off things with him not wanting to get hurt. Despite saying he didn't want to ruin his reputation he completely changed the way he acts at school to be near her. Will he realize just how much he loves her. Will she take him back once she realizes how much he loves her.

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Chapter 1
Summer Love. I didn't think the summer part mattered. Sure we did fall in love during the summer. That doesn't mean I didn't expect it to last past that. It didn't matter to me that he was Nathan Kalis's school-bad boy. To me, he was just Nathan. The man couldn't go more than ten minutes before demanding a kiss. Who always wanted me to cuddle into him. And who loved listening to me read my books out loud.As summer got closer and closer to the ending he started drifting away. It surprised me a little bit but I brushed it off. It was the last day of summer when I realized it wouldn't work. Nathan had taken me to star gazing. We sat in the back of his truck gazing up at the stars. I was cuddled into his side like usual when I asked."Are we going to tell our friends about our relationship? I know you wanted it just between us during the summer but schools tomorrow."He had stiffened and shifted slightly away from me."I was thinking of just keeping it between us. I have a reputation at
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