By:  Michele Roget and Robert Roget  Ongoing
Language: English
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In our galaxy, there are at least twenty billion Earth-like planets able to sustain life. My name is Skye. I am eighteen years old. Our astronautic scientists discovered a planet within our galaxy with human life similar to ours. By probing this planet’s satellite systems, they have learnt that wars have wracked this world over many millennia, where various zealots strive for dominance. Before setting out on a twenty-year expedition to visit this planet, our group has spent a year being educated in the various languages of this alien world and acquiring the skills to survive in any hostile environment we may find ourselves in. OUR DESTINATION IS EARTH. SKYE is the first book in a trilogy. It is a coming-of-age adventure of Skye, a young alien girl, and her fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world governed by fundamentalists. After surviving a meteoroid tsunami, her spaceship crash lands in the Mexican wilderness. One of the survivors, Judah, a gifted physician from a superior technological civilization, is discovered in the desert and taken to Texas. Judah is promoted as the new Messiah by a right-wing extremist known as ‘The Preacher’. The Preacher’s propaganda machine convinces America’s devastated survivors that it was the sins of the world’s population that, as prophesized in the Bible, brought down the wrath of God. Judah is exploited to restore the people’s faith in the divinity of God as decreed by the Preacher’s tyrannical interpretation. The Preacher aims to reverse the emancipation achieved by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and bring about a dictatorship through the reunification of America. Skye must put her trust in a member of the Preacher’s security team to rescue Judah from this new confederacy.

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2 Chapters
Chapter One
I must be dreaming. My mother is standing at my bedside, screaming at me to wake up. It is difficult to orientate myself. Finally, I recognize the sound of sirens penetrating my ears; whoop, whoop. Where am I?I open my eyes to see blood flowing through the tubes attached to my body while substitution liquid is being drained. According to the monitor above my head, cryo-preserve viability is being restored to my organs. I am cold, freezing in fact, but I can feel rejuvenation taking effect as the stabilization procedure of the cryo-protectant slowly brings my temperature back to normal. The cryo-tubes and tethers anchoring me to the capsule automatically release themselves and retract into the monitor.My brain is hammering against my skull. Is this part of the rejuvenation process?The lid of the capsule automatically lifts. Clumsily, I stand. Biometric alarms echo throughout the compartment. My companions, Judah and Peter, are missing from their pods. I can see the automatic rehabil
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Chapter Two
The woman staring back at me in the mirror was like a stranger. Gone were the flowing blonde tresses that once fell to my waist. I felt a weird sensation as I passed my fingers through my short-cropped hair, a prerequisite for coming of age. I had dressed in a variation of the standard linen tunic, adding a roped belt, allowing me freedom of movement for the day’s climb.The regulation tunic worn by most of Zantus’s female population allowed the individual to rely on character and intellect rather than be preoccupied with appearance. Men, however, were allowed colorful sashes of the finest materials. They could also wear bracelets and medallions, depending on their status.As I descended the stairs, my mother’s mind projected her instructions from the kitchen. “Stay away from the Drock today!”I sighed. I had heard this so many times before.The Drock was a line of buildings on the border between the city and the garden fields. In these premises, a potent hallucinogenic concoction cal
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