My Pretend Marriage to the Vampire Billionaire

My Pretend Marriage to the Vampire Billionaire

By:  Maria Warren  Completed
Language: English
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A reverse harem paranormal romance Trisha loses her job, is down on her luck, and ready for a life of ramen and peanut butter sandwiches, decides to treat herself to one final great meal and there she meets Ryan Rosewood, sizzling hot Hollywood Elite and he's got a proposal for her.One night, one party, just pretend to be his loving wife to trick some pesky relatives. In return, he'll give her enough money to set her up for at least a year.As Trisha pretends to be the perfect wife, things go south. Her secret is discovered and used against her by a hot underwear model, that wants her to be his.And when Ryan's ruse doesn't quite work, Trisha finds herself in even more trouble as she's stuck in Ryan's mansion with him and his secrets and the knowledge that if she continues to fail, her very life could be at stake.And if that's not enough of problems for her, there's the little fact that Ryan Rosewood isn't a human at all, in fact he's a vampire and nothing in his life is ordinary at all.

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My Pretend Marriage to the Vampire Billionaire. Trisha, the hostess of the novel, has been distressed recently, losing her job and living a difficult life. Then she meets a Hollywood elite. From then on, her life changes a lot. One thing after another surprises her. In the story, Trisha meets four men in her life. All of them love Trisha and have sex with her, except Ryan. Why... Do you have a lot of questions With this question in mind, continue reading My Pretend Marriage to the Vampire Billionaire novel, and perhaps you will find something, or would you like the supernatural vampire novel here?

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The Dinner
A man in the shadows, arms wrapped around the perfect princess pinning her close to his body where there was no escape. Teeth buried in her neck, blood trickling onto the priceless silver gown.  The crimson blooming onto the dress staining it like a piece of art. Blood-red wings arching over a powerful back, pure black eyes with a stone-cold gaze hit Trisha like a ton of bricks and she fought to hang onto those memories. Was the monster stealing them? She wanted to open her mouth to scream to beg for help. But that wasn't possible when her lips were occupied with the set of another, the demon beast himself. Her limbs were numb from his powers and she couldn't move if she tried. Hot tears dripped down her cheek as she prepared for death. How had it all come to this?   ~Seven hours earlier ~ Trisha sat at her desk with a long sigh. A giant box sat on the edge of it and she glared at the thing, hoping it would ca
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The Proposal
Trisha stared at the very serious actor. No laugh lines, nothing but that sparkling smile and his serious blue eyes that stared straight into her soul. Was this some sort of trick? Were there cameras hidden somewhere, and once she said yes they would spring out and laugh at her foolishness? She peeked over her shoulder to see if she could spot one. The waitress was scrambling to pick up the mess of chicken strips that had scattered everywhere her cheeks glowed beet red. Trisha turned back to Ryan Rosewood who was still sitting there waiting for her answer. “What kind of joke is this?” she managed to sputter.
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The Butler
Trisha fidgeted in the long plus leather seat. Ryan, as before, was completely relaxed as they got closer to their destination. Just what had she signed herself up for? It was one night, but here she was wearing a dress that would easily have taken an entire year’s worth of salary. She had pearls around her neck, and the whole styling he had insisted on made her too nervous. She couldn’t stop wondering what would happen if she messed it all up and ruined everything that he was working so hard for.“You look worried. I’ve told you to relax, Trisha.” He gave her another one of his smooth smiles but this time it didn’t relieve the knots in
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The Party
Kanda caught up to Trisha as they descended the stairs.  “What’s first? Do you want to meet the hot supermodel, do you want to check out the mansion, or maybe you’d like some one-on-one time with me?” He smirked at her. Trisha snorted. “I’m here to help Ryan, I don’t know you and I don’t intend to.” Kanda put a hand over his heart. “So cold.” Trisha shrugged. “Why get to know you for one night?” She hissed the words so no one else would hear her. Kanda grinned. “It can be far longer than one night, Trisha. Don’t worry about that.”  
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The Model
Kanda’s glare wasn’t for Trisha, it was focused extensively on Logan.“I know I wanted you to meet her, but I wasn’t expecting you to just start undressing in front of her. What are you even doing, Logan?”The other man let his shirt flutter back down covering his flawless body and allowing Trisha’s brain to function again.“I was trying to jog her memory, that’s all.” He shook his head at Trisha. “How can you not recognize me? You’re just kidding right?”“You do know she’s married, right?” Kanda demanded. He grabbed Trisha by the shoulders and pulled her against his body.“She’s not one of your groupies that hang on your every word. I wanted to see that ego of yours shattered, Logan, but I never expected you to try to seduce Ryan’s wife. What’s with you?”Logan scowled and shook his head. “I wasn’t trying to se
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The Press
Trisha watched as the group walked away and shuddered. Kanda and Logan were still watching her closely and she forced a smile at them."What am I supposed to do now?" she demanded through grit teeth. All she wanted to do was retreat into a bedroom and play her game and be far away from Ryan's relatives. "Spend time with me," Logan offered with an easy-going smile. "You have no reason not to.""She has every reason not to," Kanda countered as he scowled. "She'd be better off with that perverted butler at this rate."Trisha frowned at the conversation. "Perverted butler? Are you talking about Nakuni?"Kanda groaned. "You had to say his name." He sighed. "Yes, you need to be careful around him."Trisha rolled her eyes. "The only person I know I need to be careful around is you," she pointed to Logan, "and you as well." She held up her hand and pointed her ring at them. "I am a ma
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The Secret
Trisha cleared her throat. Her mind was blank, her throat dry, she didn't even know if she could form two words by this point. She cast a glance at Ryan but he still held that warmth in his eyes that made her feel like she could do no wrong. She held up her drink and blinked at the reporters who were all waiting for her to speak. "Thank you for all coming to celebrate mine and Ryan's wedding party." she chirped. She hoped they couldn't hear every breath she was taking. What was he thinking making her do this? This should have been him, not her. She scanned the crowd. She spotted Logan beyond the cameras. He gave her a little smile and a thumbs up. Was that his idea of encouragement?"Is that it, honey?" Ryan questioned.Trisha shook her head. "No, of course not, I'm just so touched that so many are here. Our family, our friends," she nodded to Logan who smiled at her. She was positive she'd
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The Girlfriend
Trisha stared at him. No, she had not heard that right. Had she? Why in the world would a famous model want to date a nobody like her? "What?" He smiled. "I think you heard me. You want my help, and I"ll agree to it, but I want you to be my girlfriend."Trisha's brain continued to refuse to work. "What?" she demanded again.Logan laughed at her. He leaned forward his hand grazing against her cheek."Listen, all I have around me are shallow people that just want my fame. I never get to be a normal person. Call me selfish, call me arrogant, call me whatever you want. But I'm going to use this secret of yours so I can get what I want. Date me, Trisha, date me so I can have a normal girlfriend."Trisha wrinkled her nose as she scooted back. "You're supposed to date someone you like."His lips twitched. "And you're supposed to marry someone you love."Damn, that wa
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The Vampire
Trisha tossed and turned. The bed wasn't at fault, far from it, it was the most comfortable thing she'd ever been on. Was this what famous people did? Sleep on clouds? Because that's what it felt like. She turned over again and tried to bury her face against her hands. Maybe it would help if she was able to take this fancy dress off. Trisha shrugged out of the folds and let the material crumple to the floor in a shimmery heap. Just being in her light slip felt better. She pulled the covers back once more and pulled the comforter to her chin as she closed her eyes. She was treated to a mental recollection of Logan's abs and his insistence that she should remember him. Trisha tried to shake the image out of her mind but it stuck. All she could see was her fake boyfriend's abs. She had never considered herself a skin person, but when it came to Logan, apparently she was.
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The Incubus
The woman screamed so loud that Trisha's ears rang, and then she realized that the woman below wasn't the one screaming, it was her. Ryan let his victim fall to the ground and with one leap he was on the balcony with Trisha with his hands held up. "Trisha, calm down. I can explain everything."Trisha shook her head as she backed up. "I can't! You're a monster! Nothing you explain is going to change that."Ryan didn't even wince. "You're not wrong about that, but I need you to calm down, if you don't you're going to alert others. Then everything we've done today is up in smoke. Remember, you promised to help me."Trisha didn't listen to him. She continued to back up until her back hit the balcony. "Stay away from me," she demanded. She looked behind her and winced. That was a long fall. Not something she really wanted to experience, but she didn't want a vampire draining her dry either. "I'll
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