Blood Bound To The Vampire King

Blood Bound To The Vampire King

By:  J. Tarr  Completed
Language: English
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Katherine's sole purpose is to hunt down and kill every supernatural creature. She has her sights on the elusive Gabriel Priest, the last Pureblood Vampire. With murder and loss mounting on both sides, what will happen when the hunter becomes the hunted? Katherine finds herself trapped deep in a vampire nest where Gabriel intends to toy with her, torture her, then kill her. Only Gabriel can't seem to kill his new toy and Katherine can't stop her pulse from racing whenever he's close. Could Fate have something in store for these two destined enemies? ****** “Do your worst, Priest,” I taunt, coughing my lungs out. “Whatever you have planned, I've had worse.” The grin on his face sends a shot of fear straight to my heart, and I have a feeling that he's not going to make my death an easy one. “Oh, little lamb, you have no f**king idea who you're dealing with. I'm going to take my time with you, and when I'm done, you'll be begging me for your death.” With those lines, I knew my life was no longer mine; that Gabriel would enjoy every bit of torture he would inflict on my body. **** This book takes place in the same world as my Bratva Wolves books as well as Alpha Fenriz, but you don't have to read them to understand what's going on in this one. However, if you do feel like you want to get yourself acquainted with other characters mentioned in this book, please dive right in! 1. Alpha Kai 2. Konstantin: The Heartless Beta 3. Dimitri and Nikokai: Rejecting Fate Alternatively, all three above mentioned books are available in the collection called Bratva Wolves. 4. Alpha Fenriz

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71 Chapters
1. Sunlight Over Vegas
-Katherine-He stood on his knees before me, smoke billowing off his body like steam as the early signs of dawn peek over the Nevada skyline. Covered in tattoos, he looks up at me with a sexy grin spreading across his face; as if his current predicament isn’t dire. His body is a beautiful weapon; usually, I would find him alluring since it is exactly the type of muscular body I love being underneath.But this is no ordinary man on his knees; he’s a vampire bound with chains behind his back.“Times almost up; I can make this a quick death or a prolonged one, Hyde,” I say to the man in leather. I burned his jacket and patch just to fuck with him earlier, but he showed no emotion even though I know it’s the highest disrespect for a biker club member. He looks up at me with blood-red eyes, and a chill shoots up my spine. The eyes of a vampire aren’t that different from an Alpha werewolf or Lycan, except where only the irises of those beasts turn red, a vampire’s entire eye, even the whit
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2. Luring The King
-Katherine-“I hate this,” I mutter as I stare at myself in the floor-length mirror. “I fucking hate this.”I’m used to black jeans, a t-shirt, and combat boots with my hair in a ponytail, but now Xenia has me dressed up in a tight-fitting black dress, mile-high heels, and red lipstick. This isn’t me at all, but it’s the me I need to be to lure Priest out.“I know, but you’ve gotta suck it up, babe; this is the type of meat Devil’s Void vamps love. Gotta put it out there to get their attention,” she says while doing my hair. She’s also dressed up, but we won’t be entering the club together. No one can know that I’ll be coming with backup, especially not with her. She’s more ruthless than I am when it comes to taking these fuckers out, but that’s because her entire family was killed by a vamp horde back in DC. They left her for dead after nearly draining her dry, but that’s when my mother found her.She’s more than my best friend; she’s my sister.After finishing up with me, we head t
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3. Like a Lamb To Slaughter
-Gabriel-I knew Katherine was in town before Fenriz even called me in to take care of the problem, and as I walked out of his hotel, I set up a meeting without her even knowing I was behind it.The Death’s Temple guild has always been a thorn in my side ever since their first generation took out half of my family back in Romania. My siblings, my cousins, and nearly all of the Purebloods were taken out because they assumed we were to blame for the spate of recent killings in the small towns below our castle.Well, they weren’t wrong; my 50-year-old cousin decided to turn one of her human servant friends into a vampire, and the boy went on a rampage. 50-year-old vampires would be about ten years old in human years, so she didn’t know any better.But that little act of naivety cost half of our family, and we were forced to either fight back or flee. My father, the oldest vampire at the time, decided that we should lay low in Bulgaria for a few years before we returned home. By the time
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4. Fatal Mistake
-Katherine-I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus; my head hurts, my body feels bruised, and my mouth feels dry as shit.“Fuck,” I grumbled, sitting up in my bed and not daring to open my eyes because the sunlight would assault me further. But as I sit up, I realize that the apartment I’m renting does not have silk sheets… nor do I sleep naked.Wrenching my eyes open, I look down and find myself completely naked in a room I do not recognize. Not only that, but I can feel someone behind me… someone in the bed with me. My heart slams against my ribcage, and dread sets into my bones when I feel cold sweat dripping down the middle of my back - because I have a feeling that I know who it is.How did I get here? What happened last night after I left for the bathroom to get away from him? Standing so close to him, inhaling his sexy cologne, made my head spin, and I needed some space before I did something I would regret. And now it seems that I have.I spot my clothes lying on the floor and th
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5. The Last Preutescu Pureblood
-Gabriel-The moment an ice-cold chill shot through my body, I knew what had happened. I didn’t want to admit it at first, but my body moved before I could think that there had been a mistake. There was no way Myrcella could be dead…there’s no way my only relative would have met her demise so quickly.But that frozen shard slamming deep into my heart tells me different - the blue Thread of Fate tying me to my family has been severed. I am now the only Preutescu Pureblood left.“NO! Myrcella!” I cry out when I see her small, lifeless body lying amongst the blood and debris. That shard gets embedded deeper into my heart as I hold her closer to me, feeling no warmth in her skin and seeing no rosiness on her cheeks. My little sister is dead.The sound of an erratic heartbeat snaps my attention to the figure standing in front of me with a gun outstretched, and the guilty blue eyes of Katherine meet mine. I look down at Myrcella, the red dot on her chest telling me that she was killed by a
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6. Game, Set, Match.
-Gabriel-I spot Andreas, Fenriz’s Beta, waiting for me at the entrance of the hotel. He’s powerful, second only in strength to Fenriz, tall, lean and muscular like Church, and has a scar running down his face courtesy of Katherine’s father. His long hair is tied up, and when he sees me, he cocks his head in greeting.“Fenriz told me,” he says. “My condolences; Myrcella was a little spitfire on her own.”I chuckle at this. “Thank you, and she truly was,” I say as he leads me to his Alpha’s office. I would never have dreamt of coming to the Lycans for help, but they have a score to settle with Death’s Temple just as I do. Andreas especially, since his fated mate was raped and brutalized by them - his human mate, might I add.We reach Fenriz’s office door, and Andreas turns to me. “Gotta warn you, he’s in there with his mate, and she might be a little different to the women you’ve seen with Fenriz. Try not to look too surprised.” He says, and I am about to ask him what the fuck he mean
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7. Captured Lamb
-Katherine-Xenia and I look at one another when we hear the screams and heavy footfalls above us. We shouldn’t allow them to fight our battles, but if I die, then the guild dies with me. They’ve found us; somehow, they fucking found us, and if they know we’re down here, then we’re dead.“We need to make him understand that you didn’t fire that shot,” Xenia whispers, pacing the floor on her sprained ankle. I shake my head. “What good will that do? She died with one of our bullets in her heart, Xen; in his eyes, I might as well have fired it,” I say, thinking back to how Gabriel’s eyes were blazing with hurt and anger.“I won’t let anything happen to you, okay? I promised your father that I would always be at your back looking out for you,” she says.Wrapping my arms around her, I hold her tight and hope that it wouldn’t need to come to that. That Gabriel would leave here so we can find a way out of Vegas to nurse our wounds.She lets go of the embrace, looks at me, and sighs then cro
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8. Mine To Torture
-Gabriel-I slide the heavy barrel bolt lock in place and slip on a padlock before making my way back up the tomb’s jagged stone steps. It’s probably cruel to leave Katherine alone down there, but I doubt she’s spared any thoughts of cruelty when my men suffered at her hand. In the last few hours, I’ve had myriad emotions pass through me; grief to anger to total numbness. From the tremble in my hands to the burning in my chest, I know that right now, I am a combination of all three. But I don’t know when I’ll finally snap and murder someone I shouldn’t.“...the fuck! I am going to kill all those fucking cunts!” I sigh when I hear the voice of my third, Church, coming from upstairs. If anyone was closer to Myrcella than me, it was Church - she called him her second big brother, and he was extremely overprotective of her.“Get the fuck off of me! Where is Gabe!” “I’m here,” I say when I walk into the living room, only to see Valentine holding Church back by gripping him in a chokehol
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9. Wallowing
-Katherine-I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been locked up down here, but the five styrofoam takeout containers and water bottles tell me that my time is up. Priest hasn’t been back down here since he left me with that bombshell, and when I wake up, there’s already food and water waiting for me.Yeah, I know that I should probably not have eaten whatever it is that my captors have given me, but the downside to this baobab mixture is that it makes you incredibly thirsty and hungry, especially when it wears off.I sit down and lean my head against the wall before getting up to resume my pacing. On the first day, I couldn’t sleep knowing that Priest had put me in a tomb with dead Pureblood vampires; I didn’t even switch on the flashlight and stayed rooted in the spot.How can I know that he’s telling the truth about the color of their eyes? For all I know, he’s stringing me along so I can feel guilty for killing his kind. I must admit that I felt guilty at first, but the more
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10. A Friend For Dinner
-Gabriel-I can smell her defiance even before she walks into the room, and I let out a low chuckle as I play with the signet ring on my finger. That’s so fucking Katherine, it’s not even funny; defiance and a smart mouth that gets my cock harder than steel.I knew she would have expected cruelty, so I decided to switch up my method a little bit. She won’t expect kindness or respect, so that’s just what I’m going to show her until she’s let her guard down a little bit.She hit me when I didn’t expect her to, and I’ll be fucking sure to return the favor.Valentine drags her in by her upper arm, and her eyes go everywhere but where I’m seated. She’s looking for a weapon, I’m damn sure about that, but she’ll have a hard time finding one in my home after what happened five days ago. Everything now is made with a material spun by the Fae and cannot be broken, nor is it flammable. Why would I keep a means to kill me right under my own nose, anyway?I lean back and rest my chin on my fist w
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