Kiss Me (The Beauty Within)

Kiss Me (The Beauty Within)

By:  Lordjossy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Michael Raymond is the CEO of Mond's Corporation and he is also the youngest billionaire in New York. He has a bad past thereby making him stone hearted and he also has a younger sister who he only smiles at. He hates his father, blaming him for the death of his mother.  Gabriel Raymond is his step brother and Alicia Raymond is his stepmother. Lovelyn Hayes is the only daughter of her mother and she also has a younger brother but their father left them when they were little. Lovelyn has the perfect body but she has a facial disease which causes rashes on her skin. What happens when Lovelyn's mother is hospitalized and she has to look for the money for her mother's surgery? What happens when she meets arrogant Michael who agreed to employ her? More secrets are to be unvield so stay tuned.

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37 Chapters
Chapter 1
Lovelyn's PovGrrr! Grrr! The alarm blared disrupting my beautiful dream. You might be wondering what I am dreaming about, well I am gonna tell you. In my dream, I saw a prince charming riding a horse and was calling me. Then he came down from the horse and came to me and was about to kiss me but the alarm spoiled the precious moment. "Lovelyn!!! My mom shouted downstairs. "A minute mom I want to kiss my prince charming" i shouted back in reply. I was dozing off when I felt something cold on my body then I spranged up from the bed.Lo and behold I saw mom holding a bucket then I checked my body and I was soaked with water. "Mom!!!, I cried; not because of the Cold water she poured on my body but because I couldn't not finish my dream. "Will you get up and go take your bath for Christ sake this is past8!!! Mom shouted. What! did I slept that long. "Will you get down"she said. "okay mom" I replied and rushed out of my room. Mom can be strict at times but she is the sweetest mother
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Chapter 2
Lovelyn's PovI yawned for the upteenth time. It was already evening and there were no customers. "Mum I am hungry!, I pouted at my mom giving her my best puppy eyes. "How many times do you want to eat today? Mom scowled at me. "I wanna eat a thousand time" I replied. "Then go and eat it in your dream;mom said. Mom!!! I cried then I started shedding crocodile tears so as to get her attention but an iron lady will always be an iron lady. Mom gave deaf hears to my pleas. Mom was not lying when she said I love food. And I was not joking when I said I can eat a thousand times. "Lovelyn attend to the customer!!, mom shouted. "Aye aye captain" I saluted and ran off to attend to the customer.Michael PovI was typing on my laptop very fast so as to conclude the remaining work. Then I checked the time; it was almost 6:00. Time to go home, I said and packed my laptop. James came in and collected the files. "Michael, you really need a secretary" James said. "I don't need any secretary
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Chapter 3
Later in the night. Lovelyn's PovMom and I came back from shop. Peter cooked dinner already. Don't be surprised, my younger brother can cook a lot and his foods are always delicious. But mom's cooking's still the best. We ate dinner and I cleared up the plates. After washing the plates we all retired to our different rooms.Lydia's PovAfter eating dinner with my children, I went upstairs to my room. "Argh!!! I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I immediately opened the locker for my pills and swallowed them. The pains died down some minutes later. I had an heart problem ever since that greedy man left me and my children for a rich mistress. I have to stay alive for my children but the doctor said I have to undergo an heart surgery and I don't have the money. I was in deep thought till I fell asleep.Next MorningMichael's PovMy eye lid were red and I was sitting upright on my bed. I could not get a better sleep yesterday because Maya was playing a loud music and screaming throughout
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Chapter 4
Mond's CorporationMichael's PovI was already dozing off when my office door opened. Maya came inside giggling. Oh God! I did not sleep last night because of her and now she's here to disturb me again. "Michael, you are dozing already. You should probably rest, because you look tired" she said. I scoffed. She ruined my sleep and now she's telling me to rest. "Why don't you have a secretary?" She asked. "I don't need one besides James is here to do the work". "But still, you need a secretary to get your schedule; don't worry, I know what to do" Maya said. "Don't do anything foo...." I could not complete my statement before she zoomed out of my office. Save me lord.Maya's PovMichael is really stubborn. I traveled all the way from Australia down to New York to visit him. You all might be wondering why I trouble him so much. I love to frustrate him but that doesn't mean I don't love him. I love him so much. After mom's death, he was so affected than I was. He was the closest mum.
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Chapter 5
Mond's CorporationMichael's PovI opened my eyes and I glanced around. I was still in my office. I slept off while working. Damn Maya, she caused this shit. I checked the time and it was almost evening. I packed my files inside my briefcase case and I left the office. James came out of his office and a guard collected both our briefcase. I glared at him before entering the car. He also came inside the car and sat down beside me. I saw Maya entering inside her Ferrari and she glanced at my side sticking out her tongue at me. The driver drove off and we reached my mansion. I got down from the car so also James and Maya. "Michael! Maya called my name. "What? I replied in a cold tone. "Tomorrow there's gonna be an interview at your company" she said. "I raised a brow at her. There's no vacant post in my company" I growled. "But you do not have a secretary" Maya scowled. "I don't need one" "You need a secretary and you must employ one" She said. "I said I do not need a secretary!!!
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Chapter 6
Lovelyn's PovThe car stopped in front of Mond's Corporation and I payed the cab driver. I stared at the huge building in front of me. Wow!!! I hope I get employed. I rushed inside the building and I met the receptionist. "Where is the interview commencing" I asked the receptionist who was giving me a weird look. "The fifth floor" she replied rudely. I rushed inside the elevator and press the button. The elevator stopped and I came out. Shit!! I said and stopped on my track when I saw the number of people who came for the interview. A lady came to my side and smiled at me. "Good morning" she said and gave me a tag. "Thanks" I replied. The interview started and the tag numbers were being called. I looked for a seat and I found an empty seat beside a guy who all came for the interview. I was about to sit when he dragged the seat backwards. I landed heavily on my butt. Ow!!! I winced in pain and the others started laughing including the guy. "Your mother must be regretting givin
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Chapter 7
Lovelyn's PovI boarded a cab back home. I changed into a casual wear and cooked macaroni for mum. I packed it and left the house. I got to the hospital and I met the doctor coming out of mum's ward. Good afternoon doctor; I greeted. Afternoon Miss Lovelyn. What about the payment for the surgery? The doctor asked. I will pay it as soon as possible, I replied. Be fast about it because her heart is derailing; excuse me! The doctor said and walked away. I entered mum's ward and she smiled. Good afternoon mum. Afternoon sweetheart; mom replied. How was the interview? She asked. It was fine mum. I brought you lunch mum!! I exclaimed. I am not hungry! Mom said. You must eat so you can recover fast; I said and took the food out from the lunch box. I fed mum till she was full. We chatted for some minutes then she fell asleep. I covered her with the duvet and kissed her forehead. Get well soon; I said and left the ward. I boarded a cab back home. I got home and it was still afternoon. Nothing
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I am Your New Secretary
Lovelyn's PovThe music was booming very loudly and everyone was dancing. We got a table and we ordered for seven bottles of soda. "To being a secretary at Mond's Corporation, cheers!!! Cynthia toasted. Cheers!!!! We clicked our cups and we started drinking. "To our long lasting friendship, cheers!!!! We continued drinking. Cynthia's PovThe party was going smoothly. Two guys came inside the club and I froze on my spot. They were so handsome and they looked like greek gods. Lovelyn's voice interrupted my thoughts. "I wanna fly" Lovelyn said waving her to hands. She's drunk already. Where's the hell did Peter go? I glanced around looking for him then I saw him dancing with a girl. I guess I am left alone to handle this drunk girl.Michael's PovI drove the car to the nearest club. I and James got down from the car and we headed inside the club. The music was booming loud and that's what I needed right now. James ordered for two bottles of alcohol and poured it inside the glass c
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Prepare Me a Cup of Coffee
Michael's Pov"That lady is really something else" I muttered as I stared at her backside. I wonder if she did a surgery on her backside.Lovelyn's Pov.I was searching for the pantry when a lady came out of an office. "Hey" she greeted"Hi" I replied.I think I've seen her somewhere.Yes; I think I remember now. She was the nice lady who gave me a tag yesterday."Congratulations on becoming the boss secretary" she said"Thanks""You also work here, right? I asked."I am the manager's secretary and my name is Sylvia" she said."Sorry for my manners; my name is Lovelyn" I replied."Has anyone ever told you how cute you look" she smiled"Stop flattering me" I said and she laughed."Oh my gosh!! I said when I remembered that I was looking for the pantry."Can you tell me where the pantry is" I said"It's the second floor" she replied"Thanks a lot" I said and dashed off.I hope he's not gonna get angry.Few minutes laterI made the coffee and added little sugar in it. Then I took it to
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Chapter - 10: Arrogant Jerk
Michael's PovThe door opened and I raised my head up to see the person. It was Lovelyn and she was holding the cup of coffee. She dropping it on the table and I tasted it."What the fuck" I said as I spat the coffee. This is too sugary."I am sorry sir" she said."Forget about the coffee, bring me my schedule for today" I said."Alright sir" she replied politely and left the office.Guess she is finally obeying me.The door opened again and Lovelyn came in."Oh! I forgot to ask; where will I get your schedule?" She asked."So you just went outside for nothing" I said."It's with James" I said"So it's with that handsome guy" she said."Who told you James is handsome" I said."He is surely handsome and jovial unlike you" she replied."So you mean I am arrogant" I said."If that's what you call it" she replied and walked out of the office."Hey!!!!" I yelled but she left already."I am gonna teach that girl how to speak politely" I said and scattered my hair in anger.Lovelyn's PovI l
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